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2021.06.16 Press release

A sea of ​​clouds appears in Moominvalley!Cool Mist Summer Festival Moominvalley Park Summer Event "SUMMER ART FESTIVAL" Held

A sea of ​​clouds appears in Moominvalley!Cool Mist Summer Festival Moominvalley Park Summer Event "SUMMER ART FESTIVAL" Held

From June 6th (Sat) to August 26th (Sun), "SUMMER ART FESTIVAL" will be held at Moominvalley Park where you can enjoy a cool experience in midsummer.There will be three summer-only spots where you can enjoy a cool experience, such as a sea of ​​clouds, a mist, and a water play plaza for children.

A lot of mist pours down from Japan's largest photogenic umbrella sky, which was well received last year, "Hattifattener's Thunder Splash! ] Will be held this year as well.At Lonely Mountain, which can be enjoyed by small children such as tree houses and athletics, the fountain spot "Hemulen's playground Water Fountain" where children can experience playing in the water after getting soaked has appeared.And the biggest highlight of this year is the sea of ​​clouds "Mist of Magic Hat" that appears in the Moominvalley area. Against the backdrop of Moominhouse, the symbol of Moominvalley Park, mist is generated from the mysterious top hat of "Hobgoblin" that appears in the story, and it becomes a fantastic sea of ​​clouds and wraps around the Moominvalley area.Please enjoy the cool experience of midsummer through "SUMMER ART FESTIVAL" this summer.

~ Moominvalley Sea of ​​Clouds ~
"Mist of Magic Hat"

The magic hat of "Hobgoblin" placed in front of "Moominhouse".It seems that mist came out from a mysterious hat that changes its appearance when something is put inside.The mist that comes out of the hat spreads like a sea of ​​clouds in the "Moominvalley area" and cools the heat of summer.Unpredictable entertainment that changes in size depending on the weather, temperature and humidity!Please enjoy the fantastic world of sea of ​​clouds.

Implementation time: Appearance of about 1 minutes at least once an hour during business hours (planned)
* Subject to change without notice depending on the weather.
※The photograph is an image.

~ Soaking wet is just right ~
"Hemulen's playground Water Fountain"

Lonely mountain's "Hemulen's playground" is a very Moominvalley Park-like place where children can move their bodies and adults can relax in the forest.Appeared as a fountain with water popping out from the ground one after another against the backdrop of the amusement park that was soaked by heavy rain and floods that followed the restless days, which was the motif of the original "Hemulen who likes Shizuka"!It is a perfect spot for children who want to play in the water.

Implementation time: Fountains will come out on a regular basis.
* Please do not forget to change your child's clothes.
* Children who have not taken their diapers should refrain from using them or wear "swim diapers".
* Please wear shoes and sandals before entering.
* For other precautionsOfficial WebsiteYou can check on

-Mist pours down from about 1,200 umbrella skis, one of the largest in Japan-
"Hattifattener's Lightning Splash! 』\

Mist pours down from the photogenic umbrella sky "Hattifattener's thunder splash! ] Is here again this year!You can enjoy the world view of the story with the umbrella sky and direction designed in collaboration with the original "Moominvalley Summer Festival".The highlight is the world's first appearance in the umbrella sky! 101 Hattifatteners! (45 bodies last year) When I thought I was fascinated by the horde, a flash of lightning flashed, and a shower of mist like a convectional rain that softened the summer heat poured down from among the Hattifatteners.

Implementation time: Mist is emitted regularly.
* The photo is from last year and is an image.

Umbrella Sky Design Story
"Moominvalley and Umbrella" started on April 4th (Sat), but the summer design "Hattifattener's Thunder Splash!" 』Changes to. Following "Moominvalley and Umbrella", Masaru Suzuki, who designs for global brands such as marimekko, is in charge of the art director.The beginning of the umbrella (bottom right of the figure) starts with the play "Lion's Flower Yome" written by Moominpapa in the original "Moominvalley Summer Festival". A horde of 17 Hattifatteners born from the seeds sown on the eve of the summer solstice, after Snufkin trampled on a number of "~ bekarazu" signs and passed through the "Forest Children" area where they fled together. Appears. Be sure to find the "Don't Know Sign" that Snufkin has pulled out.

