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2022.05.24 Press release

Moominpapa is the protagonist!"Moominpapa's day" fair to commemorate his father's day.A lot of special greetings, limited workshops, original goods and more!

Moominvalley Park will hold the "Moominpappa's day" fair from May 5th (Sat) to June 28th (Sun).Free, adventurous and passionate about creative activities, Moominpapa's way of life inspires our inquisitiveness and reminds us that adventurousness is forever.At the "Moominpappa's day" fair where Moominpappa played a leading role, Moominpappa will hold a special greeting to get inspiration for creative activities, as well as a latte menu and workshop menu for a limited time. I prepared it.At the shop in the park, you can enjoy shopping for gifts with goods that are perfect as gifts for your father.
I can't say that I'm embarrassed, but why don't you express your gratitude to your father who is always doing his best through the fair, such as making gifts and shopping, with a feeling of "thank you".

Overview of the "Moominpapa's day" fair
■ Period: April 5th (Sat) -May 28th (Sun)
■ Event details:
Detailed information will be updated on the official website from time to time.

[Limited to 6/11 (Sat) -6/19 (Sun)] Moominpapa's outdoor creation
Moominpapa jumps out to get inspiration for his creative work.You may find yourself working with your favorite typewriter, wearing a quill on your hat, inspired by something close to you.Moominpapa may like the ideas received from the visiting guests.
※ Rain stopped
* The contents may be changed or canceled.

[WORK SHOP] Moominvalley Wood Burning Coaster-Cheers with Moominpappa with "Manhattan Dynamite" Juice
A workshop for making coasters using hinoki cypress, which is a specialty of Hanno City, where the park is located, is held for Father's Day.With an electric pen called Wood Burning, you can burn the art of Moominvalley's nature. If Moominpappa comes to play, let's have a toast with "Manhattan Dynamite" juice!
■ Date and time: Saturday, June 6th, Sunday, June 18th
①11:15~12:00 ②12:45~13:30 ③15:00~15:45
■ Sales price: 1,500 yen (tax included)
■ Capacity: 8 people each time
■ Venue: Lettula Lounge

[WORK SHOP] FATHER'S DAY Original badge making (limited quantity)
We have picked up Moominpapa art from badge making that even small children can easily enjoy the handmade experience. The Moominpapa art (far left in the image), which is also the main art of the "Moominpapa's day" fair, is a perfect design for dads who work hard for their families.
■ Sales location: KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley"
■ Sales price: 500 yen (tax included)

Installation of a mini corner that picks up original goods and standard products of "Moominpapa"
Including limited goods that can only be obtained here, we have a lineup of items that are perfect for fathers who enjoy coffee like Moominpapa, fathers who enjoy alcohol, and fathers who are active.
You can purchase each item at KOKEMUS 1F "Main Shop Moominvalley".

1. Tumbler White + Silver (Moominpappa)
The high-class feeling and good touch created by coating and coloring German crystal glass in multiple layers are very characteristic.Since it is light and light, it can be used not only for sake but also for daily dining.The Moominpapa design, which strikes a typewriter with all one's might, is a perfect gift for Father's Day.
■ Sales price: 4,950 yen (tax included)

2.SIGG Nesso Cup BK (Moominpappa)
An outdoor tumbler produced by SIGG, a long-established manufacturer founded in 1908 with its headquarters in Switzerland. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, the inner and outer walls are coated with ceramic to make the mouth smoother, further enhancing the original taste of the drink, and you can feel the comfort of drinking like a pottery cup. I can do it.The double wall structure with vacuum insulation and copper coating prevents dew condensation on the outside of the cup as well as keeping it cool and warm, making it ideal for use not only outdoors but also on desktops.Highly durable Tritan is used for the lid.It is a recommended dish for active fathers.
■ Sales price: 4,400 yen (tax included)

Moominpappa's day art latte
Celebrating Dad's support and Father's Day, an art latte featuring Moominpappa art, an event-only design exclusively for Moominvalley Park, will be introduced.
■ Sales location: KOKEMUS XNUMXF "Library Cafe"
■ Sales price: 700 yen (tax included)
※The image is an image.

[Safety and security initiatives]
Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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