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2022.09.06 Press release

Illuminations are moving from “watching” to “immersing”.Winter night event "Moominvalley's Night Walk-Ilmori no Oto-" Story theme, ticket price decided!

From October 2022, 10 (Sat) to January 22, 2023 (Mon/holiday), the winter night event “Moominvalley Night Walk-Ilmori no Oto-” will be held at Moominvalley Park with illumination, forest and sound.

The stage is Moominvalley Park at night.
You can hear voices as you walk through quiet forests and light-filled paths.
The adventures of the Moomins will eventually become your monogatari.
A new world of light that you can not only see, but also immerse yourself in.
Let's go on an adventure, you too.

You can enjoy an original story written based on the original novel in "Ilmori no Oto".
Written and directed by Ryo Oguri, who has worked on Moominvalley Park shows. “Ilmori no Oto” is based on Moomin’s original novel, which is the basis of the experience story, with an emphasis on themes that match the times, regardless of the season.Sound AR™ is a new type of acoustic experience by Sony that mixes the sound of the virtual world with the real world with a large-scale light production set on the perimeter of Lake Miyazawa.Along with the scenery that spreads in front of you, you can hear the voices and footsteps of the Moomins everywhere, and you will feel as if you are immersed in the world of stories.

Story theme "What is important to you?"
The story theme this time is based on Moomin's original novel "Finn Family Moomintroll".What is the most important thing for you?What is important to you may not seem so to other people.Now, let's immerse yourself in the monogatari where you can hear everyone's voices in Moominvalley!

Moominvalley Park night walk
These days, the trend is not just to have a simple experience, but to have a deep experience that allows you to “immerse” in the world view.Among the illuminations, "Night Walk" is emerging as a new genre where you can experience a story in a space with a concept rather than just looking at it. Moominvalley Park has been holding a night walk event since 2020.Walking through the forest at night sharpens your senses in the dark, unlike during the day.Let's go along the 1.8km lakeside road while feeling the splendor of nature and the breathing of the living forest.

"Moominvalley's Night Walk ~Ilmori no Oto~" Ticket Information
■ Ticket price (tax included)
(Advance) Adult: 1,300 yen Child: 600 yen
(On the day) Adult: 1,400 yen Child: 700 yen
※ Free for 3 and younger
*This attraction cannot be experienced with the Moominvalley Park 1 day pass (daytime).You need to purchase a separate "Ilmori no Oto" ticket.
■ Purchase method
 September 9th (Thursday) 15:10- Pre-sale start
 ◆ Moominvalley Park Official Online Ticket (
 September 9th (Thursday) 29:18-Sales start
 ◆Metsä Village Information Pre-ticket vending machine
 October 10nd (Sat) ~ Only same-day tickets will be sold

Up to 700 yen OFF!Advantageous "set pass" for play guide limited sale
"Il Mori no Oto" ticket and 1 day pass (daytime) are set.A great value ticket for a full day of Moominvalley Park in winter.
■ Ticket price (tax included)
(Advance) Adult: 3,900 yen Child: 2,000 yen
※ Free for 3 and younger
* There is no sale of "set pass" on the day.
■ Purchase method
 ◆Asoview! , LAWSON TICKETS  
 September 9th (Thursday) 15:10- Pre-sale start
 *Moominvalley Park official online tickets will not be sold.

■Title: "Moominvalley's Night Walk ~ Ilmori no Oto ~" Combining the light production set around Lake Miyazawa with Sony's new sound experience Sound AR™, which mixes the sounds of the virtual world with the real world, you can enjoy a walk. This attraction follows a 1.8km long lakeside road while listening to the story flowing from your ear according to your pace.You can experience the feeling of adventuring in the story of Moomin.
■ What is Ilmori no Oto: Il (illumination), Mori (forest), Nooto (sound).It is an original word that combines the meaning that you can experience walking in the forest through illumination and sound production.

Implementation period: Saturday, October 2022, 10 to January 22, 2023 (Monday / holiday)
*Closed: Every Wednesday from October to November 10th, December 11st (Sat), January 16st (Sun)

■Business hours: 17:30-20:00 (Last entry 19:00)
*This event may be canceled without notice due to weather, natural disasters, or safety reasons.
■ Details:

[Safety and security initiatives] Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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