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2023.03.13 News

[Updated 3/13 (Monday)] "ARABIAMoominvalley Park Original Mug 2023" on sale!

[Updated on 3/13 (Monday)]

We would like to inform you of the following changes regarding sales outlets and purchase limits.

■Stores: Moominvalley Park "Hajimari no Mise", "Main Shop Moominvalley", "Little My Shop", "POSTI"

*There is no upper limit on the number of purchases, but please refrain from purchasing in large quantities for the purpose of resale so that many customers can purchase.


[Updated on Wednesday, February 2]

2019Years3Released with the opening of Moominvalley Park in MayARABIA The long-awaited new pattern appears in Moominvalley Park Original Mug!

2023Years2Month10It will be on sale from Sunday (Friday) at "Hajimari no Mise" and "Main Shop Moominvalley" in Moominvalley Park! !




While following the design of the previous work, the night scene inspired by the illustration of the novel "Memories of Moominpappa" is drawn in the background, and when lined up, the design makes you feel the change of time from evening to night.


* Released in 2019


2019The Moominvalley Park original mug, released in XNUMX, was the only Arabian Moomin mug released as a limited edition outside of Finland, attracting attention from fans all over the world and was very well received.the second2Bullets are finally on sale.The number of first arrivals is limited, so if you are interested, we recommend that you purchase as soon as possible ♪


■ Sale date: February 2 (Friday) ~

■Stores: Moominvalley Park “Hajimari no Mise” and “Main Shop Moominvalley”

■ Sales price: 4,400 yen (tax included)


*This product is available at the official online shop "MOOMIN SHOP Online” is also on sale.



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