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2022.09.14 Press release

Toshihiko Seki is the voice cast for the new character, with narration and two roles per person!Let's immerse yourself in "Moominvalley's Night Walk-Ilmori no Oto-" by purchasing a limited-time sale "adult half-price pair ticket" in advance

From October 2022, 10 (Sat) to January 22, 2023 (Mon/holiday), the illumination x forest x sound winter night event "Moominvalley's Night Walk-Ilmori no Oto-" will be held at Moominvalley Park.Veteran voice actor Toshihiko Seki will voice the character Hemulen, who will appear in the story.In addition, the popular voice cast team will reunite!With the screenplay and direction by Ryo Oguri, the director, you will feel as if you are immersed in the world of the story with the scene that spreads out before your eyes and the voices and footsteps of the Moomins that can be heard from here and there.

"Moominvalley's Night Walk ~Ilmori no Oto~"
Combining the light production set around Lake Miyazawa with the sound of the virtual world mixed with the sound of the real world Sound AR™, a new sensation sound experience by Sony, you can enjoy the full length while listening to the story flowing from your ear according to the pace of your walk. This attraction follows a lakeside road of about 1.8km.You can experience the feeling of adventuring in the story of Moomin.
Implementation period: Saturday, October 2022, 10 to January 22, 2023 (Monday / holiday)
*Closed: Every Wednesday from October to November 10th, December 11st (Sat), January 16st (Sun)
■Business hours: 17:30-20:00 (Last entry 19:00)
■Ticket price (tax included): Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,400 yen, children (4 years old to elementary school students) 700 yen
■ Details:

1. Adult tickets are half price!Limited quantity “Ilmori no Oto” pair ticket sales
For a limited time only, we will sell pair tickets that can be used by two people for the price of one adult.This is a special ticket that is available in limited quantities and can only be purchased before the event starts.
■ Ticket valid period: October 10nd (Sat) to November 22th (Sun)
■Price: "Ilmori no Oto" adult pair ticket 1,400 yen (tax included)
※Two adults usually 2 yen
■ Pre-sale period: Sales will end as soon as the planned number is reached.
September 9th (Thursday) 15:10 to October 00st (Friday)
・Asoview! :
・ Rochike:
September 9th (Thursday) 29:10 to October 00st (Friday)
・Moominvalley Park official online ticket:
*This attraction cannot be experienced with the Moominvalley Park 1 day pass (daytime).

2. Comments from the voice cast team
We would like to introduce the comments received from the new voice cast Mr. Toshihiko Seki, the voice cast of "Moominvalley's Night Walk ~ Ilmori no Oto ~" and the director Mr. Ryo Oguri.
① Impressions and highlights of this script (lines) and story
(XNUMX) The theme of the story is “What is important to you?”

◆ Narration Hemulen Toshihiko Seki
①The Moomin family, who went to the coast, found a large sailing ship and set off on an adventure.When I arrived at the island of Hattifattener, I was in charge of Hemulen, but I was in trouble... Experience the excitement with us at the new sensation attraction called "Ilmori no Oto"!
② I think it's an original T-shirt printed with a photo of my family's two cats, Momo and Tango.My daughter made it by hand for my birthday present using a memorable photo.There are other ways to enjoy it!I'm happy to know.
Born in Tochigi Prefecture.She made her radio drama debut in 1983 while still in college. In 2021, she won the Kei Tomiyama Award at the 15th Seiyuu Awards.In addition to being a voice actor, he is also actively involved in stage activities with the theater company "Dramatic Company" hosted by Ryuusei Nakao.His major appearances include the anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” (Kibutsuji Muzan), the “Saiyuki” series (Genjo Sanzo), and “NARUTO” (Umi no Dolphin).

◆ Moomintroll role Haruka Tomatsu
① I feel that every time, the story is not only a wonderful story that warms your heart, but there are also many parts that make you think about yourself again, and you can learn.This time it's a story about the importance of things, what is the important thing for me?Or what if the Moomins and I were in the same situation?I acted while thinking together.
② It's not a thing, but it's a family.Because of the presence of my family, I can do my best in whatever I do.
She plays heroines and main characters in a wide range of works such as anime, games, and dubbing.She won the 3rd "Voice Actor Award" New Actress Award and the 7th "Voice Actor Award" Best Supporting Actress Award.Main appearances are "We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day" Naruko Anjo, "Yokai Watch" Keita, "Sword Art Online" Asuna / Yuki Asuna, "Isekai Uncle" ” as an elf, etc.

◆ Snufkin role Takahiro Sakurai
① The focus of attention this time will be Hemulen.It's the key to the story.Other than that, Sniff was cute, and Snufkin also has a place to play, so I would be happy if you could pay attention to it.
② As a result of thinking about my important things, I ended up becoming my parents and friends.It's a mediocre answer, but I couldn't remove it.I have a lot of things that can be said to be important, such as hobby items, expensive items, and mementos, but when I get down to it, I still arrive at a simple answer.
Debuted as a voice actor in 1996.Since then, he has appeared in a wide variety of works such as animation, dubbing, radio, and narration.His major appearances include "Dragon Quest He's Dai no Daibouken" as Avan, "Ninjara" as Barton, "Jujutsu Kaisen" as Natsuyu Suguru, and "Osomatsu-san" as Matsuno Osomatsu.

