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2020.03.19 News

[Thursday, March 3 update] About infection prevention including new coronavirus and spread prevention measures

Moominvalley Park will discuss and consider carefully based on the information currently available, prepare various measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, and start operations on Saturday, March 2020, 3 Has been resumed. Please note that on three consecutive holidays from March 14 (Fri) to 2020 (Sun) 3, admission may be restricted to ease congestion.
 At "metsä (metsä village Moominvalley Park)", we would like to ask all the visitors for the following cooperation in order to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus.


■ Request to visitor of visit
・ Please check the physical condition of the day before visiting.
・ Please refrain from visiting those who have symptoms such as a cold.
・ If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, we will refuse admission.
・ All guests will be checked for body temperature when entering the park.
・ As the number of places where disinfectants are installed has been greatly increased, such as in restaurants, building entrances, and toilets in the park,
 Please use it.
・ If you feel unwell or change your mood during your visit, do not overdo it.
 Please contact the staff near you as soon as possible.
・ Please try to prevent infection by yourself, such as hand washing and wearing a mask.
・ In order to perform cleaning work more frequently than usual and to implement ventilation in the building,
 It may be temporarily stopped.Thank you for your cooperation.
・ To reduce congestion, visit “Moominvalley Park” and facilities in the park.
 Admission may be restricted.

Also, please note the following when admission is restricted to "Moominvalley Park".
・ In the case of admission restrictions, sales of tickets may be canceled on the day.
・ Admission may take some time. Please note.
・ At the time of admission restrictions, customers who purchase advance tickets, as soon as congestion in the park is eased,
 Please enter the park one by one.
・ Refunds for tickets due to entrance restrictions are not allowed. Please note.


As for the staff, we perform thorough physical condition management such as daily temperature measurement, but in consideration of the health and safety of all visitors and staff, the staff may wear masks. Please note.

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