2021.04.06 Press release

-Colorful umbrella sky is a vitamin of the heart- "Moominvalley and Umbrella", Japan's largest umbrella with about 1,200 umbrellas The spring design concept is a collaboration with Little My!Make your feelings happy with colorful umbrellas mainly in red and decorations of characters

-Colorful umbrella sky is a vitamin of the heart- "Moominvalley and Umbrella", Japan's largest umbrella with about 1,200 umbrellas The spring design concept is a collaboration with Little My!Make your feelings happy with colorful umbrellas mainly in red and decorations of characters

We will announce the design concept of the spring version of "Moominvalley and Umbrella" to be held from April 4th (Sat) to August 17th (Sun) and comments from the art director.The design concept of the vivid umbrella sky centered on red is "Mymble clan, a large gathering!" Little My play spot "collaboration art". Along with the popular character Little My and many of his brothers, it is about 8 meters colorful. The Umbrella Corridor will welcome guests in the Moominvalley area.
* The photo is from last year and is an image.

The world where the story spreads overhead and "Colorful umbrella sky is a vitamin of the heart"
The early spring version of Umbrella's approach, inspired by Moomin Comics' original "Let's Build a House," begins with Mymble's mother, Little My, and their sisters who came to Moominhouse, just as the story begins.The number of children is 17, and according to Mymble's mother's educational policy, Little My and others behave freely and play pranks as much as they want.The Moomins, who were in trouble, decided that the Mymble family, who had said they would stay until the summer solstice, decided that the summer solstice had come early, and planned to have them return.Then, Fillyjonk, who misunderstood the bonfire of the Midsummer Festival, which is a symbol of the summer solstice, as a fire calls the fire brigade and makes a fuss.Such a slapstick noise is reproduced with the Moominvalley friends who appear along with the umbrella design based on "red" which symbolizes Little My's dress.It is a design that allows you to use your imagination to develop the story that spreads overhead, and to move forward with excitement.In addition, at the collaborative experience facility "Little My Play Spot", guests can relive this story with classical images in a participatory manner, so please enjoy it as well.
Umbrella Sky is for the guests who visit the park because various things are restricted and the feelings tend to be depressed, and the rainy season is also likely to be depressed. I hope it will become a "vitamin of the heart" that will make you feel happy even a little.

About the collaborative experience facility "Little My Play Spot"
"Little My Play Spot" is a theater-type experience facility where you can enjoy a comical slapstick drama unfolded by the mischievous hero Little My.Along with the guide of the guide, you can enjoy the charm of Moomin's story with the surprise that the development changes each time while being thrilled by Little My's scheme, and the gentle and warm classical image. ..
・ Female narration: Maaya Sakamoto
・ Male narration: Satoshi Hino

Moominvalley and Umbrella
For the second time this year, "Moominvalley and Umbrella", Masaru Suzuki, who designs with global brands such as marimekko, is in charge of the art director.The corridor, which is one of the largest in Japan and has about 2 colorful umbrellas (according to our research as of February 1,200), stretches for about 2021m and envelops guests with a spectacular view.And this year's Moominvalley Park Umbrella Sky will be held in the spring version of the previous term [April 2th (Sat) -June 200th (Sun), with the theme of a world view that fuses the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. and Scandinavian textiles. )] And the late summer version [June 4th (Sat) -August 17th (Sun)], which coincides with the start of the summer solstice in Scandinavia, will be divided into two parts, and the design will be completely changed. .. Please enjoy Moominvalley Park, which shows seasonal expressions, along with "Moominvalley and Umbrella".

【Overview of held】
・ Title: "Moominvalley and Umbrella"
・ Implementation period: Early / Spring version April 4th (Sat) -June 17th (Sun) "Moominvalley and Umbrella"
       Late / Summer version June 6th (Sat) -August 26th (Sun) * Title will be released at a later date
* Umbrella replacement work period is from June 6st (Monday) to June 21th (Friday).
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Comment from art director Masaru Suzuki
The Umbrella Sky season has arrived at Moomin Valley Park again this year. From April, an umbrella sky based on red, which can be said to be the color of Little My, will be launched.Please come and experience the umbrella sky that can only be experienced in this place, which is linked to the Moomin world view.

Masaru Suzuki profile
Textile designer. Established Unpiat Co., Ltd. in 2002. Since 2004, he has presided over the fabric brand OTTAIPNU.In addition to his own brand, he has released works from various domestic and overseas manufacturers and brands such as Marimekko, Moomin, Uniqlo, Camper, Familia, and Zoff. In 2015, he won the 35th Newspaper Advertising Award for the "Toyama Moyo Project," which expresses the charm of Toyama with a pattern design. In 2016, he won the Milan Design Award 2016 “BEST ENGAGEMENT by IED” at Milan Design Week 2016 held in Milan.Published a collection of works "Masaru Suzuki Textiles" from Seibundo Shinkosha. 2017 Held the exhibition "Masaru Suzuki Textile Exhibition" at Mitsubishi Estate Artium.Professor, Department of Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Tokyo Zokei University.

Instagram Photo Contest
Moominvalley Park will hold an event "Instagram Photo Contest" to enjoy "Moominvalley and Umbrella" more during the event period.With the background of "Moominvalley and Umbrella", which is one of the largest in Japan and has about 1,200 umbrellas, please post a photo of a wonderful moment that only you found on Instagram with the hashtag "#Umbrella Photocon 2021".Details of the photo contest will be available at a later date.Moominvalley Park official websiteWe will inform you at.

Initiatives of SDGs
Scandinavia is touted as an environmentally advanced country by making daily efforts for sustainability and eco-friendliness even at the citizen level.At Moomin valley Park in metsä, where you can experience the Nordic world, I sympathize with the ideas of the Nordic countries.In order to aim for an earth-friendly initiative that can contribute to the environment even little by little at the individual company level, we will add new added value such as design and ideas to the waste that would otherwise be discarded, and another new product. At Umbrella Sky, we will carry out an "upcycle" initiative that will allow you to upgrade to and reborn.After the event, Mondo Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo) develops and sells Japan's first brand "PLASTICITY" that reuses discarded vinyl umbrellas as they are to make bags. In partnership with Minato-ku, President: Yohei Horiike), the umbrella used at the event will be upcycled and reborn as a product of the company's brand "PLASTICITY".

PLASTICITY became a new brand of Mondo Design Co., Ltd., which started selling in April 2020, and all products are completely recycled vinyl umbrellas that are discarded or stored as forgotten items and then finally discarded. I will.In order to make the best use of the characteristics of the material of the umbrella such as waterproofness and maintainability, we have developed a unique processing method that presses multiple layers as it is.Furthermore, by creating a rainy look in the processing process, a product with a unique texture not found in other products has been completed.

Business hours

Moominvalley Park

10:00AM - 17:00PM

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metsä parking lot

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* Business hours: April 4th (Thursday / holiday) -May 29th (Sunday) "Moominvalley Park" 5: 9-10: 00 "metsä parking lot" will be charged on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. ..