The umbrella used in the exhibition will be reborn as an upcycle original bag after the event. The efforts of the SDGs and comments from art director Masaru Suzuki can be found on the official website."SUMMER ART FESTIVAL" special pageYou can see at.

* Image photo of the original bag

Introducing a summer-only menu that allows you to enjoy Umbrella Sky even more!

1. Midsummer pancake 
From the original "Moominvalley Summer Festival", a summer-only pancake with the image of a scene where Snufkin sows "Hattifattener seeds" on the eve of the summer solstice (midsummer).The top of the fruity pancake, which is based on kiwi sauce and finished with lemon cream, is set in a refreshing mint meadow that looks like a corolla of the summer solstice. Relive the story with colorful passion fruit and mango sauce, just like sowing "Hattifattener seeds" like Snufkin!The accented nata de coco makes the texture even more enjoyable.Cheese cream and strawberry sauce are hidden in the pancakes.

* Please enjoy mint as you like.
* You can take the original "Snufkin hat" pick with you.
Sales location: Pancake restaurant (Lettula)
Selling price: 1,600 yen (tax included)

2. Umbrella Sky Soda (Green Apple) 
An emerald green-colored green apple-flavored soda that matches the color of the summer-only "Umbrella Sky".

Sales location: Pancake restaurant (Lettula)
Selling price: 600 yen (tax included)
* At the KOKEMUS 2F Cafe (KAUPPA & KAHVILA), you can enjoy the sister product "Umbrella Watermelon Soda".

3. Umbrella watermelon soda
Watermelon soda that feels the summer of "Umbrella Sky" collaboration.Watermelon-flavored soda, like the blue sky, is topped with watermelon pulp and mint, giving it a sweet yet refreshing taste.

Sales location: KOKEMUS 2F Cafe (KAUPPA & KAHVILA)
Selling price: 650 yen (tax included)
* At the pancake restaurant, you can enjoy the sister product "Umbrella Sky Soda".

Summer limited workshop
You can enjoy this summer-only workshop menu at KOKEMUS 2F Paja.

1. Make your own umbrella!
You can enjoy the popular "Let's make your own umbrella!" Workshop held last year again.Assemble the bones while checking the structure of the umbrella (umbrella) that you usually see casually, and put vinyl cloth on it.Finally, decorate with a sticker inspired by the "Moominvalley Summer Festival" to complete your own umbrella.

Selling price: 2,800 yen (tax included)

2. Moominvalley wood burning box
The art of "Moominvalley Summer Festival" will appear in a special wood box created by drawing with a technique called wood burning.You can enjoy various ways of using it, such as trying to create in a cool workshop room or making a box that will remember your summer memories.

Selling price: 2,500 yen (tax included)

3.Moominvalley Park original badge making
We will introduce recommended designs from making badges that can be enjoyed by both small children and adults. Choose your favorite design and enjoy making badges, such as the art of SUMMER ART FESTIVAL and the motif of Hattifattener that appears only in this season.
Selling price: 500 yen (tax included)

Introducing Moominvalley Park limited goods
At the "Main Shop Moominvalley", the world's largest collection of Moomin goods on the 1st floor of KOKEMUS, "Hattifattener's Thunder Splash! We have a variety of goods that you can enjoy together with.

Hattifattener's new product is on sale!

1. All 9 types of Hattifattener finger puppet charms
Hattifattener has 3 different facial expressions and 3 different combinations of belongings.It's in a blind bag, so look forward to seeing which one comes out.Since it has a ball chain, it can be attached to a bag or the like.
Selling price: 990 yen (tax included)

2. Pullback mascot (Hattifattener)
If you pull it back and release it, it will start running forward.
Selling price: 2,000 yen (tax included)

3. Flash-shining Hattifattener T-shirt
This T-shirt is characterized by lightning that emerges when you shoot with a flash.
Selling price: 2,800 yen (tax included)

Original "Moominvalley Summer Festival" motif product selection
You can purchase various art items such as drawstring purses, pouches, mugs, postcards, acrylic pass cases, etc. with the motif of "Moominvalley Summer Festival".

Hattifattener's classic product selection
You can buy a wide variety of goods such as umbrellas that will be fun even on rainy days, stuffed animals with clips, puppets, accessory cases, gummy candies and sausages.

For more information on the eventhere


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