homeHome See All News ① NPO Decent Work Lab presents! "Child Support Campaign" ~Children's 1-day pass for 500 yen during the campaign period! Junior and senior high school students also get the child rate! ~
②Special show for a limited time! ~ "The Girl Who Knew Courage" is revived as an indoor show! ~
2024.06.28 Press release

① NPO Decent Work Lab presents! "Child Support Campaign" ~Children's 1-day pass for 500 yen during the campaign period! Junior and senior high school students also get the child rate! ~
②Special show for a limited time! ~ "The Girl Who Knew Courage" is revived as an indoor show! ~

Moominvalley Park, operated by Moominmonogatari Co., Ltd. (Head office: Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture; CEO: Obata Masashi), will be holding a "Children's Support Campaign" from July 7th (Saturday) to September 27th (Monday) as a special project by the NPO Decent Work Lab. During the campaign, high school students and younger can enjoy a one-day pass for 9 yen. This summer, enjoy a special summer moment at Moominvalley Park, which is full of fun experiences, to create the best memories!

●Overview of the "Children's Support Campaign"●

■Applicable period:May 2024st (Sat) -May 7st (Mon), 27
■ Sales price:Children's 1-day pass: 500 yen (tax included) *Junior high and high school students can also enjoy at the children's rate.
■ Ticket purchase:
Tickets will be on sale from Monday, July 2024, 7 at the official online ticket site and various ticket agencies.
[Moominvalley Park Official Online Tickets (Asoview!)]

[Moominvalley Park Ticket Booth]Same-day tickets are available from 10:00 until 1 hour before closing.
*We may ask you to show your student ID.

■Details of the "Children's Support Campaign":

"We're all different, but we're the same" Come meet your friends at Moominvalley!
~Special Feature: NPO Decent Work Lab~ Purpose

We believe that the most important thing for everyone to have a role and work while valuing their individuality is that they have the same opportunities (fairness). Having the same opportunities means starting from the same starting line. We sincerely hope that this project will bring children and young people closer to having the same experiences and opportunities, and that they will be able to spend a memorable and enjoyable time.

About the NPO Decent Work Lab

We are an organization that carries out various activities with the aim of realizing "decent work" and "decent roles" for everyone. We place great importance on each person having a "role" within some community or group.
We also create an environment where both the individual and those around him or her can recognize their role.
In particular, we would like to work with many professionals to create "roles" and "jobs" for people with disabilities, who do not currently have a decent work environment, and through these activities we hope to think about "work" for all people.
Our activities include providing support and training for welfare facilities and companies in the employment and support of people with disabilities.
We also plan and manage the welfare facility's manufacturing brand, equaIto, conduct research on and communicate easy-to-understand ideas about working in comfortable workplaces, and plan and run the Tonttu Festival, an opportunity to experience diversity.

145-0062-3-28 Kitasenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo 9-401
■NPO Decent Work Lab Official Website:


●This year the event will be held at Metsä Village on Saturday, October 10th and Sunday, October 26th!
"Tontu Festival 2024"

~The theme is "Everyone is different but the same"~

A festival where people can experience the differences between "myself" and "yourself" and have fun while connecting with each other.

This event aims to promote social inclusion by focusing on social issues, learning about various "differences" and discovering "sameness." You can experience diversity through seven types of content: "Stage," "Marche," "Workshop," "Games," "Sports," "Installations," and "SNS."

By experiencing the content, you can have connections with "people with disabilities" and "social good." We want to create a society where we can live together while recognizing each individual's role and interacting with each other.
With these thoughts in mindTontu FestivalI named it.

●Night passes will be on sale so you can enjoy the summer night illuminations and fireworks over the lake!

We will be selling night passes to enjoy the special lighting this summer night and the fantastic lakeside fireworks that will be held every day from 19:40 p.m. The combination of the sparkling lighting and the beautiful lakeside fireworks will leave you with unforgettable summer memories. Come and spend an exciting night at Moominvalley Park this summer!

■ Target period: July 2024th (Sat) to August 7th (Sun) 27

■Available hours: 16:00-20:00

Tickets will be on sale from Monday, July 2024, 7 at the official online ticket site and various ticket agencies.

[Moominvalley Park Official Online Tickets (Asoview!)]
Sales start on Monday, July 2024, 7

Sales start on Monday, July 2024, 7

[Seven Ticket]
Sales start on Wednesday, July 2024, 7

[Moominvalley Park Ticket Booth: Same-day ticket sales hours]
・1-day pass: 10:00-16:00
・Night Pass: 16:00 to 19:00


★Welcome to a fantastic night! Moominvalley Park summer illuminations!

The fantastical lighting effects will make the world of the Moomin stories even more fascinating with sparkling light effects.

*Implementation image 
■Illumination times: From sunset until closing time.


