2021.02.15 Press release

-Enjoy shopping at the spring metsä village- "Spring Fair Kevät on täällä! -Looking for Spring-" will be held!

-Enjoy shopping at the spring metsä village- "Spring Fair Kevät on täällä! -Looking for Spring-" will be held!

At metsä Village, where you can experience the Scandinavian lifestyle, "Spring Fair Kevät on täällä!" Will allow visitors to enjoy spring shopping from February 2th (Sat) to March 20st (Sun). Looking for Spring ~ ”will be held.

Spring Fair Kevät on täällä!
In the event space "metsä hall", we have a lineup of spring-like products that make you want to sing in a warm and cheerful way. Good quality items such as Golla backpacks that will make you feel like going out from 1 mile to 2 miles, mobiles that make you feel the spring air when you decorate your room, and Rawii, a Danish vase that you can enjoy with spring-like yellow flowers. Don't miss this opportunity to get one.
* February 2th (Sat) -March 20st (Sun)
* Open from 10:00 to 18:00
* Business hours are subject to change.

Recommended items from Spring Fair
■ Golla
Finnish brand.This season, we are using new recycled polyester, and 1 500ml PET bottles are used in one bag.It is a sustainable product born from Finland, which loves nature.

■ Flensted Mobiles
In spring, open the windows and let in the wind.A Danish mobile, also known as a moving sculpture, where you can enjoy the flow of air in the room.The swallow mobile, a symbol of happiness, has been reborn as a balanced mobile that suits modern lifestyles from the paper craft that has been passed down as a traditional handicraft. From Glensted Mobiles, which boasts a history of more than half a century.

■ Livingly
A flower mobile that feels spring from Livingly, a mobile made from paper materials.

■ Rawii
A Danish vase Rawii that jumped out of Scandinavian art. Inspired by 20th century Danish cubist artist Vilhelm Lundstrøm, it has a sculptural presence.The characteristic form that makes a picture even if it is left as it is is attractive.

Recommended items from metsä village "Scandinavian miscellaneous goods"
Introducing spring sweets delivered from Fazer, Finland.

■ Karl Fazer Lemon Yogurt & Meringue
Fazer's proud milk chocolate made from fresh milk is filled with a sweet and sour lemon meringue filling.A soft and refreshing bite of happiness.

■ Tutti Frutti Jelly Beans
Spring is Easter in Europe.Easter rabbits and eggs are drawn on the package, and chocolate-coated beans, which are rare for jelly beans, are also included.Please enjoy the jelly beans unique to chocolate makers.
* Naturally derived pigments and fragrances are used for colorful colors and flavors.
* A vegan confectionery that does not use animal-derived gelatin.

Recommended items from metsä village "TRE"
Pick up works by ceramic artists with roots in Finland.Only one item that you want to add to the beginning of spring, such as pastel colors and white.

■ Satoko Sai + Tomoko Kurahara
Taffy series mini plate that has been made since 2012.The soil with kneaded colors is cut out into stripes, the pastel colors are finished in a single color, and the shapes are different.Not only as a soap and accessory holder, but also with sweets.

■ Atelier Pelto / Flowering house
The design is such that one side of the roof is open, and when flowers are laid, it becomes a flowering house.It is a popular item that you can feel the unique idea of ​​Atelier Pert.You can decorate it as it is, or you can use it as a pen stand.

■ Aura Kajas
Finnish artist active in Finland and Italy. The minispirits simply represent the characteristics of animals one by one.Please welcome us from the animals that have a taste that is being talked about.

■ Tonfisk
Design loved all over the world.A beautiful form combined with a wooden holder that sets it apart from the general Finnish ceramic design that is famous for its products.Recommended for gifts and a little inspiring reward.

* Please note that each item may be out of stock due to sales.
* Details of the eventhere

Business hours

Moominvalley Park

10:00AM - 17:00PM

10:00AM - 17:00PM

Adventure walk * Enter from the special entrance in the metsä village

17:00AM - 19:00PM

17:00AM - 19:00PM

metsä parking lot

09:30AM - 20:30PM

09:30AM - 20:30PM