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2021.11.15 News

<Ceremony Information> Moominvalley Park donates DVDs and picture books of "Moominvalley's Friends" animation to Hanno City

With the cooperation of KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. and Tokuma Bookstore Co., Ltd., Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd. has been working with Moominvalley Park in a total of 27 facilities such as nursery schools and kindergartens in Hanno City. We will hold a ceremony to donate gifts related to.

"Moomin" is a general term for original works such as novels, comics, and picture books of the "Moomin series" created by Finnish-born author Tove Jansson, and its evergreen literature and artistic work attract fans all over the world. doing.Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd. has signed a "Basic Agreement on Regional Revitalization" with Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, where Moominvalley Park is located, on March 2019, 3.From the perspective of regional revitalization, we believe that the role of education and human resource development, which can be a means of nurturing human resources who will lead the future of the region and attracting human resources from outside the region, is significant.
Animation DVDs, picture books, and Moominvalley Park will be used by nursery schools and kindergartens in Hanno City, which are promoting regional revitalization, as part of emotional education that nurtures the mind and human power during a sensitive childhood. We will donate limited-edition stuffed animals.Through Moomin works, we hope to provide children with the opportunity to develop their sensibilities through the ability to think for themselves, the formation of diverse values, and the beauty of beautiful music and works.

About the donation ceremony
A donation ceremony will be held at Moominvalley Park.On the day of the event, we will invite children living in Hanno City and media companies.
・ Schedule: Wednesday, November 11th
・ Venue: Emma's theater in Moominvalley Park
・ Implementation time: 13: 00- (about 15 minutes)
・ Participants: Mayor Hanno, President of Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd., Children in the city
・ Invite: Invite media companies.
If you would like to participate, please apply in advance using the form below.
* Application deadline: November 11th (Tuesday) to 16:15

"Moominvalley Friends"
The animation "Moominvalley's Friends", which has been aired in Finland since 2019 and has won numerous awards around the world (* 1) and also won the "Kids Family Award" at the 14th Voice Actor Awards in Japan, is a family and love. , Friendship, forgiveness, respect and awe for nature and others, are packed with the essential values ​​of Moomin's work.
* 1 [Awards]
October 2019: Received the "Best Anime Program Award for Kids" * at the TV program trade fair "MIPCOM" in Cannes. (Organized by TBI / Content Innovation Awards 10)
March 2020: Received "Best Kids Series Award" * at "British Animation Awards" held at London BFI Southbank
March 2020: All Japanese cast members won the "Kids Family Award" at the "03th Voice Actor Awards".
September 2020: Nominated for Animation Category * of "International Emmy Awards / Kids Awards".
* Is the English version

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