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2022.06.10 Press release

Friendly to the earth and people! metsä's original brand "Ethical Choice" 4th edition "PACOON", a spoon that can be eaten quickly, is now on sale!

Moominvalley Park will sell the edible spoon-shaped cookie "PACOON" as the 4th product of the metsä original brand "Ethical Choice" considering the global environment.We will contribute to the SDGs by reducing the number of disposable plastics and creating opportunities to raise environmental awareness.

● Ethical Choice 4th Spoon "PACOON" that can be eaten quickly
The only raw materials for PACOON made from domestic vegetables, domestic wheat, and additive-free natural ingredients are wheat flour, sugar, eggs, and vegetable powder.It is also important to chew firmly to foster the "biting habit" that is indispensable for activating the brain, health of the oral environment, and promoting gastrointestinal function.An "edible spoon" that combines deliciousness and functionality.
For the taste, we chose beets that are rich in nutrients such as potassium, betacyanin, dietary fiber, and oligosaccharides, and are often eaten in Scandinavia, the hometown of the creator of "Moomin."

● Delicious, fun and healthy-with the original Hattifattener package-
PACOON is a product born from the thoughts on food education and environmental issues.A colorful and cute spoon-shaped cookie that fosters children's interest in vegetables.
After eating, you can eat even a spoon, so you can discover that "garbage will be reduced!", And promote the reduction of disposable plastics, which is a global issue, and the opportunity to raise eco-consciousness. And also boosts health.Since it does not become garbage, it is easy to use for outdoor activities such as camping and picnics, and it is a perfect souvenir to take home.
The design incorporates the "Hattifattener" into the package because the slender handle of the spoon is reminiscent of the mysterious creature "Hattifattener".
■ Product name: "PACOON" beet flavor
■ Sales start: June 6th (Sat) ~
■ Sales location: Food stand "Pical Oka"
■ Sales price: 1 yen per bottle (tax included)

● [FOOD] Soy meat ball waffle
"Soy meat ball waffle" that looks like ice cream with soy ball and tartar sauce made only from plant-derived ingredients in a waffle cone.Enjoy a soft and healthy soy meat ball and a gem that will satisfy your stomach and heart with a photogenic appearance at PACOON ♪
■ Sales location: Food stand "Pical Oka"
■ Sales price: 600 yen (with "PACOON" including tax)

Original brand "Ethical Choice" that considers the global environment
Surrounded by the rich natural environment of forests and lakes, metsä is an ethical and sustainable initiative that symbolizes the global environment, people, society, regions, biodiversity and SDGs. I thought it was indispensable as an identity of.
Comprehensive efforts to develop in-facility production environments, foods, products, materials, and services based on ethical and sustainable choices (selection) that are not limited to those that do not place a burden on the human body or the environment and are tangible and intangible. Will be accompanied by the "Ethical Choice" logo.
* About the efforts of "Ethical Choice"

[Safety and security initiatives]
Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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