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2022.06.21 Press release

-Mysterious creatures outbreak in the summer Moominvalley-Let's go to the fantasy world surrounded by fog "Moominvalley's sea of ​​clouds"

From July 7th (Sat) to September 16th (Sun), we will hold "Moominvalley Sea of ​​Clouds" where you can enjoy a cool experience of midsummer at Moominvalley Park. A sea of ​​clouds mist that wraps around the "Moominhouse," which is the symbol of Moominvalley Park.The mysterious creature "Hattifattener" attracted there will be outbreaks in the park.At the same time, a summer festival "SUMMER ART FESTIVAL" will be held at the same time, which is a spot for children to play in the water and a summer festival filled with art and workshop experiences in a cool room.A summer-only project that blows away the heat has also appeared, and you can enjoy a different summer experience.

【Webinar Summary】
Title: "Moominvalley Sea of ​​Clouds 2022"
Implementation period: June 7th (Sat) -August 16th (Sun)
Teaser movie:


Mass outbreak of Hattifattener! "Moominvalley Sea of ​​Clouds"
"Hattifattener" is a mysterious creature born from white glossy seeds during the summer solstice.The "Hattifatteners" who continue to wander toward the horizon as a group are drawn to the sea of ​​clouds and come to Moominvalley Park in the summer.A barometer, which is a barometer of changes in the weather, is very important for the "Hattifattener," which charges energy with the electricity of lightning.Aiming at the barometer, it occurs everywhere in the park.
Hattifattener, a mysterious and mysterious ecology, is dangerous if you get too close!You may get an electric shock from the electricity stored in your body.Please watch over gently.
■ Implementation time: From 10:00 to closing, a sea of ​​clouds will occur regularly at intervals.
* A sea of ​​clouds will not occur during the show performance at "Emma's theater".
* There may be no sea of ​​clouds depending on the temperature and humidity conditions.

Play in the water at Hemulen's playground "Water Fountain" and "Rain Forest"!
Lonely mountain's "Hemulen's playground" is a very Moominvalley Park-like place where children can move their bodies and adults can take a leisurely forest bath.
In "Hemulen's playground", a fountain where water pops out from the ground one after another appears only in the summer!It is a perfect fountain spot for children who are soaked and want to play in the water.In addition, this year, "Rain Forest", where mist pours from the forest, will be newly released.
■ Implementation time: Water will come out regularly according to the business hours of Lonely Mountain.
* Depending on the season and weather conditions, we may ask you to refrain from using Lonely mountain or close the area.
* Please check the official website for other precautions.
※The photograph is an image.

[GOODS] Introducing Moominvalley Park limited goods
At the "Main Shop Moominvalley", the world's largest collection of Moomin goods on the 1st floor of KOKEMUS, we have a variety of goods that you can enjoy together with "Moominvalley's sea of ​​clouds".
1. Silicon umbrella marker Hattifattener 550 yen
2. Hattifattener Gummy 1,500 yen
3. Kunekune Plush Hattifattener 1,980 yen
4. Mascot Hattifattener 990 yen
5. Hattifattener sausage (cheese) 270 yen
6. Hattifattener sausage (herb) 270 yen
7. Hattifattener sausage (horse mackerel) 270 yen
8.Hattifattener sausage (Yuzu) 270 yen * All tax included

[Simultaneous start] Cool and cool indoor summer festival "SUMMER ART FESTIVAL" (Summer Art Festival)
A hands-on event held at Moominvalley Park's indoor exhibition facility "Kokemus".We are planning to hold a workshop every day that can be used as a subject for children's summer vacation independent studies and homework.
Art = Art is not a formal one, and if we cultivate sensibilities and creativity through art and activate our brains to make our lives creative, our familiar lives will also be enriched.There are many hints in art that will make your life more convenient!Why do not you spend an artistic summer through new encounters and discoveries in a cool indoor environment?
■ Implementation period: July 7th (Sat) -August 16th (Sun)
* Details will be announced on the official website.

[Safety and security initiatives]
Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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