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Welcome gate

Go through the gate of "Book" and expand your expectations to the world of Moomin's tale to Moominvalley!

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Bathing hut

A bathing hut made by Moominpappa.

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Story door

Open the door to Moomin's story!

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An exhibition facility where you can relive the life of the author Tove and the story of Moomin.

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A lighthouse emigrated in the Moomin family.

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Story guide

Learn more about Moomin's story as you walk slowly at Moominvalley Park!

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Trivia quest

Let's search for trivia related to the park with the "Trivia Book" that invites you to the world of the story.

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Emma's theatre

Enjoy live entertainment by Moomintroll and his friends.

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arcade game

Challenge the game in the colorful store and get a free gift!

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Photo studio

"Muiku!" With fellow Moominvalley

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Experience manufacturing in a space full of creativity.

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Moominhouse, where the Moomin family recreates the original story.

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Little My's Play Spots

A theater-type experience facility where you can enjoy a comical slapstick drama unfolded by the mischievous hero Little My.

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Oshun oxtra

Let's go on an adventure together by riding "Oshun Oxtra"!

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Hobgoblin's zipline

From Monday, November 2021, 11, the operation will be suspended for the time being due to maintenance.

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Hemulen's playground

An amusement park of "Hemulen who likes quietness".

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