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2021.11.24 Press release NEW

Moomin's official online shop in collaboration with Moomin Characters in Finland.Finally open in Japan for the holiday season!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the official online shop "MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP", which has fun Moomin goods such as limited edition items and imported items from Scandinavia, in collaboration with Moomin Characters in Finland.

In collaboration with Moomin Characters in Finland, the MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP will open in March 2022 with a variety of Moomin goods such as goods that can only be bought here and imported miscellaneous goods from Scandinavia, while maintaining the atmosphere of the company's online shop.This time, it will be a pre-opening for a limited time in December, when there are many shopping opportunities.
Approximately 400 types of carefully selected Moomin goods are all soothing. Special goods that can only be bought at MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP and Moominvalley Park limited goods that could only be bought at Moominvalley Park are a lineup that meets the expectations of not only fans but also those who have not visited yet.In addition, Scandinavian imported miscellaneous goods have a sophisticated atmosphere, and we have a selection of goods that you will want to use every day.Shop membership benefits are Moominvalley Park admission discount coupons that take you online to the real world of Moomin.
◆ Pre-opening period: December 2021, 12 (Wednesday) 1:10 to 00 (Monday) 20:23
* The grand opening is scheduled for March 2022, 3 (Tuesday).

[The highlight of the pre-opening!Introducing just a part of the lineup] (All prices include tax)
—– You can also buy valuable imported items from overseas! —–

[MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP Limited Edition] Melaja Moomintroll Lamp (L) 
The Moomin lamp series made in Finland was created in collaboration with Finnish design lamp maker Melaja and Finnish designer Harri Koskinen.The largest Moomin lamp that was not available in Japan will be sold exclusively at MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP.It is a rare item that is ordered and the first sale is limited to 10 pieces.
■ Price: 143,000 yen
■ Size: Height approx. 105 cm

—– MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP limited goods one after another! —–
[MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP Limited Edition] Winter Festival Arita Ware Plate

Arita porcelain plate using the art of the winter event "Winter Festival" with the motif of the novel "Winter of Moominvalley".The white glaze-baked plate and the monotone art match very well.Not only as tableware, but also as an interior because it is designed so that metal fittings for wall hanging can be attached to the back.
■ Price: 5,500 yen each
■ Size: Approximately 18 cm long x 18 cm wide

[MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP Limited Edition] Hattifattener Glass Object 
Hattifattener objects handmade one by one by Toyama glass studio craftsmen.You can enjoy the difference in facial expressions unique to handmade products, and you can choose your favorite Hattifattener.It can be used not only as an interior but also as a paper weight.
■ Price: 6,000 yen
■ Size: Height approx. 13 cm (There are individual differences. * Limited to 29 this time)

—– You can also buy limited-edition goods that could only be bought at Moominvalley Park! —–
Plush Doll

Plush toys sold exclusively at Moominvalley Park are gathered at MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP.In addition to the popular "Angry Face" and "Nervous Face", Moominvalley Park will pre-sale "Snufkin", which will be on sale from December 12th (Friday), at MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP.
■ Price:
(Top) Moomin Angry Face / 3,300 yen Height: Approximately 26 cm
(Middle) Moomin Nervous Face / 3,080 yen Height: Approximately 22 cm (while sitting)
(Bottom) Snufkin / 2,200 yen Height: Approximately 22 cm

Workshop kit "Moominvalley Park at home"
Numerous workshops so far in Moominvalley Park.We will deliver the menu as a kit so that you can enjoy it at home.The popular "stuffed toy kit" and seasonal fabric panels are recommended for those who are "slowly at home ..." during this cold season.
■ Price:
(Top) Moomin plush toys you make yourself / 3,800 yen
(Bottom) Fabric panel 2,500 yen / 3,200 yen / 2,500 yen from the left

Moominvalley Park PLASTICITY collaboration flat tote bag
It is a collaboration item with the recycled material bag brand "PLASTICITY".From spring to summer, the umbrellas used at the Moominvalley Park event "Umbrella Sky" are recycled and used.There is a Little My patterned pocket with an umbrella inside, which is very convenient for storing small items.Because it is a recycled material, the finish will be different one by one, but that is the individuality of this bag. You can see and select one by one online.
■ Price: 7,000 yen
■ Size: Approximately 34.5 cm long x 28 cm wide

[Bargain] Up to 40% off on holiday sales such as the popular ARABIA Moomin limited mug!
We sell a variety of popular Scandinavian design Moomin goods such as ARABIA mugs made for Moominvalley Park, household goods and toys at up to 40% off.Some items are limited in quantity.Please look forward to it.

[Bonus] You can get "Moominvalley Park 1 Day Pass 1,000 Yen Off Coupon" just by registering as a free member!
During the period, if you register as a member of MOOMIN OFFICIAL SHOP, you will receive a 1 yen off coupon for the Moominvalley Park admission ticket 1,000 day pass. Moominvalley Park, which will be reopened on December 2021, 12, is holding a "Winter Festival" until February 10, 2022 (Sun). You can enjoy Moominvalley Park at a great price with a 2 yen off coupon.
■ Coupon gift period: December 2021, 12 (Wednesday) 1:10 to 00 (Monday) 20:23
■ Coupon expiration date: January 2022st (Sat) -February 1th (Mon), 1

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