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2022.08.03 Press release

Due to the heat wave, the amount of mist has been increased to 120%! ! Experience the Sea of ​​Clouds in Moominvalley

Due to the heat wave, we urgently decided to increase the amount of cloud mist to 8% for the event "Moominvalley's Sea of ​​Clouds" where you can enjoy a cool midsummer experience at Moominvalley Park from August 3 (Wednesday). In order to make the hot summer even cooler at Moominvalley Park, a fountain spot "Hemulen's playground Water Fountain" where children can get soaked and play in the water is also being held.
"Moominvalley's Sea of ​​Clouds" can be enjoyed until September 9th (Sun).

【Webinar Summary】
■ Title: “Moominvalley's Sea of ​​Clouds 2022”
■ Implementation period: July 7th (Sat) -August 16th (Sun)
* Sea of ​​clouds mist increase period: August 8 (Wednesday) to August 3 (Sunday)
■ Details:
■ Event PV:

1. A lot of Hattifattener! "Moominvalley's Sea of ​​Clouds"
The sea of ​​clouds mist spreads out as if to envelop the Moominhouse, the symbol of Moominvalley Park.Mysterious creatures called “Hattifatteners” that are attracted to the park will appear in large numbers.Unpredictable entertainment that changes size depending on the weather, temperature and humidity!Please enjoy the fantastic world of the sea of ​​clouds.

2. Play in the water at Hemulen's playground "Water Fountain" and "Rainforest"!
In "Hemulen's playground", "Water Fountain" where water shoots out one after another from the ground and "Rainforest" where mist pours down from the forest appear only in summer!This fountain spot is perfect for children who want to get soaked and play in the water.

[Simultaneously held] Cool and cool indoor summer festival “SUMMER ART FESTIVAL”
A hands-on event held at the indoor exhibition facility “Kokemus”.We hold daily workshops that can be used as free research and homework topics for children during summer vacation.Art is not a formality, but if art cultivates sensibility and creativity, activating the brain and making our lives more creative, our lives will become richer.There are many hints in the art that will make your life more convenient!Why don't you spend an artistic summer through new encounters and discoveries in a cool indoor environment?
■ Implementation period: July 7th (Sat) -August 16th (Sun)
■ Details:

[Holding at the same time] A cool experience with the scent of cypress at the summer metsä village!
At the metsä village next to Moominvalley Park, you can enjoy the scent of cypress and a cool experience at the lawn square "Nordic Square" overlooking Lake Miyazawa.When you sit on a bench set in an octagonal mist circle made of Nishikawa wood, a specialty of Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture, you can enjoy the refreshing scent of cypress and the cool breeze and mist that blows through the lawn square. You can feel it on your skin, and you can get a relaxing effect with a cool mist.
■ Implementation period: July 7th (Sat) -August 16th (Sun)
* There will be no installation from August 8th (Friday) to August 26th (Tuesday) due to an event.
■ Location: metsä Village "Nordic Square"
■ Details:

[Safety and security initiatives]
Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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