2020.09.04 News

[Hanno support cooperation project] metsä fireworks display 2020-Forests, lakes and fireworks.

[Hanno support cooperation project] metsä fireworks display 2020-Forests, lakes and fireworks.

Under the title of "metsä fireworks display 2020-forest, lake, and fireworks.", We will hold a fireworks launch event and a Hanno gourmet enjoyment event through restaurants in Hanno city at the metsä village. This fireworks display is operated with a limit on the number of fireworks viewers to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Those who do not have a viewing ticket cannot view it.

■ Event summary
Date: October 10th (Sat) 17th (Sat) November 24th (Sat)
Time: Scheduled from 19:30 to 20:10
Location: metsä village
① Fireworks launch
About 1,000 fireworks, including shakudama, will be launched. You can enjoy the power of fireworks up close and the charm of fireworks reflected on the lake surface.
② Hanno gourmet proficiency event
Restaurants in Hanno city will open.

■ Visitor benefits
・ Moominvalley Park original leisure seat
・ 1,000 yen worth of coupons that can be used in the venue (500 yen x 2 coupons)

■How to get the viewing ticket
① Pre-purchase on special ticket sales WEB page (1 yen per person)
* Scheduled to be sold from Friday, September 9. Details will be announced on the official website of the metsä fireworks display.
② Apply from the campaign
Obtain and apply for the application ticket distribution campaign, where you can get an application ticket for food and drinks worth 1,000 yen or more at a business member store in Hanno city.
Application ticket distribution period: September 9 (Fri)-October 18 (Sun)
*No refunds are possible under any circumstances.
* Ticket resale is prohibited.

■ Requests to visitors
The Hanno Support Cooperation Project Executive Committee is taking measures to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, but we also ask all visitors to do the following.
① Be sure to wear a mask while visiting the park (except for those under 3 years old), and if you cough or sneeze, please cooperate with "cough etiquette".
(XNUMX) Please wash your hands and disinfect your hands thoroughly.
③ Please refrain from visiting the venue if you fall under any of the following.
・ Those who have cold symptoms, those who are uneasy about their physical condition, or those who do not feel well
・ Those who have returned or traveled from abroad within 2 weeks and those who have close contact with the relevant person
・ Those who have symptoms such as fever and cough within 2 weeks
・ Those who have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher at the temperature measurement before entering the park
④ When viewing the fireworks, please use the visitor privilege "Moominvalley Park Leisure Sheet" and view them at sufficient intervals. The staff may speak to you.
* Regarding ticket purchase and application, if you are coming from afar, please make a decision in consideration of the request regarding the new coronavirus of your local government.

■ Organizer
Hanno Support Cooperation Project Executive Committee
(Hanno City / Hanno Chamber of Commerce / Okumusashi Hanno Tourism Association / Hanno City Shopping District Federation / Moomin Monogatari Co., Ltd.)

■ Contact: 042-980-5051 (Okumusashi Hanno Tourism Association)

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*To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we are operating with reduced business hours.