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2021.06.10 Press release

Held "Forests, Lakes, Umbrellas" wrapped in colorful umbrellas

Held "Forests, Lakes, Umbrellas" wrapped in colorful umbrellas

In the metsä village, where hydrangeas have begun to bloom in early summer, about 6 colorful umbrellas spread out against the backdrop of lush trees from June 12th (Sat) to August 8th (Sun). , Lake and Umbrella. "
* The photo is from last year and is an image.

"Umbrella Sky" started in 2012 as part of an art festival in the small Portuguese town of Agueda.The sight of an umbrella filling up overhead attracts many people.Masaru Suzuki, who designs for the third time this year, "Forests, Lakes, Umbrellas," with global brands such as marimekko, is in charge of the art director. In the lush green location of "metsä village", the colorful umbrella sky over about 3m creates an extraordinary space.Enjoy a colorful and dramatic experience of beautiful nature and umbrellas.

【Webinar Summary】
Title: metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project 2021 "Forests, Lakes, Umbrellas."
Implementation period: June 6th (Sat) -August 12th (Sun)
Venue: metsä tier in metsä village
* For event detailshere

Comment from Masaru Suzuki
This year too, the metsä village umbrella sky "Forests, Lakes, Umbrellas" will begin.This year, the road, which is about 100 meters from the entrance to the lake, is developed in a dynamic curve, and it is designed to give a feeling that something will start.As you move forward, the color of the umbrella above you will change, which will make you feel excited in this rainy season.Please come to metsä village to enjoy the umbrella sky even in the season when the rainy season is over and the fresh green is dazzling.

Design image diagram

Masaru Suzuki profile
Textile designer. Established Unpiat Co., Ltd. in 2002. Since 2004, he has presided over the fabric brand OTTAIPNU.In addition to his own brand, he has released works from various domestic and overseas manufacturers and brands such as Marimekko, Moomin, Uniqlo, Camper, Familia, and Zoff. In 2015, he won the 35th Newspaper Advertising Award for the "Toyama Moyo Project," which expresses the charm of Toyama with a pattern design. In 2016, he won the Milan Design Award 2016 “BEST ENGAGEMENT by IED” at Milan Design Week 2016 held in Milan.Published a collection of works "Masaru Suzuki Textiles" from Seibundo Shinkosha. 2017 Held the exhibition "Masaru Suzuki Textile Exhibition" at Mitsubishi Estate Artium.Professor, Department of Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Tokyo Zokei University.

Efforts of the "metsä" SDGs
After the event, the umbrellas on display will be upcycled and reborn as new products.Scandinavia is touted as an environmentally advanced country by making daily efforts for sustainability and eco-friendliness even at the citizen level.Even in metsä, where you can experience the Nordic world view, I sympathize with the ideas that the Nordic countries are aiming for.In order to aim for an earth-friendly initiative that can contribute to the environment even little by little at the individual company level, we will add new value such as design and ideas to the waste that would otherwise be discarded, and another new product. At Umbrella Sky, we will carry out an "upcycle" initiative that will allow you to upgrade to and reborn.
After the event, Mondo Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo) develops and sells Japan's first brand "PLASTICITY" that reuses discarded vinyl umbrellas as they are to make bags. In partnership with Minato Ward, President: Yohei Horiike), the umbrella used at the event will be upcycled and reborn as a product of the company's brand "PLASTICITY".

PLASTICITY was founded by creator Akiki Saito, and became a brand jointly developed by Mr. Saito and Mondo Design Co., Ltd. from April 2020, and all products are discarded or stored as forgotten items and then finally discarded. We recycle all the vinyl umbrellas that are stored.In order to make the best use of the characteristics of the material of the umbrella such as waterproofness and maintainability, we have developed a unique processing method that presses multiple layers as it is.Furthermore, by creating a rainy look in the processing process, a product with a unique texture not found in other products has been completed.

Umbrella Sky "Moominvalley and Umbrella"
Moominvalley Park Umbrella Sky "Moominvalley and Umbrella" is being held.The theme is a world view that fuses the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. with Scandinavian textiles.Masaru Suzuki is in charge of the art director.The corridor, which is one of the largest in Japan and has about 1,200 colorful umbrellas (according to our research as of February 2021), stretches for about 2m and envelops guests with a spectacular view. Please enjoy it together with "Forest, Lake, Umbrella."

【Implementation period】 
Early / Spring Version April 4th (Sat) -June 17th (Sun) "Moominvalley and Umbrella"
Late / Summer version June 6th (Sat) -August 26th (Sun) * Title will be released at a later date
* Umbrella replacement work period is from June 6st (Monday) to June 21th (Friday).
For more information on the eventhere

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