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moomin valley park
Moominvalley and Umbrella 2024

2024/04/19 2024/07/07
Total length about 200m! An impressive umbrella sky with about 1000 umbrellas stretching from Welcome cove to Moominvalley area
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moomin valley park
Story guide: STORY GUIDE

Distributed at Moominvalley Park entrance
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"It's really right next door Happiness just not noticed "


In my busy daily life, I feel a little rusty or lonely.
Have you ever wondered what's important?

Moominvalley, where the Moomin family and their unique friends live
With nature that is sometimes harsh but undecorated 
Moominvalley residents who gently snuggle up to you as you are

Take a peek into Moominvalley's life

Take a little courage and try new things
Keep an eye out for small flowers and insects that you don't usually care about
Celebrating the changing seasons

A small but important place to discover

Opening hours

Moominvalley Park

Weekdays 10:00-17:00
Saturdays and Sundays 10:00-18:00

metsä village

Because it differs for each facility / store
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metsä Parking: 9: 30-20: 00

[Weekdays] 1,000 yen/day *Free parking for up to 2 hours.
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 1,500 yen/day

Moominvalley Park

Moominvalley Park

Moominvalley Park

The Moomin house where the Moomin family lives, the bathing huts and lighthouses that appear in the story,
Multiple experience facilities where you can relive,
Live entertainment and greetings by the Moomins and their friends,
Exhibition facilities where you can feel the charm of the story and the feelings of the original author Tove Jansson, etc.
It's a place where you can meet new discoveries.
The gift shop, which has one of the largest selections in the world, has many original goods that can only be bought here, and the restaurant offers an original menu that combines the world of Scandinavia and Moomin.
It is a space where you can feel the "literary" and "artistic" features of the original, as well as the seasonal decorations set in the rich natural environment of each season.



Highlights of Moominvalley Park

Moominvalley playground

Introducing a Nordic educational program!Indoor playground supervised by Bornelund

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Post letters with original postcards and letter sets. Don't miss the Hemulen stamp collection.

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Restaurant Moominvalley

After playing a lot and learning, go for a delicious meal!

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Bathing hut

A bathing hut made by Moominpappa.

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Hobgoblin's zipline

An adventure in the sky where you can enjoy a magnificent flight of about 400m!

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metsä village

Hygge Terrace BBQ & GRILL

A restaurant on a hill where you can enjoy carefully selected grilled menus and BBQ.

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metsä pier / metsä pier

Private time at the lake.

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metsä RV PARK / metsä RV Park

Stay in the car comfortably and comfortably.

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metsä village logo
"Metsä" is such a place

"Metsä" means "forest" in Finnish, a place surrounded by abundant nature, forests and lakes.

"Metsä" has two zones: "metsä village" where you can experience Scandinavian lifestyle markets, activities such as canoeing and workshops, seasonal events, and "Moominvalley Park" with the theme of Moomin's story. Where there is.

"Metsä" is a place where you can realize the essence of "richness of the heart" and bring it back to your daily life through the experience of the forests and lakes where the Nordic time flows.

Live with margins.

metsä village "Metsä" concept

Price list

1 day pass
(More than junior high school students)
Same-day ticket 3,600 yen
(4 years old and over, elementary school students and under)
Same-day ticket 2,200 yen
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