2021.04.01 Press release

Moominvalley Park Digital Annual Passport is now on sale at Moomin Official Fan Club!With discount benefits to further enjoy the use of shops and restaurants!

Moominvalley Park Digital Annual Passport is now on sale at Moomin Official Fan Club!With discount benefits to further enjoy the use of shops and restaurants!

The digital annual passport, which allows you to enjoy Moominvalley Park throughout the four seasons, is now on sale at the Moomin official fan club from Thursday, April 4st.

Digital annual passport
Last year, we sold a limited edition to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Moominvalley Park, and we will sell the popular digital annual passport for a limited time this year as well.When you purchase, you will be able to enter the park smoothly by presenting your digital annual passport displayed on your smartphone, and as a benefit, you will receive a 3% discount on the payment amount at shops and restaurants in the park.Enjoy seasonal Moominvalley Park as many times as you like, including seasonal decorations and events.

・ Sales period: April 4st (Thursday) -August 1st (Tuesday)
・ Sales price: Adults (junior high school students and above) 10,000 yen ・ Children (4 years old and above and elementary school students and below) 6,000 yen * Price includes tax 
・ Scope of use: You can enter Moominvalley Park and use the following facilities in the park.
Moominhouse (B1F / 1F appreciation) / Emma's theater: Show appreciation / Exhibition facility "Kokemus" appreciation / Hemulen's playground / Story door / Story guide
* If you want to use a paid facility other than the above, you need to purchase a special ticket separately.
・ Benefits: Show your digital annual passport at a retail store or restaurant in Moominvalley Park and get a 3% discount on your payment.This benefit is limited to those who purchased after Thursday, April 4st.
* Some products may not be available.Please note.
・ Sales location:"Moomin Official Fan Club We Love MOOMIN" Site

[Notes on purchase]
* This year's annual passport will be sold only as a digital annual passport.
* Annual passports can be used on the day of purchase.
* If you purchase a digital annual passport, you need to register as a member (free of charge) on the "Moomin Official Fan Club We Love MOOMIN" site.
* To use your annual passport, you need to register at the time of purchase.At the time of registration, you will be asked to upload a photo of your face to verify your identity (cannot be changed).Please note.
* The annual passport is valid for one year from the date of purchase.You can enter the park as many times as you like during the period.However, it cannot be used for admission to parks with restricted admission, special paid events that require a separate ticket, and other special business hours.Please note.
* There is no annual passport renewal service you have.Please purchase a new one.

[Safety and security initiatives]
At Moominvalley Park,Moominvalley Park Peace of MindBased on the above, in order to prevent infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus and prevent its spread, we take measures for the safety and security of our customers, employees and their families.

<About Moomin official fan club [We Love MOOMIN]>
We provide various contents under the theme of "Everyday to enjoy with Moomin".When you become a Premium Course member, you will receive a resident card with your own Moominvalley address!In addition, you can get original goods at the time of registration or renewal, special participation in events, sale of fan club limited goods, pre-sale of official Moomin tours, and unlimited access to smartphone contents such as stamps and wallpapers. It is a service full of benefits.Enjoy your time with Moomin as a resident of the Moominvalley you've longed for!
・ Course: Premium course 3,960 yen / year, trial course free * Price includes tax
・ Compatible terminals: PC or smartphone
・ URL:

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