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2023.12.05 News

UPCYCLE PROJECT ~ Initiatives for SDGs ~ The umbrella used in Umbrella Sky has been reborn as a bag and will be sold for a limited time

Mondo Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters:Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director:Yohei Horiike) will be held in partnership.

This year, the third year of the initiative, we have added the tag of metsä's original brand "Ethical Choice", which takes the global environment into consideration, and used it as a "mobile pouch" at shops and stores in Moominvalley Park.PLASTICITYWe will start selling in limited quantities at the online store.


The items that we collaborated on this time are exhibited with "Moominvalley and Umbrella" as the material, and after the exhibition, the colorful vinyl umbrellas are collected and reused on the entire surface.Created by disassembling and washing vinyl umbrellas and stacking them in multiple layersPLASTICITYProprietary material "glass rain"Material" is vinyl umbrellas of various colors.4Pressing on layers.As a result, even umbrellas of the same color come out differently, creating colored umbrellas.1One1You can enjoy the variation of two textures.1It is a point item.Due to the characteristics of the material, it is resistant to water and dirt, so you can use it without worrying about rainy days.50gThe lightness of this mobile pouch makes it easy to carry around for daily use.

Items with the Moominvalley Park and "Ethical Choice" logos will be sold only within Moominvalley Park.PLASTICITYThe official online store will also sell the same model that reuses the color umbrella used at the event.

 PLASTICITYIn the official online store, it will be sold without the Moominvalley Park logo.


Product Information

■Product name: Mobile pouch

■Sales price: 7,700 yen (tax-included)

■Size: H190mm x W115mm x D20mm

■Sales location: Moominvalley Park store Late December~Scheduled to start selling *We will inform you later on Moominvalley Park official SNS.

PLASTICITY Official Online Store( 12Sales start from Tuesday, May 5th

* Limited quantity, will end as soon as it runs out

*Items with the Moominvalley Park logo are sold only within Moominvalley Park.


<Ethical Choice)>

Surrounded by a rich natural environment of forests and lakes, metsä is a place where the global environment, people, society, regions, biodiversity andSDGsWe thought that ethical and sustainable efforts, which symbolize such things, are essential as the identity of the facility.Comprehensive initiatives for production environments, foods, products, materials, and services in facilities, developing based on ethical and sustainable choices (selection) in the future, not limited to things that do not burden the human body and the environment, tangible and intangible. to the "Ethical Choice(ethical choice)” logo will be attached.

*Ethical Choice(ethical choice)About the efforts of


What is "Moominvalley and Umbrella"?


This event was held from April 2023th (Friday) to July 4nd (Sunday), 28, and you can enjoy the beauty of colorful umbrellas that fill your head.We used an aurora-colored umbrella whose color changes in a complex manner depending on the position of the sun and the strength of the light.

■ Event details:



<Monde Design Co., Ltd.>

Head office location: 〒107-0062 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo5-17-12 Lion Minami Aoyama3Floor

Representative Director: Yohei Horiike


An upcycle brand launched in April 2020 that reborn discarded plastic umbrellas into new shapes.In order to make the most of the characteristics of the umbrella material, such as its waterproofness and ease of maintenance, we have developed a unique processing method that presses multiple layers of the material in its original state.Furthermore, by creating a rain pattern during the processing process, we were able to create a product with a unique texture.From the collection of vinyl umbrellas to the sewing of the final product, each and every step is meticulously done by hand, and PLASTICITY is created using human sensibilities, the skilled techniques of craftsmen, and a passion for valuing materials. The product will be created.

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