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2022.05.17 Press release

Japan's largest umbrella sky "Moominvalley and Umbrella" Enjoy from the period to the end!New information on limited workshops and SDGs projects released

Japan's largest umbrella sky "Moominvalley and Umbrella" Enjoy from the period to the end!New information on limited workshops and SDGs projects released

At Moominvalley Park, the umbrella sky "Moominvalley and Umbrella" with about 1,200 umbrellas will be held at Moominvalley Park until July 7rd (Sun).We would like to introduce comments from manufacturing brands as information on workshops held during the event and new information on SDGs initiatives.We hope that you will enjoy the up-cycle products that will reborn the umbrellas on display that you used even after the event period ends.

[WORK SHOP] Balloon mobiles made from paper craft (limited quantity)

Making mobiles with the image of the balloon art that appears in Umbrella Sky.Pre-cut paper is layered so even small children can make it.Take a balloon ride and embark on a Moominvalley journey!
■ Dates: May 5st (Sat), May 21nd (Sun)
* The event will be updated on the official website after June.
■ Holding time: ①13:00, ②15:00, ③16:15 Approximately 45 minutes each time
■ Capacity: 8 people each time
■ Application: KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley" 10: 00-first-come-first-served basis
■ Venue: KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley" Kids Space
■ Sales price: 2,200 yen (tax included)

[WORKSHOP] Read aloud "Mysterious Journey to Moominvalley"
We will hold a storytelling of the story of the original picture book "Mysterious Journey to Moominvalley" (written by Tove Jansson / Kodansha), which became the motif of the umbrella sky.Why don't you feel the sound of the original, the feeling of words, the richness and fun of expression from the story by the versatile author Tove?

■ Holding time: 15: 00 ~
■ Capacity: 40 people (first-come-first-served basis, including standing)
■ Venue: KOKEMUS 2F "Kids Space"
■ Participation fee: Free

After the event, the umbrellas on display will be upcycled and reborn as new products!

Continuing from last year, we carried out an "upcycling" initiative to upgrade the exhibited umbrella to another new product and reborn it in partnership with Mondo Design Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yohei Horiike). increase.
The "PLASTICITY" tote made from unique materials with different facial expressions and textures was very popular last year!This year, we are considering selling shoulder bags, etc. that can be easily used when going out with the tag of metsä's original new brand "Ethical Choice" that takes the global environment into consideration.
■ Sales schedule: Production will start in early July, and sales will start in early October.
* Detailed information will be updated on the official website from time to time.

<Comment by Yohei Horiike, President and CEO of Mondo Design Co., Ltd.>

Many people who like Moominvalley Park will strongly sympathize with the effort to use things carefully. I feel that many people are sympathetic to the culture of using furniture, etc. originally owned by the creator of "Moomin" in Scandinavia for a long time, so this part is also related to the efforts to reuse vinyl umbrellas. I think there are many.
In advancing product development, it is important to use vinyl umbrellas as thoroughly as possible, and to make products that you actually want to use in terms of quality and design.
In the future, I hope that upcycling products will become more common than "rare products." I hope that the products of "PLASTICITY" will give you an opportunity to realize that you can use them in this way, and by using the products, you may be interested in plastic problems, or you may disassemble the umbrella instead of just disassembling it and then throw it away. I hope it will be a product that will trigger it.

PLASTICITY will be a brand jointly developed by creator Akiki Saito, who started selling in April 2020, and Mondo Design Co., Ltd., and all products will be discarded or stored as forgotten items and then finally discarded. We recycle all vinyl umbrellas.In order to make the best use of the characteristics of the material of the umbrella such as waterproofness and maintainability, we have developed a unique processing method that presses multiple layers as it is.Furthermore, by creating a rainy look in the processing process, a product with a unique texture not found in other products has been completed.

The full interview article is available on the official note of metsä!

Surrounded by the rich natural environment of forests and lakes, metsä is a facility for ethical and sustainable efforts that symbolize the global environment, people, society, regions, biodiversity and SDGs. I thought it was indispensable as an identity of.
Comprehensive efforts to develop in-facility production environments, foods, products, materials, and services based on ethical and sustainable choices (selection) that are not limited to those that do not place a burden on the human body or the environment and are tangible and intangible. Will be accompanied by the "Ethical Choice" logo.
* About the efforts of "Ethical Choice"

"Moominvalley and Umbrella"

Japan's largest umbrella sky "Moominvalley and Umbrella" with about 1,200 umbrellas (according to our research as of January 2022).This year's theme is "Get on the balloon of your imagination and fly anywhere."The design is based on Moomin's original picture book "Mysterious Journey to Moominvalley".We hope that the colorful umbrella sky will be a vitamin charge for your heart, and the balloons flying in the sky will be a symbol of freedom and dreams, and we hope to bring happiness and hope to many people.
■ Period: March 4th (Wednesday) -May 27th (Sunday)
■ Event details:”

[Safety and security initiatives]
Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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