●Resonating on summer nights! The "Moominvalley Lakeside Fireworks Festival" will be held every day during the summer vacation period!

On summer nights, fireworks are set off simultaneously from the lake to the tune of Moominvalley Park's original songs, brilliantly lighting up the summer sky with brilliant lights and colors, instantly brightening up the surrounding darkness.

Come enjoy the breathtakingly spectacular fireworks over the lake this summer, with their overwhelming brilliance and brightness filling the night sky.

■Date: July 2024th (Sat) - August 7th (Sun) 27
*Business hours on the day of the event: 10:00-20:00
*Metsä's Nordic Fireworks 8 will be held on weekends and holidays except for August 18th (Sun), August 8th (Sat), and August 24th (Sun).

■ Holding time:19: 40 ~ (about 5 minutes)

■ Venue:Inside Moominvalley Park

■ Recommended viewing spots:
Since the fireworks will be held over the lake, we recommend viewing them from near the lighthouse or the bathing hut.

■Details of the "Moominvalley Lakeside Fireworks Festival":
*Please note that the event may be canceled due to strong winds, weather, etc.
Cancellation informationOfficial X (old Twitter)


●Two live entertainment shows brought to you by our friends at Moominvalley!
~Special show will be performed for a limited time~

① "The Girl Who Learned Courage - From Friends of Moominvalley" is revived as an indoor show!

The live entertainment show "The Girl Who Learned Courage - From the Moominvalley Friends" featuring Moomintroll and his friends, which sadly came to an end in 2021, will finally be revived this summer in response to many requests for a revival!

This touching story of Ninny, a girl who has lost her confidence and become invisible, who meets the Moomin family and regains her kindness and courage, has been brought back to life as an even more emotional production with the addition of lighting and sound that would have been difficult to achieve at the outdoor Emma's theatre, as well as video direction that matches the storyline.

Experience the heartwarming story of Moominvalley in a captivating setting in the cool and comfortable indoor venue, Oshun Oxtra.

■ Period:From Friday, October 2024, 7

■ Venue:Oshun oxtra 
*Oshun Oxtra will be closed during the show.

■ Holding time:Three times a day / 1:3, 11:30, 14:00

■Details of "The Girl Who Learned Courage - From the Friends of Moominvalley"


②We will be hosting a participatory show where you can enjoy singing and dancing, "Moominvalley's Kesäloma Dance Time!"

To coincide with the summer events, "Emma's theatre" will be performing the interactive show "Moominvalley's Kesäloma Dance Time!" on weekends, national holidays and during the Obon period.
"Kesäloma" is Finnish"Summer vacation"is what it means.

In this show, you can enjoy singing and dancing with the Moomins, and both children and adults can participate and enjoy it. Don't miss this fun show that will make your summer holidays even more exciting at Moominvalley Park!

■ Period:July 2024, 7 (Saturday) - Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 
*Operation period and operating conditions are subject to change.

■ Holding time:10: 30 ~ (about 10 minutes)
*Times may change or the event may be canceled depending on the weather.

■Details of "Moominvalley's Kesäloma Dance Time!":


■For detailed opening hours, please check the Moominvalley Park official website.
Moominvalley Park official website:

●Held simultaneously at metsä Village!
Lakeside fireworks to enjoy with music from Nordic countries "Metsa Nordic Fireworks 2024"

After enjoying Moominvalley Park, you can enjoy the lakeside fireworks display "Metsä Nordic Fireworks 2024" held at Metsä Village.
Along with music recommended by the embassies and embassy staff of the eight Nordic countries, fireworks inspired by the flags of each country will light up the night sky for about 8 minutes. In addition, seats with gift tickets that can be used for shopping and dining will also be on sale.
Please enjoy this special evening surrounded by gorgeous fireworks dancing in the starry sky and beautiful music.

<Event Details> metsä Nordic Fireworks 2024

■ Date:
July 2024th (Sat), 7th (Sun), 13th (Sat), 14th (Sat),
August 8rd (Sat), 3th (Sat), 10th (Sun), 11th (Mon, Holiday), 12th (Sat),
September 9th (Sat), 14th (Sun), 15th (Mon, holiday), 16st (Sat), 21nd (Sun), 22rd (Mon, holiday)
* Light rain was carried out, and strong winds and stormy weather were cancelled.
Information about cancellations will be announced on metsä's official website, social media, etc.

■ Holding time:19:40~(about 15 minutes)  
■ Venue:Located in metsä village *Free and paid seating available
■Details of "metsä Nordic Fireworks 2024":



<About Moominvalley Park>
Moominvalley Park is a theme park where you can experience the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. through a rich natural environment and seasonal decorations. You can enjoy live entertainment and greetings by the Moomin family and their friends, and feel the ``literary'' and ``artistic'' aspects of the original work.

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