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2023/05/18 Press release

Welcome to the summer festival of metsä, the best of Scandinavian tradition!The party ambassador is LiLiCo, a talent from Sweden. "Metsä no Midsummer Festival 2023" information release first!

Welcome to the summer festival of metsä, the best of Scandinavian tradition!The party ambassador is LiLiCo, a talent from Sweden. "Metsä no Midsummer Festival 2023" information release first!

Metsä Village (Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture) is one of the largest facilities in Japan where you can experience the Nordic lifestyle. midsummer festival in metsä2023"2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat) - 6Month25It will be held on Sunday.

■ Condensed Scandinavian summer festivals!Let's celebrate the arrival of summer together

In Northern Europe where the summer period is short, an event as important as Christmas is1Summer solstice is a festival that celebrates the summer solstice, the day with the longest hours of sunshine of the year. In the metsä village,6Starting at the beginning of the month, we will arrange various events that will be summer traditions in Northern Europe in the metsä style and countdown to the summer solstice.On the day of the summer solstice reaching its peak6Month24All the events are in full force on the day!Swedish talent and movie commentatorLiLiCo* XNUMXwill also come to meetsä as a party ambassador.At the same time, an outdoor market will be held at the same time, where only good items related to Scandinavia will be collected.It's a great weekend packed with Nordic traditional culture where you can experience the summer solstice of Sweden and Finland at once.


<Information Disclosure No.1Bullet content announced! >

□ LiLiCoProduce!"Crawfish party" of Swedish summer tradition

□ 6Month24dayLiLiCois here!Let's enjoy crayfish party, dance and cocco together

□ Climax at dusk!Kokko, the symbol of Finnish summer solstice

□ "Lakeside North Europe Market" where only good things related to North Europe are collected


<Party Ambassador LiLiCo* XNUMXComment from >

Midsummer festival!Festivities for Northern Europeans!This time, in Japan's most Scandinavian metsä, everyone can enjoy crayfish surrounded by forests and lakes.....Definitely the highlight of the year!Even better if you dress up like summerHAPPYmay increase.

Let's eat, sing, talk, and have a toast with crayfish goods that are rare in Japan!And after that, a fantastic time and dance awaits.Celebrate the arrival of summer with me!Squall❤


■ LiLiCoProduce "Swedish crayfish party  supported by Teerenpeli'

Talent from SwedenLiLiCoProduced by the Swedish people, why don't you experience the "crayfish party" in earnest?

Wearing a paper apron with an illustration of a crawfish and a pointy hat just like at a real party, "Herango", which is often sung at festivals and parties.Helan GarrLet's all sing the toast song "Squall!"

A metsä toast at the International Wine and Spirits Competition2020(IWSC2020), the Finnish distillery that won the gold medal, "Terenperi distillery"* XNUMXA single malt that is perfect for fish dishes inSAVU(Sav)"*XNUMXOffer.

on the day of the summer solstice6Month24day,LiLiCoWe will also hold a special time to enjoy the party with Mr.


"Midsummer Crawfish Special Course" *2人 前

<Appetizer>  smorrow style bucket2(Prosciutto ham cream cheese, crayfish dressed with dill)  

<Cheers>  Teerenperi Distillery "SAVU”, non-alcoholic apple juice

<Side>   Nordic plate (herring3Assorted seeds (tomatoes, dill onions, mustard), potatoes, tomato soup)

<Main> Domestic crayfish (per person6animals)

<Dessert> Vanilla ice cream (with crayfish cookie)

<Drink> All-you-can-drink menu

Alcohol: highball, ginger highball, coke highball, lemon sour, oolong high, plum wine, red wine, white wine

Non-alcoholic: oolong tea, orange juice, ginger ale, cola


event date:2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat),17Sunday (Sat),24(Sat)

Time: ① 11:00~ ② 14:00~ (time required for each session approx.90minutes) *Rain or shine

Location: Laitri (near the canoe boarding deck)

Participation fee: ① 6/10&17(11:00~14:00),6/24(11:00~) 2First name1set 9,000Yen

    ② 6/24 (14:00~)  2First name1set 13,000Yen

Reservations: Advance reservation required.15set30First name (first-come, first-served basis)

Application site:


<Benefits for crawfish party participants>Japan limited private cask single malt whiskey "LAHJA”Special advance reservation reception

For those who participated in the crayfish party,198Private cask (only in Japan), single malt whiskey "LAHJAWe are accepting special pre-orders to guarantee the purchase of ”!

"LAHJA”(Lahaya) is Finnish and means “gift” given to someone important.

From Finland to Japan, the first private collection presented by Teerenperi wholeheartedly. On the art edition label that invites you to the summer white nights of Finland, called the "Land of Forests and Lakes", which is the motif of metsä Village, Isla Cask9Peaty type whiskey aged for XNUMX year58.5%Bottling at a degree ofA refreshing taste with a salty peat nuance and a faint vanilla note.


