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2022.01.06 News

Get exclusive mineral water from Moominvalley Park!Hold a winter campaign

Get exclusive mineral water from Moominvalley Park!Hold a winter campaign

From January 1th (Sat) to February 15th (Sun), a winter campaign will be held to present limited mineral water not for sale to those who use the Moominvalley Park highway bus and direct bus tours. To do.This mineral water with the artwork of the exhibition project "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-", which was newly started last summer, is a special item limited to this campaign. ..Please do not miss this opportunity and take advantage of the campaign.

campaign information
■ Details: During the period, if you use a highway bus or a direct bus tour, you will receive one bottle of limited mineral water (not for sale) per person.
* Those under 3 years old are not eligible.

■ Implementation period: January 2022th (Sat) -February 1th (Sun), 15

■ Product Description: Fuji Mineral Water 350ml
* Weakly alkaline soft water containing 4 major minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium)

■ Target:
Various high-speed route bus or direct bus tour users
-Highway bus from Tokyo Station * For passengers departing from JR Tokyo Station and arriving at Moominvalley Park
-Direct bus tour to / from Minami-Koshigaya Station (via Omiya Station)
-Direct bus tour from Shinjuku station
-Direct bus tour from Yokohama Station
* Please check the service dates on each company's website.

New exhibition "Moomin's dining table and convenience exhibition-eating, living together-"
At the exhibition facility "KOKEMUS (Kokemus)" in Moominvalley Park, a new exhibition "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating, Living Together-" has started."Convivial" in English means "banquet", "feast", and "symbiosis", and you can feel the connection of living with eating and drinking."Convivial" also means that the atmosphere is cheerful, friendly, and comfortable.

For the exhibition, the miniature tool collection "Parafernaria" (collected by the Moomin Museum, Finland) produced and collected by the author Tove Jansson and his partner Tuulikki Pietila visited Japan for the first time in the world. The collaboration with Atelier Fauni (owned by Moominvalley Park), which is said to be a "phantom Moomin doll," will be a unique exhibit.At the venue, you can enjoy not only "seeing" but also "listening" and "participating" interactive devices.
Various foods appear in the world of "Moomin" throughout the season, but the environment and feeling surrounding them are truly full of "convivial".Through the rich food culture of Moominvalley centered on the food of the blessings of nature in each season and the appearance of Moominvalley's friends relaxing in harmony, this exhibition will make you feel warm.

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・ For high-speed route buses and direct bus toursArticles

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