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2021.11.10 News

Notice of sales start of "upcycling original bag"

Umbrellas after the event held at Moominvalley Park this spring and summer will develop and sell Japan's first brand "PLASTICITY" that reuses discarded vinyl umbrellas as they are to make bags etc. By partnering with Mondo Design Co., Ltd. and upcycling the umbrellas used at the event, it was reborn as a product of the brand "PLASTICITY" developed by the company.

Flat tote bag color model
Sales start: Thursday, November 11th
Sales location: Little My store
Selling price: 7,000 yen (tax included)

About "upcycling" efforts
Scandinavia is touted as an environmentally advanced country by making daily efforts for sustainability and eco-friendliness even at the citizen level.At Moominvalley Park in "metsä" where you can experience the Nordic world view, I sympathize with the philosophy of the Nordic countries.In order to aim for an earth-friendly initiative that can contribute to the environment even little by little at the individual company level, we will add new value such as design and ideas to the waste that would otherwise be discarded, and another new product. At Umbrella Sky, we will carry out an "upcycle" initiative that will allow you to upgrade to and reborn.

PLASTICITY was founded by creator Akiki Saito, and became a brand jointly developed by Mr. Saito and Mondo Design Co., Ltd. from April 2020, and all products are discarded or stored as forgotten items and then finally discarded. We recycle all the vinyl umbrellas that are stored.In order to make the best use of the characteristics of the material of the umbrella such as waterproofness and maintainability, we have developed a unique processing method that presses multiple layers as it is.Furthermore, by creating a rainy look in the processing process, a product with a unique texture not found in other products has been completed.

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