2021.06.03 Press release

"Kippi Fair" will be held at metsä village to make shopping fun even on rainy days!

At metsä Village, where you can experience the Scandinavian lifestyle, from Saturday, June 6th to Sunday, June 5th, you will find a selection of refreshingly colored items that will make shopping fun even on rainy days. We will hold "Kippi Fair".

At the fair, along with cloth fabrics, masks, soaps, towels, handkerchiefs, pouches, slippers, tote bags, aprons, including the new summer items of "kippis", bags of the Finnish brand "Golla" You can buy various items such as water-repellent items such as children's umbrellas, confectionery, Scandinavian tableware and design products, and aroma candles.

・Period: June 2021th (Sat) to August 6nd (Sun), 5
・ Hour: 10: 00 to 18: 00      
・ Venue: metsä hall in metsä village

kippis pickup item introduction

Kippis double-sided water-repellent square Boston shoulder bag made by the queen and stylist Naoko
GRAY color ¥ 14,300 (tax included)

kippis smart cooler eco bag ¥ 2,398 (tax included)

8 pocket bag Charcoal gray / light gray ¥ 2,750 (tax included)

kippis × li'ili'i original soap ¥ 1,320 each (tax included)

kippis LIGHT CARBON (folding umbrella) ¥ 2,750 (tax included)

* Items listed may be sold out due to the limited number.Please note.

The Finnish word for "cheers".At the end of the day, the moment of "cheers" that gives you a feeling of being released is like a reward for your daily life.We are developing the design with the image of such a warm moment.The designers who are active in Scandinavia are in charge of the design.Warm motifs and sophisticated colored textile designs are tailored to a variety of items.Scandinavian people have devised various ways to make their time at home enjoyable in order to spend a long, cold winter comfortably.Such a desire for a Scandinavian lifestyle to improve our daily lives is also the basis of kippis.

* Details of the eventhere

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