Finnish summer solstice bonfire "Kokko"

On the weekend of the summer solstice, many Finns take their families to their summer cottages in the countryside and gather around a bonfire called a kokko.

At metsä, we use local Hanno wood "Nishikawazai" thinned wood for cocco.Celebrate the arrival of summer by the lake with a roaring bonfire.


event date:2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat),6Month17Sunday (Sat),6Month24Sun (Sat) *Rainy weather/Strong wind canceled


Location: Nordic Square

Admission: Free

Cooperation: Nishikawa Kirakukai


■ "Nordic Market by the Lake" where only good things related to Northern Europe are collected

An outdoor market where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Scandinavia in the summer and once-in-a-lifetime encounters.A large collection of goods from famous Scandinavian brands, miscellaneous goods, crafts, vintage goods, foods, and things using natural and environmentally friendly materials!

First1The bulletin announcement deals with earth-friendly and sustainable products among the stores that open all day5Pick up the store and introduce it.

event date:2023Years6Month24Sunday (Sat),25Sun (Sun) *Cancelled in case of rain


Location: metsäaukio, nordic square


<StorePICK UP>Introducing stores that handle environmentally friendly and sustainable products

・Northern European vintage (koloni

In Urayasu, he runs a Scandinavian old thing and a small cafe.We handle simple items that are close to your daily life.The line-up for the day isARABIA,Lake NuutajärviIn addition to vintage items, select goods that can be used outdoors.


・ Finnish Apparel (ICEPEAK

A Finnish brand based on the concept that men, women, kids and the whole family can enjoy the outdoors with a wide range of technical wear and shoes that are suitable for all environments.From weekend outings to long adventures,ICEPEAKsupports you.


・Estonian miscellaneous goods (Lemmik

An online shop that directly imports sustainable design products, mainly from Estonia.Introducing Estonia's simple and stylish design inspired by nature.Popular in reflectors worn by many people in Scandinavia and general stores in EstoniaPILLEZOOowl and seal items are recommended.

LemmikMeans "favorite" in Estonian.I hope you can find your favorite.


・ Japan × Finland design miscellaneous goods (WAFIN)

A brand that fuses Japanese traditional crafts with Finnish modern design to create a relaxing time.WAFIN”Introducing the warmth of light and the comfort of candles that I felt in Finland through “Japanese candles”.The light of Japanese candles is surprisingly calming in your busy daily life.

*Market Hall2floorTHREE” also carries brands


・Workshop (Hanno City Finland Association)"Teramos (moss) workshop from Finland"

Terramos is specialized for the environment, requiring no maintenance such as watering, fertilizers, or sunlight, and has a long lifespan.How about in the interior of the house?

Participation fee: XNUMX piece300XNUMX circles500Yen

Time required: Approximately30Minutes *Available at any time


Outline of implementation “Summer solstice festival of metsä2023"

Date and time:2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat) -6Month25Day (Day)

Place: Various places in metsä village

Co-sponsored by: Hanno City Finland Association

Cooperation: Nishikawa Kirakukai

Supported by: Embassy of Finland, Embassy of Sweden, Hanno Hidaka Television, Hanno City International Exchange Association

Event official page:

Event concept movie:


<Party AmbassadorLiLiCoabout1>

Talent, movie commentator. Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1970.18came to Japan at the age of1989Performing arts activities started from the year. She appeared as a movie commentator on TBS "King's Brunch",J-WAVE"ALL GOOD FRIDAY”There are many appearance programs such as.Active in multiple fields such as voice acting, narration, and acting as Cartman in the anime "South Park".

He is also enthusiastic about fashion, and also designs and produces jewelry.


<About Teerenperi Distillery>* XNUMX>

From Helsinki, the capital of Finland100kmA family-run distillery started by Mr. and Mrs. Ansi & Marianne in the city of Lahti in the north.In Finland, where whiskey production has not been carried out for many years,1994Founded in Lahti since XNUMX, Ansi, the founder of Teerenperi Brewery, which was successful in craft beer production and beer restaurant management, went to Scotland to learn how to make whiskey.2002Founded in year6Aged single malt,2015Finland's first10Released a single malt matured for XNUMX, and from the same year, aim to make whiskey that uses renewable energy and returns to nature.2020A yearIWSC(international wine&spirits competition)'s Worldwide Whiskey Producer of the Year.this year2023Tokyo Whiskey & Spirits Competition2023 (TWSC2023)won gold and silver awards.Not only in Finland, but also in Scandinavia, this feat is the first of its kind, and as a driving force in Scandinavia, it is raising awareness of Scandinavian whiskey and leading to further breakthroughs in the future.


<Cheers Whiskey“SAVU"about*XNUMX>

SAVU means "smoked" in Finnish, and is a familiar word for Finnish people's life culture, such as smoked fish dishes (savukara) and smoked saunas (savsauna).The smoky aroma derived from peat and the aroma of malt are softly mixed for an elegant mouthfeel.You can enjoy it straight or mixed with soda in a highball for a refreshing taste.

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