2020.09.09 Press release NEW

Harvest Special Week will be held to enjoy the autumn Moominvalley Park even more!

Harvest Special Week will be held to enjoy the autumn Moominvalley Park even more!

For 9 days from September 19th (Sat) to September 9th (Sun), we will prepare a plan for visitors to enjoy the autumn Moominvalley Park even more as "Harvest Special Week".

Harvest Special Week
The following projects will be held for 9 days from September 19th (Sat) to September 9th (Sun).

①Original can badge present We will present "Moomin 75th Anniversary Original Can Badge" to visitors.
・ Time: 10: 00-15: 00 ・ Place: Welcome cove
・Contents: One per person

② Hold the first autumn sale
We offer some original Moominvalley Park items at a bargain price of up to 50% off.
・Location: Shop at the beginning, Moominvalley shop, etc.
*The target product may end as soon as it runs out

③ Benefits for those who purchase over 5,000 yen (tax included) at the shop
Customers who purchase over 5,000 yen at each shop in Moominvalley Park can participate in the speed lottery where they will definitely win Moominvalley Park original goods.
・ Receipts can be added up.
・ The receipt is valid only on the day.

At Moominvalley Park, from Saturday, September 9, an event will start where you can experience the unique season with the theme of harvest (= harvest festival) to enjoy the autumn season. "Welcome cove", which is just ahead of the entrance, will be space-produced with about 12 balloons with the motif of berries and apples, which symbolize the fruits of autumn in Scandinavia. The design is done by Masaru Suzuki, a textile designer who designs the famous Finnish brand marimekko. You can also enjoy the three areas of "Harvest Gate," "Berry Road," and "Apple Forest," where the fruits of autumn are expressed by balloons hung in the sky, as photo spots. The shops and restaurants in Moominvalley Park also offer harvest-themed merchandise and menus. Please enjoy Autumn Moominvalley Park with Harvest Special Week.

* "Moominvalley Park Harvest"Event page
* "Moominvalley Park Harvest Special Week"Event page

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