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2022.11.24 Press release NEW

An array of items to enrich your winter time at home The 16th “Forest and Lake Marche” will be held at metsä village in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture

At the facility "metsä Village" where you can experience the Nordic lifestyle, which is one of the largest in Japan, with Lake Miyazawa surrounded by rich nature in the background, on December 12rd (Sat) and December 3th (Sun), winter We will hold “Forest and Lake Marche” with items that will enrich your home time.

□It's about time to prepare for winter, and you can enjoy it for a long time even in the cold season Let's light a little happiness in our lives with dried flowers and candles

"Forest and Lake Marche" is a market where seasonal sweets, flowers, processed goods such as sweets, and kitchen cars that are perfect for eating while walking are gathered.At this Marche, items such as dried flowers and candles are lined up that are perfect for this season when winter is in full swing and we spend more time at home.While enjoying the clear winter air, we hope that you will find your favorite things and spend a relaxing time at the "Forest and Lake Marche".



Date: December 1rd (Sat) and 10th (Sun) 00:16-00:XNUMX

Location: metsä village special venue

*There is a charge for parking on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, but it is free for those who spend 5,000 yen (tax included) or more at metsä village.Shopping at Forest and Lake Marche is also eligible.



□ Pickup store introduction


A small flower shop on a mountain in Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture.We will open dried flower products.Cute and beautiful expression with natural materials.I would be happy if I could share that fun feeling.


hello.I'm ICHI, a flower craftsman who loves flowers and dogs.He wants to create a work that makes you feel a little happy and warm, so that you can spend a little special ordinary day.Nothing can be made exactly the same.Please try to find only one favorite in the world.


・Aya Maejima

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, on top of the mountain in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, we make wreaths with dried flowers using seasonal plants while living surrounded by nature.

・Tree Fragment

Based on the concept of "exploring on the desk", I make small objects using dried plants and nuts.



We manufacture fragrant candles and aroma wax bars that do not light.The wax is infused with plenty of aroma.Decorate your room, entrance, toilet, etc. and enjoy the scent.


・Swedish Organic Cosmetics

Organic Natural Brand Care of Yard was born in the great nature of Yokumoku, Sweden.Moisturize your whole body with items using berry seed oil collected in the midnight sun.We also offer Marche limited products.In addition, we have prepared a lot of Tomte series and new products that are popular regardless of the season.


100% organic healthy chocolate devised by a Swedish pharmacist.Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content, rich in baobab and superfoods, and free from white sugar, dairy products, emulsifiers, trans fatty acids, fragrances, additives and preservatives.


Pizzas made with plenty of vegetables from our own farm are carefully baked on the spot in a wood-fired kiln loaded in the car.Please enjoy freshly baked pizza.

・Da California

Born in LA, the home of hamburgers, and lived in LA for 25 years.He later moved to Hawaii after studying Japanese cuisine in Las Vegas.Cook at the Ritz-Carlton DEAN & DELUCA HAWAII!This is an authentic hamburger shop made by such an owner.Come and taste the authentic taste at Da California! ! !

[Simultaneously held] Delicious and fun Nordic Christmas “Metsä Village Christmas 2022”


In Northern Europe, where winters are cold and dark for a long period of time, Christmas is an important event of the year.It is common to spend time slowly at home with family and close friends, and prepare for Christmas while enjoying spending time decorating the house.This winter, metsä Village has prepared events that can be enjoyed from the preparations for Christmas to the day itself.We are holding a food garden where you can taste Christmas menus that are popular in Northern Europe and a market with Christmas goods.With a fir tree Christmas tree of about XNUMXm, the soft lights that envelop the entire metsä village, and the coldness of winter, you can experience the atmosphere of being in Northern Europe, both physically and mentally.

・Holding period: November 11th (Sat)-December 19th (Sun)

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