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2022.11.21 Press release

Santa Claus from Finland also appeared!Various special events held every week “Christmas 2022 at Metsä Village”

At the facility "metsä Village" where you can experience the Nordic lifestyle, which is one of the largest in Japan, "Christmas at Metsä Village" is being held against the backdrop of Lake Miyazawa surrounded by rich nature.It has been decided that a “Christmas Special Event” will be held every weekend from December 12th (Sun), when the countdown to Christmas will finally begin in earnest.Commemorative photos with Santa Claus, choir performances, and Christmas concerts add to the Christmas mood.Don't miss the special experience for one day only.Enjoy a variety of events where you can feel the authentic Nordic Christmas.


XNUMX. Santa Claus Greetings from Finland

Santa Claus is coming from Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus in northern Finland!A special greeting will be held where you can take a picture with a Christmas tree about 5m high and Lake Miyazawa in the background.After the photo shoot, you will receive a “certificate of meeting Santa”!Spend a special Christmas time with Santa.

■ Outline

・Date: December 12 (Sun) *Rain or shine

・Hours: ①11:00~ ②14:00~ ③16:00~ (1 times a day, limited to 50 groups each time)

・Venue: Nordic Square in front of the Christmas tree

・ Participation fee: 1 yen per group (reservation required, first-come, first-served basis, no cancellation)

-1Maximum number of people in a group: 6Up to the first person (not including preschool children, certificates1set1handing over)

・Application ※Sales have ended.

■ Requests when shooting

*Tontu, who helps Santa, will take pictures with your camera and mobile phone. Up to 1 set of cameras per set.Please set the auto mode in advance.We do not provide printing services.

*Greetings will be held while observing social distancing.Please note that we cannot ask Santa to pick up babies or dogs.

*Guidance on the day will be carried out in order of numbered ticket number at the time of application.

*In case of rain, the event will be held under the eaves of the Market Hall facade.

1Approximate shooting time per set is about1I will take a minute.


2.Christmas Lucia Performance by the Swedish Children's Choir

Special performance for one day only by Swedish children.Enjoy Swedish Christmas songs and traditional St. Lucia* classics.

*About St. Lucia

Children in white gowns, stars and candles enter the choir singing Lucia and Christmas songs in choirs that are formed throughout Sweden around Christmas time.Her representative girl Lucia traditionally wears her "light hair" and her Lucia's attendants hold her candles in her hands.Along with the midsummer festival, Lucia's festival has long been one of Sweden's most important cultural traditions.Today, Lucia is still a very popular celebration in Sweden, bringing light and smiles to people during the darkest time of the year.

■ Outline

・Date: December 12 (Sun) *Rain or shine

・Time: ①14:30~ ②16:30~ (twice a day, about 20 minutes each time)

・Venue: Market building outside stairs

・ Participation fee: Free


3.Christmas concert by Musashigogose High School brass band club

We will deliver classic winter songs centered on familiar Christmas songs, performed by active high school students.There is a song!There is dance!Enjoy powerful performance!

■ Outline

・Date: December 12 (Sat) *Cancelled in case of rain

・Time: ①12:00~ ②14:00~ (twice a day, about 20 minutes each time)

・Venue: ①12:00: Nordic Square ②14:00: metsäaukio (three-forked road)

・ Participation fee: Free

A delicious and fun Nordic Christmas “Metsä Village Christmas 2022”

In Northern Europe, where winters are cold and dark for a long period of time, Christmas is an important event of the year.It is common to spend time slowly at home with family and close friends, and prepare for Christmas while enjoying spending time decorating the house.This winter, we have prepared events that can be enjoyed from Christmas preparations to the day at metsä Village.We are holding a food garden where you can taste Christmas menus that are popular in Northern Europe and a market with Christmas goods.With a fir tree Christmas tree of about XNUMXm, the soft lights that envelop the entire metsä village, and the coldness of winter, you can experience the atmosphere of being in Northern Europe, both physically and mentally.

・ Schedule: November 11th (Sat)-December 19th (Sun)

・Detail URL:

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