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2023/05/31 Press release

Scandinavian summer festivities!The free events that everyone is very welcome are the dance, sauna, live music, and library!Let's celebrate the arrival of summer together "Metsä's Midsummer Festival 2023" 2nd release of information!

Scandinavian summer festivities!The free events that everyone is very welcome are the dance, sauna, live music, and library!Let's celebrate the arrival of summer together "Metsä's Midsummer Festival 2023" 2nd release of information!

At "metsä Village", you can experience the traditional culture of Sweden and Finland at once with the motif of the summer solstice festival, a traditional summer festival in Northern Europe.2023"2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat) - 6Month25Held on Sunday.Press release No.2Bullet will be the first to introduce information centering on free events that anyone can enjoy.


<Information Disclosure No.2Bullet content announced! >

□ The summer solstice decoration "Maypole" is the style of "Åland", an island between Finland and Sweden.

□ Feel free to experience Scandinavian dance!If you wear your own corolla, the atmosphere will be even better.

□ Live performance of folk instruments!Finland/Kantele, Sweden/Enjoy the sounds of the fiddle

□ A fusion of Japanese culture and the sauna experience, which is indispensable for the Finnish summer solstice

□ Books donated by the Finnish Embassy!Collaboration library with Hanno City Library

□ You can eat every day during the period!Scandinavian summer tradition crayfish menu

□ Special collaboration with a popular hot spring nearby!Original hot water and white birch aroma sauna experience


□Enjoy every day!The symbol of the summer solstice "Maypole" is an island between Sweden and Finland "Åland" style

Åland is a unique island whose country is Finland and whose official language is Swedish.During the midsummer festival, traditional Finnish bonfires are not lit and Swedish maypoles are erected. At metsä, colorfully decorated Åland-style maypoles3It will reappear for the first time in years.


Location: Nordic Square



□ Feel free to experience the traditional dances of Sweden and Finland

Enjoy a traditional midsummer dance around the maypole!

After the demonstration, anyone can participate.


event date:2023Years6Month18Sun (Sun),24Sun (Sat) *Cancelled in case of rain

Time:   1. Finnish Dance (Performers:Usva* XNUMX) ①13:00~ ②15:00~

  1. Swedish dance & live music (appearance:Musicanterna* XNUMX) ①14:00~ ②16:00~

(each time about30Minutes ※There is a possibility of extension if you get excited! )

Location: Nordic Square 

Admission: Free



□ Join the midsummer festival and dance with your very own wreath!Do-it-yourself workshops

If you want to enjoy the midsummer festival even more, how about dressing up in a corolla?

If you wear a corolla and participate in the dance, you'll be in the mood for the summer solstice!

We hold workshops where you can choose from various materials such as fresh flowers, preserved flowers, and dried flowers.We have prepared a wide range of things, from things that children can easily make to things that can be made carefully in earnest.There is also a corolla for dogs♪

We also sell finished products, so feel free to enjoy the summer solstice experience.


event date:2023Years6Month18Sun (Sun),24Sun (Sat) *Cancelled in case of rain

Time:10:00~16:00  Location: Nordic Square

Selling price:1,000Yen ~


Duration:15Minutes ~1Time Target: Elementary school students and above

 Instructor: ICHI (6/18

Giumin G (6/18,24

Traveling Flower Shop Tsumugiya 



□ Live folk music!Let's experience the sound of a musical instrument born in Northern Europe

From folk music centered on Sweden and Finland that celebrates the arrival of summer that everyone from children to adults will want to dance to, to the folk instrument "Kantele" that appears in the Finnish national epic "Kalevala", Scandinavian music players Live performances by craftsmen will be held.

