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We have a collection of frequently asked questions and answers.
Please read this before you make an inquiry.


What is a common ticket for paid facilities? arrow


What is [Paid facility common ticket]?

This is a free pass ticket for attractions that can only be purchased at the ticket vending machines in Moominvalley Park.
If you enter the park with an admission ticket, you can experience the attraction by purchasing this.
With this ticket, you can enjoy all of the following paid facilities.
* It may not be possible to experience all attractions due to stormy weather or congestion. Please note.

・ Moominhouse 2F & 3F Tour * 1 (Search inside Moominhouse)
・ Little My Play Spot (Theater type that children and adults can enjoy sitting down)
・ Oshun Oxtra (Theater type that children and adults can enjoy sitting down)
・ Muikku Photo (Fun photo shoot with Moominvalley friends at the photo studio)
・ "Trivia Quest -Red-" (Enjoy walking around the park while finding the trivia of Moominvalley Park)

*: Since there are stairs going up and down in the mansion, it may be difficult for people with disabilities to use it.Please note.

How long does it take to metsä Village and Moominvalley Park? arrow

We recommend staying at Moominvalley Park for at least 2 hours and exploring the metsä village for 1 hours.

For more information,About group usePlease refer to "Guide for approximate time required".

Please tell me the business hours of the parking lot. arrow

Weekdays, weekends and holidays are from 9:30 to 20:00.
*Business hours may differ on days designated by the facility, such as New Year holidays, Obon holidays, and GW.

What are the payment methods? arrow

Please pay at the checkout machine (cash) locally.

Please tell me the bus time from the nearest station. arrow

The bus timetable ishere

Can I enter the park with a stroller? arrow

You can enter the park with a stroller.
However, due to safety concerns, some facilities may not be available inside the building with many stairs and steps.
Please park your stroller in the designated stroller storage area.
In addition, a stroller can be rented for free from the separate information.
Please note that the number is limited.

Is there a kids space? arrow

Located in Kokemus at Moominvalley Park.
*As of August 2020, it cannot be used to prevent coronavirus infection.

Main Shop Moominvalley / Muumilaakso kauppa (Moominvalley shop)
Workshop/Kids space/Paja(Workshop)

Can I use electronic money? arrow

It is available.

You can use various transportation electronic money such as Suica and PASMO and QR/barcode settlement such as Pay Pay.
Please contact us for details as some stores may not be available.
In addition, we have a charge machine for transportation IC cards in the information inside "Moomin valley Park".

Please tell me the business hours. arrow

metsä village
Weekdays 10: 00-18: 00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10: 00-19: 00

Moominvalley Park
Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10: 00-18: 00
*Business hours may differ on days designated by the facility, such as New Year holidays, Obon holidays, and GW. If there is a change in business hours, we will inform you separately on the official website.

Can I enter the park with my pet? arrow

You can enter the park with pets such as dogs and cats.
Partner dogs such as guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs are also welcome to enter the park.

For details, please see the precautions and precautions for entering the park below.

[Request for admission]
・ Basically, be sure to attach a lead to all pets and keep it as short as possible for safety.
* For dogs, the maximum lead length should be 1.5m.
・Please treat pet dung by yourself and take it home.
If marked, be sure to rinse with water.

・When entering the facility, please be sure to put it in the pet's carry bag for your pet.
If you do not enter the carryback for pets, you are not allowed to enter or enter the store.

・ Do not place pets on benches, chairs or tables.
* When you put it on for shooting, please be sure to lay a cute rug before shooting.

・Pets that have not received vaccinations such as rabies vaccinations and mixed vaccines,
Also, pets with a contagious disease are not allowed in the park.

・ Depending on the pet's condition at the time of visit, admission may be refused.

・Please note that we do not allow vegetarian dogs or dangerous animals to enter the park in consideration of the safety of visitors.
* If you are traveling with pets other than dogs and cats, please contact the metsä inquiry desk in advance.
・For birds of prey such as owls, we ask that you enter them in cages.
*For safety, the lead should be 10 cm from your hand when taking it out of the cage.

[Other notes]
・The following facilities are not allowed to enter or enter even if they have their own bags or cages.
When using the restaurant, please use the terrace seats.
Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs are allowed to enter and enter the store.

metsä village:
・Restaurant building
・Cafe & miscellaneous goods "nordics"
・Workshop space & cafe "Starbucks"

Moominvalley Park:
・ Kokemus
・ Moominhouse
・ Oshun Oxtra
・Little My play spot
・Hobgoblin's zipline reception
・Emma's theater viewing area
・Hemulen's playground playground equipment

・ Please note that this facility can not be held responsible for any problems between customers.
・ Be careful not to bite other pets or customers.
・If your pet barks during the event, you may be asked to leave the park.

If you have any other questions,Contact UsPlease contact

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Weekdays, weekends and holidays 10: 00 to 18: 00 (fixed holidays)

* Navi-dial is not covered by the “Unlimited Calling Charges” plan of each mobile phone company, and the calling charge will be borne by the customer. Please note.
* International calls are not supported.

Inquiries from the media

metsä ("metsä village" "Moomin valley Park")
If you have any questions regarding the facility's coverage or press release information, please contact this e-mail address.

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