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2022.09.15 Press release

Special exhibition "Moomin's dining table and Convivial exhibition-Eating and living together-" Campaign to win limited goods! Nationwide tour starts from Toyama Glass Art Museum in November

The exhibition "Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition-Eating and Living Together-", which has been held since July 2021 at KOKEMUS (Kokemus), an exhibition facility in Moominvalley Park, will be held on Sunday, October 7rd. I will finish.Starting with the Toyama Glass Art Museum, which will start on November 10 (Thursday/holiday), this exhibition will travel to museums throughout Japan, and even after the exhibition at the park ends, you will be able to see the exhibits, with the exception of some. This is the first opportunity to see Moominvalley Park's special exhibition outside the park.
In addition, from October 10st (Sat) to October 1rd (Sun), Moominvalley Park will carry out a campaign to win special goods limited to the exhibition, and liven up the finale of the exhibition at the park and the start of a new tour. increase.

●Campaign to win special exhibition limited goods
“Food”, which is indispensable to our lives, is equally important to our Moominvalley friends.After seeing the special exhibition, we will carry out a campaign so that you can feel the "convivial" feeling that warms your heart through "food".You can draw a lottery once for each food and drink purchased at the target store on the day and totaling 5,000 yen (tax included) or more, and you can win special exhibition limited goods.
■ Implementation period: July 10th (Sat) -August 1th (Sun)
■ Target stores: Restaurants in Moominvalley Park * Excluding Lettura Lounge
(Restaurant Moominvalley, Library Cafe, Pikaruoka, Helucya, Nami)
■Participation method: Please present the receipt of the target store at the KOKEMUS 2F library cafe.
* Receipts from each store purchased on the day can be combined.

●The Toyama City Glass Museum is the first place on the nationwide tour.
After the exhibition ends at the park, except for some collections, it will travel to museums around the country.The first place is the Toyama Glass Art Museum in Toyama Prefecture.Moominvalley Park special exhibitions, such as digigraphs (high-quality reproductions) related to food, including those from the Moomin Museum in Finland, and food-related collections owned by Moomin Characters, will continue to be exhibited at this exhibition.Newly exhibited are hand-made figurines owned by private collectors and Moomin tableware.Please take a look at how to enjoy the Moomin style, which is simple but rich in nature's blessings.
■Place: Toyama Glass Art Museum 5F Gallery 1 and 2
■Period: November 2022, 11 (Thursday/holiday) to January 3, 2023 (Sunday)
■Organizer: Toyama Glass Art Museum
■ Co-organizer: S2 Co., Ltd.
■Special cooperation: Moomin Characters Oy Ltd., Moominvalley Park, Moomin Museum
■ Supported by: Embassy of Finland, Finland Center
■ Sponsors: Finnair, Finnair Cargo, Finlayson
■ Details:
*This exhibition will travel around Japan.Visit the Moominvalley Park official website for patrol information.

<Toyama City Glass Museum>
As the culmination of urban development aimed at the "City of Glass Toyama", it is developed within the complex facility "Toyama Kirari", which houses the main building of the Toyama City Library. Instead, we are responsible for creating new attractions in the town.The building, which was designed by world-famous architect Kengo Kuma, combines different materials such as granite, glass, and aluminum, and has an exterior that is reminiscent of the expressive Tateyama mountain range.In addition, the interior is a warm and open space that utilizes louvers made from materials from Toyama Prefecture.As a permanent exhibition, there is a collection exhibition that displays contemporary glass art works owned by Toyama City, and the "Glass Art Passage" that displays works by artists related to Toyama on the walls of the exhibition room and in the library.The 6th floor "Glass Art Garden" exhibits installation works (spatial art) created by the studio of contemporary glass artist Dale Chihuly.In addition, the special exhibition introduces a variety of artistic expressions, centering on contemporary glass artworks from the 1950s onwards.

"Moomin's Dining Table and Convivial Exhibition - Eating, Living Together -" Exhibition Overview
An exhibition where you can feel a warm and warm feeling through Moominvalley's rich food culture centered on the food of the blessings of nature in each season and the appearance of Moominvalley's friends relaxing in harmony. We will deliver the meeting.
■ Venue: Moominvalley Park Exhibition Facility KOKEMUS 2F Special Exhibition Area
Implementation period: Saturday, July 2021, 7 to Sunday, October 10, 2022
■ Details:

[Safety and security initiatives]
Based on the "Moominvalley Park Peace of Mind Declaration", Moominvalley Park operates by taking measures for the safety and security of customers, employees and their families in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus. doing.

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