Date: ①2023Years6Month11Sun (Sun)

(Nordic folk music performance)

Starring: Livets Ord*XNUMX(fiddle, guitar duo) *Cancelled in case of rain

    ②2023Years6Month25Sun (Sun) (Finnish folk instrument performance)

    Cast: Masako Hazata*XNUMX(Kantele player)

Time:13:00~ 15:00~ (each time approx.30Minutes)

Location: ①6/11metsa aukio   

6/25 Nordic square 

Admission: Free



□Finnish folk instrumentKantele Experience Workshop

 Let's experience the kantele performance that plays a delicate and comfortable tone.Even those with no experience are welcome!


event date: 2023Years6Month25Sunday (Sunday) *In case of rain 

Time: ①14:00~14:50 ②16:00~16:50

Location: Craft Bibliotech

Admission: Free

Capacity: First-come, first-served basis on the day5-6degree (each time30Reception starts XNUMX minute before)

Organizer:Hanno Finland Association



□ “Midsummer sauna” experience, which is indispensable for Finnish summer solstice

 Sauna during the summer solstice is also an important tradition for Finnish people.Incorporating the essence of a Japanese tea room and inheriting the spirituality of Finnish nature worship, a sauna that fuses the cultures of both countries will appear at metsä only on weekends!

 When you go through the nijiriguchi, a world like a tatami room spreads out.The aroma of white birch and the scent of the wood-burning stove will entertain you.


event date: 2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat),18Sun (Sun),  

24th (Sat) *Rain weather 

Time: 11:00~16:00  Location: Nordic Square

Admission: Free *TPlease use it after wearing a shirt.It is not possible to use the facility in the nude or in the upper half of the body only.

 Operation:nata studio5



□ summer solstice100Book “Midsummer Library” Books donated by the Finnish Embassy!

A special project of Hanno City Library x metsä Village.

The library will open for a limited time in conjunction with the summer solstice festival!

Books related to Scandinavia and Finland selected by professional librarians from the Hanno City Library and Children's Library.2015Total number of books donated by the Finnish Embassy in XNUMX100Book goes on a business trip to "Craft Vibrio Tech".Bibliotec means "library" in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.Deepen your knowledge of Northern Europe at the lakeside library in an environment reminiscent of Finland, the country of forests and lakes.


Duration:2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat) -6Month25Sun (Sun)

Time: weekdays10:00~18:00,Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays10:00~19:00

Venue: Craft Vibrio Tech *No lending.Please pick it up on the spot and see it.

Admission: Free

Cooperation: Hanno City Library6



□ You can eat every day during the period! <Limited Quantity> Americaine Pasta Made with Uchida Crayfish

A special menu limited to the summer solstice of crayfish, a summer tradition in Scandinavia, is now available. A superb gourmet dish with fettuccine raw noodles mixed well with a sauce made by squeezing 3 whole domestic crayfish.


Selling price:1,840 yen (tax-included)

Sales location : Viking HallOneF made by farmers tomateria GOTO


Now on sale! <6/10,17,24> LiLiCoProduce "Swedish crayfish party  supported by Teerenpeli'



□Midsummer Special Collaboration "Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei x metsä Village"

Adjacent popular bathing facility "Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei"*XNUMXbut the summer solstice

A plan to liven up the festival will be held.

Midsummer also includes an original mixed hot water, an open-air bath, and a sauna.

to the specifications.

Duration:2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat) -6Month25Sun (Sun)

* Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei will be closed due to facility maintenance.6Month15Closed on Sundays (Thursdays)


1.2Seed substitute hot water

①metsä-no-Yu ~Fragrance of Forest~

A bath filled with the refreshing scent of the forest, named after the Finnish word “metsä” which means “forest”.

event date:2023Years6Month10Day(Sat),11Day(Day),12Day(Month),17Day(Sat),18Day(Day),19Day(Month)

② Hinoki bath

Metsä Village and Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei logo branded cypress bath.Hinoki uses Nishikawa wood from Hanno.event date:2023Years6Month23Sunday (Friday)24(Sat)25Sun (Sun)


XNUMX.White birch aroma sauna

The refreshing scent of birch and ornamental vihta (bunch of birch branches and leaves) appear in the sauna.


XNUMX.festival hot spring

The open-air bath is decorated with the image of the Maypole, the symbol of the Scandinavian summer solstice festival.Celebrate the arrival of summer with a bath decorated with plants.


XNUMX.Advantageous Mutual Campaign Show your receipt and enjoy both facilities at a discount!

