homeHome See All News A condensed version of the Scandinavian summer festivities! A festival where you can experience the best parts of the summer solstice from 8 Scandinavian countries. The party ambassador is Swedish talent LiLiCo! (First release of information on "Metsä's Summer Solstice Festival 2024")
2024.03.26 Press release

A condensed version of the Scandinavian summer festivities! A festival where you can experience the best parts of the summer solstice from 8 Scandinavian countries. The party ambassador is Swedish talent LiLiCo! (First release of information on "Metsä's Summer Solstice Festival 2024")

A condensed version of the Scandinavian summer festivities! A festival where you can experience the best parts of the summer solstice from 8 Scandinavian countries. The party ambassador is Swedish talent LiLiCo! (First release of information on "Metsä's Summer Solstice Festival 2024")

Metsä Village (Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture), one of the largest Scandinavian lifestyle experience facilities in Japan, is hosting the Metsä Summer Solstice Festival, which is based on the traditional Nordic summer festival, Midsummer Festival.2024” in Northern Europe, including the Baltic States.8With the special cooperation and support of the embassies and national tourism boards of these countries.2024Years5Month25Sunday (Sat) - 6Month23It will be held on Sunday.

Entrance approx.180Across the m road, Scandinavia8We celebrate the arrival of early summer with a decoration road decorated in the image of each country's national flag. During the period, Scandinavian events will be held, such as the summer tradition of crawfish parties and bonfire weekend events.8We will continue to release cultural content that allows you to experience the best parts of each country's traditional culture.

<First information release content announcement! >
□ You can see it every day! Huge corolla decoration inspired by national flags “Summer Solstice Corolla Road of 8 Northern European Countries”
□ Produced by LiLiCo! “Crayfish party” is a summer tradition in Sweden.
□ LiLiCo will be appearing on May 5th! Let's enjoy crawfish party, dancing and cocco together.
□ Climax at dusk! Bonfire, a symbol of the summer solstice festival, lit with guests from various countries
□ “Flower Market” where miscellaneous goods, sweets, and workshops with a flower theme gather


□--The sparkle of the sun, a celebration of nature and people A Nordic festival, the beginning of summer. ― The summer solstice festival season is coming to metsä again this year, featuring a collection of Nordic summer traditions.

It is an event as important as Christmas in Scandinavia, where the summer period is short.1The Summer Solstice Festival celebrates the summer solstice, the day with the longest daylight hours of the year. At metsä Village, ahead of early summer in Japan, we will be counting down to the summer solstice by arranging various events that are typical of summer in Northern Europe in the metsä style. Opening day (5 April) is a Swedish talent and film commentator.LiLiCoOnewill also be visiting metsä as a party ambassador. A flower market will also be held at the same time, where you can make flower crowns, which are essential for the summer solstice.

It is a festival that brings together the best of Northern Europe's traditional summer culture.

<Party Ambassador LiLiCoOneComment from >
came! Crawfish 2024 at metsä!
Thank you very much to everyone who participated last year.
Commemorative photos, autographs, dancing, and of course delicious drinks and….crayfish!
This is an event to celebrate the arrival of summer in Northern Europe!
Last year, I was told by several people that I couldn't apply in time.
This year, please come early.
After enjoying crawfish on a pier on a quiet lake in the midst of nature, warm yourself up with a fantastic bonfire.
Let's make wonderful memories together ❤︎


□The huge flower crown road at the entrance is decorated with the national flags of eight Scandinavian countries as motifs.

At the entrance road "metsä tier" at the entrance of metsä, there is a "Nordic8"Summer Solstice Flower Crown Road" is now available for the first time. The impact of the huge corolla, elegantly decorated with ribbons in the colors of the national flags of each Scandinavian country, is outstanding! This is a must-see photo spot that you can enjoy every day during the period.


□LiLiCoProduced “Swedish style crawfish party”

Talent from SwedenLiLiCoProduced by the Swedish people, why don't you experience the "crayfish party" in earnest?

Just like at a real party, people wear paper aprons and pointy hats with crayfish illustrations on them, and they wear "Herango", which is often sung at festivals and parties.Helan Garr)", and everyone chants "Squall! (cheers)" and drinks the distilled spirits in the shot glasses. A metsä style toast is100% plant-based distilled spirits, wellness spirits that are kind to the earth and people.REISHI GIN'※ 2so.

On the first day of the event (May 5th),LiLiCoWe will also hold a special time to enjoy the party with Mr.

