2020.06.10 Press release

Japan's Largest * "metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project 2,000" promotion movie with approximately 2020 colorful umbrellas spread!

The promotion movie of "metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project 2,000", a world where about 2020 colorful umbrellas, one of the largest in Japan, unfolds!

Last year, we enjoyed only in the "metsä village" from the rainy season to the summer, but this year we have expanded the exhibition area to "Moominvalley Park" and held it as a larger umbrella sky design project. In addition, the "metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project 2020" will be held for a limited time only, with a new menu reflecting the image of Umbrella Sky and a workshop where you can make an original umbrella that will be a big success during the rainy season. Spend a lot of time under the umbrella of "metsä", a place surrounded by abundant nature and lots of greenery, calm air, and light spilling through the trees. *In-house survey, as of April 2020

Umbrella sky pancakes

A colorful pancake that makes you feel better even on a rainy day, as if you were looking at Umbrella Sky from directly above.
・Pancake restaurantLettula:
·price:1,760Yen (tax included)

"Shake"Umbrella Skyfruit punch

A fruit punch with a transparent feel that is smooth and pleasing to the eye, and a refreshing soda with fruits and refreshing soda.
・Shop & CafeKauppa & Kahvila:
·price:660Yen (tax included)

[Moomin valley and umbrella]Make your own umbrella!

The season when Umbrella Sky colors "Moomin valley Park",Paja(Paya/KOKEMUS 2F)Then,6Month11From the day, you can make your own umbrella.
・Workshop/Kids spacePaja(Paya):
·price:2,800Yen (tax included)

"Moomin valley and umbrella"Instagram Photo contest held!
With hashtag #Attach Umbrella Photocon
Post your very own Umbrella work!

At Moominvalley Park,6Month13From Saturday, “metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project”2020"Moomin valley and Umbrella" event to enjoy moreInstagram We will hold a photo contest.
In the sunlight through the trees, the colorful umbrellas fluttering in the breeze, and the hashtag picture of the wonderful moment you only found#With "Umbrella Photocon" Instagram Please post to.
Prize money for those who have been selected for the highest award 50,000In addition to yen, we will select prizes and prizes and offer prizes.

■ "Moomin valley and Umbrella Photo Contest2020How to apply
[Recruitment period]
2020Years6Month13Sunday (Sat) -2020Years8Month2Sun (Sun)

Grand Prize: Prize Money 50,000Yen (1people)
Excellence Award: Moominvalley Park1Day pass2Sheet(4people)
Prize: Moominvalley Park Original Goods (50people)
*Goods cannot be selected.

Judging: After the acceptance period, the judges will judge and InstagramWe will contact you by direct message.
Announcement:2020Years8Month9Sun (Sun) Moomin's day
*Our officialSNSAnd the results will be announced on the official website.

【Application method】
STEP1: Take a photo inside Moominvalley Park with the theme "Moominvalley and Umbrella"!
STEP2: In Moominvalley Park Instagram Official account @moominvalleypark Follow us!
STEP3: Hashtag "#Post photos with "Umbrella Photocon"!

【Application rules】
-Limited to photos taken at "Moominvalley and Umbrella" in Moominvalley Park.
・It is limited to those who can post articles of photos you have posted.
・Limited to photos taken by the applicant.
・When a person is reflected in the submitted work, it is limited to those who have the permission of the portrait right in advance.
-InstagramIt is limited to those who have public account settings.
・The submitted work may be used for our promotion.
・After notification of winning from our company,7If you do not reply within the day, the prize will be invalidated.
・Photos that violate public order and morals or that violate the privacy of others are invalid.
・Personal information of the winner will be used only for the purpose of running this photo contest.
-20If you are under the age of XNUMX, please apply with the consent of your guardian.
・ 20If the applicant is under the age of XNUMX, it will be considered that the application has been made with the consent of the guardian.

■One example of the previous winning work
Moominvalley Park Instagram Photo Contest2020

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