If you present the receipt of each store of metsä Village at Miyazawako Onsen checkout, you will receive an original towel, and if you present the Miyazawako Onsen receipt at the information desk in metsä Village, you will receive a coupon book. * Receipts are valid only for the date of the day




Outline of implementation “Summer solstice festival of metsä2023"

In Northern Europe where the summer period is short, an event as important as Christmas is1The summer solstice festival celebrates the summer solstice, the day with the longest hours of sunshine of the year. In the metsä village,6Starting at the beginning of the month, various events such as the crayfish party, which is a summer tradition in Northern Europe, the summer solstice bonfire, the performance of folk instruments, traditional dance experiences and workshops, etc. will be arranged in the metsä style to countdown to the summer solstice. implementation.On the day of the summer solstice reaching its peak6Month24All the events are in full force on the day!

Swedish talent and movie commentatorLiLiCois also visiting metsä as a crawfish party producer and party ambassador.At the same time, an outdoor market that collects only good items related to Scandinavia will be held at the same time!There is also a library corner where you can learn more about Northern Europe.

Let's experience the best weekend packed with traditional Nordic culture where you can experience the summer solstice of Sweden and Finland at once.


Date and time:2023Years6Month10Sunday (Sat) -6Month25Day (Day)

Place: Various places in metsä village

Co-sponsored by: Hanno City Finland Association

Cooperation: Hanno City Library, Nishikawa Kirakukai

Supported by: Embassy of Finland, Embassy of Sweden,

Hanno Hidaka Television, Hanno City International Exchange Association

Event official page:

Event concept movie:



<(6/18&24Cast) Usvaabout※ 1>

A group formed by volunteers who have experience dancing folk dances from around the world and want to dance Finnish.Finland's Sarra KetonenTurkuI'm from1996From year2012Folk dance groups in FinlandVirtuand participates in many dance festivals and demonstrations in Japan and abroad every year.She can experience Finnishness.


<(6/18&24Cast) Musicanternaabout※ 2>

It was started with the desire to create a place where musicians interested in Nordic music and dancers who are obsessed with the charm of Swedish dance can interact freely, not for profit.Swedish folk dance and traditional Swedish instrumentsnyckelharpa(Nykelharpa) Enjoy playing together.


<(6 / 11Performance) Livets Ordabout*XNUMX>

A Scandinavian music duo consisting of Utsunomiya-based fiddler Yumi Kushiya and Tokyo-based contrabass guitar player Fuka Kasahara.Based on Swedish traditional music, we aim to create music that both the performers and the audience can enjoy.2021Years10Month14Since the first live performance on the day, they have been performing at cafes, streets, live houses, etc.


<(6 / 25Performance) About Masako Hazata4>

Finnish folk instrument"Cantere"Japan's foremost kantele performer who introduced the kantele to Japan and has been performing.His performance, which he learned at the Sibelius Academy, Finland's premier conservatory, is elegant and delicate.1991In XNUMX, he performed the kantele to the Pope at Easter.You can listen to a wide range of songs, including traditional Finnish folk music, classical music, and original songs, with the beautiful tones of the kantele.


<Sauna operationnata studioabout5>

The architecture is designed with the theme of "nature" and "human".He considers architecture and cities based on the unshakable relationship between nature and humans, and pursues projects while exploring lifestyles.Co-founder Nagaoka is a design firm based in Helsinki, Finland.Casagrande Laboratoryexperienced an internship atCurrently, various projects are underway, mainly in Yokohama City and Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture, such as welfare facilities, local community cafes, and community development through renovation of vacant houses.


<About Hanno City Library6>

Hanno's "Nishikawa wood" is used for the pillars, ceiling and wall finishing materials, and the scent of wood drifts in the air.

The ceiling is high and the walls are made of glass, creating an open and comfortable space.

In addition to reading seats, there are study seats, adult study seats, adult reading seats, and other seats suitable for various purposes, so that you can spend a relaxing time. "Hanno City Children's Library" is a library made for children.The log house-style building has a relaxing atmosphere where you can take off your shoes and feel as if you are relaxing at home.It is safe to use even with small children.


<About Miyazawako Onsen Kirari Bettei*XNUMX>

A space where adults can relax for elementary school students and above.The hot spring has a lot of sodium ions and bicarbonate ions, which are effective for beautiful skin, and is weakly alkaline.The bedrock bath is also popular.



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