"Midsummer Crawfish Special Course" ※ 2人 前

<Appetizer> Crayfish salad with homemade dressing

<Cheers>  "REISHI GIN”, non-alcoholic apple juice

<Side>   Nordic plate (herring3Assorted seeds (tomato, dill onion, mustard)), potatoes

<Main> Domestic crayfish (per person6animals)

<Dessert> Vanilla ice cream (with crayfish cookie)

<Drink> All-you-can-drink menu

Alcohol: Highball, Coke Highball, Lemon Sour, Red Wine, White Wine

Non-alcoholic: Oolong tea, apple juice, cola

        *All-you-can-drink beer added1by name+500Yen


■ Date:2023Years5Month25Sunday (Sat),6Month8Sunday (Sat),22(Sat)

■ Time: 14:00~ (time required for each session approx.90Minutes)Rain or shine

■Location: Raituri (near the canoe boarding deck)Held in Utepils in case of rain

■ Participation fee:① 6/8&22 2First name1set 10,000Circle,② 5/25 2First name1set 15,000Yen

■Reservations: Advance reservations required.15set30First name (first-come, first-served basis)

Application site:


□Enjoy the summer solstice bonfire with guests connected to Scandinavia!

In Finland, the symbol of the summer solstice is the ``bonfire'' called ``Kokko''. Every Saturday, we welcome guests from all over Scandinavia and hold a lighting ceremony! At metsä, we held a bonfire using thinned Nishikawa wood from the local Hanno area. Celebrate the arrival of summer by the lake with a roaring bonfire.

■Dates: May 2024th (Sat), June 5st (Sat), 25th (Sat), 6th (Sat), 1nd (Sat), 8 *Rainy weather/Strong wind canceled

■Ignition guest:5 /25 LiLiCo San

       6/1 Mr. Seiichiro Otsuka (Former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Sweden)

       6/8, 6/15, 6/22 Coming soon!

■Location: Nordic Square

■ Participation fee: Free


□Flower Market, where you can also make your own flower crown

A large collection of flower-themed miscellaneous goods and sweets. Make your own flower crown at the workshop and participate in the midsummer festival and dance!

■ Date:2024May25 Sunday (Sat),26 Sun (Sun) *Cancelled in case of rain

■ Time:10:00~16:00 

■Location: metsä Aukio

<Store PICK UP>

① The best part of the summer solstice festival, the flower crown workshop (vendors: from left, GiuminG,ICHI,PV knot-kanon.hanalabo(5/26only))

② Miscellaneous goods, plants, accessories, baked goods (Storers: from left: Wexthuset, Nut Plant Store,Atelier Pelto・Little Maison (5/25only))


"metsä summer solstice festival2024'

■ Date and time:2024Years5Month25Sunday (Sat) - 6Month23Free admission on Sunday

■ Details:

■Co-sponsor: Hanno City Finland Association

Sponsored by: Embassy of Iceland, Embassy of Estonia, Estonian Tourism Board, Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Finland, Embassy of Latvia, Latvian Investment Development Agency, Embassy of Lithuania, Lithuanian Tourism Board, Hanno City International Exchange association

■ Cooperation: Co., Ltd.KADOKAWA


[Let's tour the Nordic summer solstice festivals in Saitama Prefecture! “Sakura Town de World Travel Scandinavia ~Summer Solstice Festival~”]
Enjoy Scandinavian flea markets, music and dance!
"Sakura Town de Sekai Tabi Scandinavia - Midsummer Festival" will be held at Tokorozawa Sakura Town with the theme of the Scandinavian "Midsummer Festival" celebrating the arrival of summer!
■Date and time: Saturday, May 2024th and Sunday, May 5th, 11 12:11~00:17 Free admission
*Event will be held rain or shine; may be canceled in case of stormy weather


<About Party Ambassador LiLiCoOne>
Talent, movie commentator.
Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1970. He came to Japan at the age of 18 and started performing arts activities in 1989.
Appeared as a movie commentator on TBS "King's Brunch", and appeared in many programs such as J-WAVE "ALL GOOD FRIDAY".He is active in multiple fields such as voice acting, narration, and acting as Cartman in the anime "South Park".
He is also enthusiastic about fashion, and also designs and produces jewelry.


<Cheers sake “REISHI GIN”※ 2>
The 1st Collection ``REISHI GIN'' by the wellness brand ``REUNION'', which has the concept of ``MAKE IT COLORFUL'' (color your life with fun), uses domestic Reishi (REISHI) as a key botanical. A 100% plant-based distilled spirit made by growing plants through regenerative agriculture and handcrafting everything from brewing to distillation. Wellness spirits that are kind to the earth and people, such as making use of reused bottles.
The unique bitterness and richness of Reishi and the spicy taste of Japanese pepper can be used not only in cocktails, but also in a refreshing gin highball when mixed with soda. It can also be enjoyed as a drink with meals.

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