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2022.04.01 News

Coexistence with rich nature "Moominvalley Park Bee Project" started!

Beekeeping began on March 2022, 3 (Wednesday) at Moominvalley Park.In the future, we plan to sell activities such as beekeeping tours and workshops, and honey.

Project implementation outline
Installation location: Inside Moominvalley Park
Number of birdhouses: 2 groups (about 16,000)
Bee type: Western honey bee
Installation period: From Wednesday, March 3
* Regarding beekeeping, under the guidance of experts, we are making efforts to consider the location of the hive and to thoroughly manage safety.
* Details will be updated on the official website from time to time.

Moominvalley Park's new theme, "Well-being".It is to maintain a comfortable state of mind and body.Bees who came to Moominvalley Park with the arrival of spring portray the world of convivial (symbiosis) against the backdrop of the rich nature of the park, and deliver "Well-being" that expresses respect for nature to visiting guests. increase.

Honey source of Moominvalley Park
Moominvalley Park is full of flowers and trees around the lake. On the tree-lined road leading from the Welcome cove to the Moominvalley area, 25 horse chestnuts, which are the source of honey, grow naturally, and when combined with the adjacent metsä village, there are more than 60 horse chestnuts.With the honey source of Moominvalley Park including horse chestnuts and the abundant nature in the neighborhood, we aim to collect 2022 kg of honey in 15, which is the first year.
※The photograph is an image.

Efforts of the original brand "Ethical Choice" that is kind to the earth and people
The "Moominvalley Park Bee Project" is a truly ethical and sustainable initiative that can be delivered as the identity of Moominvalley Park.In the future, we plan to develop products under the "Ethical Choice" brand and develop workshops.

Ethical Choice
Initiatives so far:

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