metsä will open in Hanno-city, Saitama

Chilling out Nordic style

Nordic countries rated among the happiest countries in the world.

It is because in their everyday life Nordic people create stress free time and space enabling them to refresh their minds and bodies.

How they “chill out” varies from person to person. Reading a book alone, watching a film with somebody. Enjoying some well-made coffee without hurry, chatting bout the day’s events with one’s family. Lounging on the sofa and not doing anything in particular.

Metsä offers its visitors the chance to experience in that same kind of relaxation and coziness surrounded by a Nordic-like environment.

Because time spent in this way is time that brings happiness and contentment.

Experience the Nordic lifestyle in a lakeside forest setting.

Metsä village, where one can experience something of the Nordic lifestyle and mindset, opens in November 2018 on the shore of Lake Miyazawa in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture.
Entrance to Metsä Village is free of charge.
The natural setting of the Metsä facilities and the activities being offered will allow visitors to feel close to nature while also enjoying the park’s other attractions, which will include a marketplace and shops selling fresh local produce and Nordic goods as well as facilities for restaurants, cafes and workshops.

Meeting the Moomin family & friends, and making new discoveries

Moominvalley Park, where one can encounter the Moomin family & friends and explore new things, opens in March 16th, 2019 on the shores of Lake Miyazawa in Hanno City, Saitama prefecture.
Inside the park you will find the iconic Moominhouse, along with other attractions that all give the visitor a personal experience of the Moomin stories: the lighthouse, theater and bathing hut along with other facilities that bring out the charm of the stories and artwork of Tove Jansson, the creator of the Moomins.
The park will also feature a large gift shop with Moominvalley Park original goods as well as restaurants that also pick up themes from the Moomin stories.

A first of its kind, unique show with an intense feeling of immersion and presence

Emma’s Theatre brings live entertainment to the visitors