◆ Kana Hanazawa as Snorkmaiden
①Even if other people's "important things" are not for you, respect the "feelings that they cherish".I felt that this time was also a wonderful story.My favorite scene is when Moominmamma prompts the Moomins to say something important to them.Enjoy the night walk with the Moomins while thinking about your treasures!
②Fun family and friends, people who support me, people who are involved, people who work at the bakery, people who make the radio programs I listen to...the list goes on and on, but there are so many different people. Thanks to you, I think I can enjoy my life.I am always grateful for your help!
After acting as a voice actor for the first time in LAST EXILE in 2003 and acting as a heroine for the first time in Zegapain in 2007, he has been active in various fields such as artist activities and TV program appearances, mainly as a voice actor.Her major appearances include "Pokemon" (Koharu), "Kimetsu no Yaiba" (Mitsuri Kanroji), and the "Monogatari" series (Nadeko Sengoku).

◆ Little My role Aki Toyosaki
①In this Sound Walk, you can go on a picnic with the Moomins!In the summer sunshine and nature, Little My is energetic and energetic, but the appearance of wanting a certain treasure that Moomin found is very cute, so I hope you enjoy it.I think it's a story that will give you an opportunity to think about what "important things" are for yourself through adventures.Let's go on an adventure with the Moomins with realistic sounds that you can't easily experience anywhere else!
②The first thing that came to my mind was my five-year-old dog, Nicole.They are an irreplaceable and important family, and they are like treasures to me.I feel that the expression on her face when she is staring at me with her ears pricked up is a bit like Little My.
Known for her soothing voice, she is active in various works such as anime, games, and dubbing.She won the Best Actress Award and Personality Award at the 5th Seiyuu Awards.Her main works include Yui Hirasawa in "K-ON!", Blossom in "Powerpuff Girls", Aoi Inuyama in "Laid-Back Camp," and Pharmacist de Medicis in "Different World Pharmacy."

◆ Sniff role Jun Fukuyama
① With “important things” as one of the themes, this time Moominmamma will start from the point where she wants change in her daily life.You can share stories with them and adventure together using AR on your smartphone.Among them, Sniff, who I play, is a little cute and cute, and I think you can feel the irresistible secco. Have a happy holiday with everyone at Moominvalley! !
②I think that there are many things, but I would like to make the most of the chances of "important things" that I may encounter in the future. I believe that "encounters", including tangible and intangible things, such as "people", "things", "events", and "things", are important.
He has won numerous awards, including the first Seiyuu Award for Best Actor.Main appearances are Takafumi in "Other World Uncle", Drark in "The Vampire Dies Soon", King in "The Seven Deadly Sins", Korosensei in "Assassination Classroom", Ichimatsu Matsuno in "Osomatsu-san", and "Code". Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" as Lelouch.

◆ The role of Moominmamma Kaoru Katakai
① This time, it is a story of an adventure that begins with a casual word from Mama.What I always think about when I play Mama is that Daddy cares a lot about Mama.I feel happy every time.Thank you papa.Well, Hemulen is very active in adventure. Did you know that Hemulen is not alone?Please look forward to what kind of character Hemulen will be this time!
② If you notice it, it will be quietly by your side.My family's beloved cat, black cat "Riri".
Born in Osaka Prefecture.She started acting when she was in high school, and after coming to Tokyo, she has been active mainly in small theaters.Currently, she is mainly a dubbing voice actor, and is active in a wide range of roles, from a kind mother to a serial killer, from a beautiful woman to an old woman.Her major appearances include: “Maiko-san Chino Makanaisan” Okaasan, “Downton Abbey” Cola, “Cyberpunk 2077” Wakako, and more.

◆ Moominpappa role Yasuhiro Kikuchi
(XNUMX) Seeing Moominmamma, who felt bored with life in Moominvalley, Papa, who was once an adventurer, began to stir and suggested that they all go on a trip.It was a very impressive story about a positive father.So what kind of adventures await the papas?I would be happy if you could familiarize yourself with Moomin and his friends who are excited about new discoveries.
(XNUMX) It may sound like a cliche, but as an actor, is it the “encounter and experience with a role”?Especially in Moominvalley Park, where you can directly experience the world of Moomin, the encounter with "Moominpappa", who makes you feel familiar, is the joy of being in charge of a character you have known since childhood, and the unexpected side of your dad. It is an irreplaceable and important experience, including the fun of being treated.
After working as an actor in movies and on stage, he started working as a voice actor in earnest in 2011.Major appearances include the movie (appearance) "Shin Godzilla" Kikuchi Special Construction Machinery 14nd Platoon Commander, animation (dubbed) "Mirabel and the Magical House" Osvaldo, animation "Dr. STONE" Natori, games "Romance of the Three Kingdoms XNUMX" Lu Bu role, etc.

◆ Screenplay/Direction Ryo Oguri
① "Illumori no Oto" is an event where you can fully use your sensibilities and listen to stories while watching the illuminations in the forest.What is the story most important to you?This question is the key to this talk.What is important to you may not be important to someone else.It's just that the value of things is not decided by people, it's something you decide yourself.After walking, I would be happy if you could think about what is important to you.The audio this time around makes you feel like you're part of Moominvalley.By all means, please see, listen, and feel at the venue!
② Time spent with family and friends
Director. Born in Tokyo in 1976. In 1995, moved to the United States with the aim of becoming a film director. In 2001, he returned to Japan to act as an actor and appeared on the stage of Yukio Ninagawa and a movie starring Steven Seagal. In 2006, he joined the opera production company Art Creation when he retired as an actor. In 2007, he became a director of NAC, an event production company established as a spin-out from the company.Active in genreless activities such as planning, directing, producing and proceeding with corporate events, as well as directing acrobatics, martial arts, theater and classical concerts. From the grand opening of Moominvalley Park, he has been in charge of writing and directing the character show. Since April 2020, he has been appointed as a creative director and is in charge of various creative directions for the park.

[Safety and security initiatives]
Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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