moomin valley park SPRING FESTIVAL Invited by the Chinese New Year.

Moominvalley Park, surrounded by abundant nature, is the second anniversary of its opening.We are holding a spring event "SPRING FESTIVAL" with lots of fun!

event 2021/03/13  
place Moominvalley Park

moomin valley park [Special Trial Version] Sound Walk-Spring Search-

Moomin's story to enjoy with sound-a new sense of experience-

event 2021/03/13 2021/06/30
time Weekdays: 10: 00-16: 00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 10: 00-17: 00
Experience time: Approximately 45 minutes
* Please allow enough time for the experience so that you can finish it by the closing time.
price Free for a limited time
* From Thursday, July 7st, it will be an in-app purchase type paid attraction.

moomin valley park HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Fair 2021

Let's express our gratitude to our mother through the fair!

event 2021/04/10 2021/05/09
place Moominvalley Park

moomin valley park Moominvalley and Umbrella

"Moominvalley and Umbrella", one of the largest in Japan with about 1,200 umbrellas, will be held in spring and summer!

event 2021/04/17 2021/08/29
place Moominvalley Park

moomin valley park Instagram Photo Contest "#Umbrella Photocon 2021"

Please post a nice photo that only you found with the hashtag "# Umbrella Photocon 2021".

event 2021/04/17 2021/08/29

moomin valley park Instagram Photo Contest

Thank you for your many applications.As a result of the examination, the highest award was decided.

event 2020/11/21 2021/03/07

moomin valley park Instagram Harvest Photo Contest

Exhibition period: ~ Early April 2021 / Kokemus4F

event 2020/09/12 2020/11/08
place Exhibition location: Kokemus 2F Diorama area

moomin valley park Riddle solving event "Magic map of Moominvalley"

"Mystery Solving Event for Adults" is now available at Moominvalley Park!

event 2020/03/14  
time Playable time: 10: 00-17: 00
place Moominvalley Park: Welcome cove "Beginning Shop"
price Participation kit price: 2,500 yen (including drinks) * Sales time is from 10:00 to 14:00

moomin valley park "Go To Event" Campaign / Ticket Sales Notice

Please check the update notification from "See details".

event 2020/12/08  

Past events

October 4th (Sun) Hattifattener Poncho will be distributed!


Enjoy the Moominvalley Park on rainy days with the matching rain poncho!

March 3th (Thursday) Hattifattener Poncho will be distributed!


Enjoy the Moominvalley Park on rainy days with the matching rain poncho!

February 2th (Thursday / holiday) Hattifattener poncho will be distributed!


Enjoy the Moominvalley Park on rainy days with the matching rain poncho!

Emma's theater show "Girl who knew courage" Finale

2021/02/11 2021/03/10

Let's make the end of the show lively by watching the "Girl who knows courage" show!

metsä Valentine 2021

2021/01/09 2021/02/14

Enjoy Valentine's Day at metsä, which is known as "Friends' Day" in Northern Europe Finland.

"ADVENTURE WALK" Twitter present campaign

2021/01/01 2021/01/07

\ 2021 New Year's present plan! / The application method is 3 easy steps.We look forward to your application.

metsä HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021


metsä (metsä village / Moominvalley Park) is open all year round.

Scratch rally Customers who came in winter

2020/11/21 2021/03/02

Visit Moominvalley Park to find customers who have arrived in the winter.

Breath / Bless Project

2020/11/21 2021/03/07

Pray for peace from the night sky of Moominvalley Park to the world


2020/11/21 2021/03/07

A new type of experience attraction "Adventure Walk" is now available!

"Harvest" Final Week

2020/10/31 2020/11/08

The last 9 days when the balloon sky colors the autumn sky! There is also a photo service with character costumes on 10 / 31-11 / 1.

Workshop weekend

2020/10/17 2020/10/25

Enjoy the autumn of art against the backdrop of the rich nature of Moominvalley Park and the balloon sky that colors the autumn sky.

"Harvest" Special Week

2020/09/19 2020/09/27

Sale of original goods and happy gifts!

Moominvalley Park Harvest

2020/09/12 2020/11/08

Balloons with berries and apples, which symbolize the fruits of autumn in Scandinavia, decorate Moominvalley Park.

"Moomin's Day" Special Week

2020/08/08 2020/08/16

8 special days to celebrate "Moomin's Day" on August 9th!

Hattifattener's Lightning Splash!

2020/07/18 2020/09/06

Let's enjoy the rain (mist) with Hattifattener and others.

Puzzle solving game "Regain Ninny's smile!"

2020/06/20 2020/11/16

Get back Ninny's smile and get the Clear Privilege Pin Badge!

Instagram Umbrella Photo Contest

2020/06/13 2020/08/02

Thank you for your many entries to the Instagram Umbrella Photo Contest.

Instagram Umbrella Photo Contest

2020/06/13 2020/08/02

The results of the examination will be announced on August 8th (Sun) on Moomin Day.

metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project 2020

2020/05/22 2020/09/06

Please enjoy the space with about 2,000 colorful umbrellas, one of the largest in Japan.

Moominvalley Park Instagram Photo Contest 2020

2020/04/22 2020/05/24

The exhibition of the works submitted on the 2nd floor of Kokemus has started!

Moominvalley Park Instagram Photo Contest 2020

2020/04/22 2020/05/24

Be sure to post your favorite photos taken at Moominvalley Park.

Moominvalley Park "1ST ANNIVERSARY"


Embark on a new adventure in the Moomin monogatari, Ltd. at Moominvalley Park's "1ST ANNIVERSARY"!

metsä Valentine 2020-Thank you, I love you-

2020/01/18 2020/02/14

Have a fun Valentine with your loved ones at metsä ♪

The great Moominvalley Park "Student Only 1 Day Pass" is on sale for a limited time!

2020/01/18 2020/02/24

Spring break "special" project!Go to Moominvalley Park with your friends!

"WINTER WONDERLAND in MOOMINVALLEY PARK" Sound Walk ~ Moominvalley Winter ~

2020/01/16 2020/03/01

Please experience the world of "Moominvalley winter" while listening together.

"WINTER WONDERLAND in MOOMINVALLEY PARK" ~Puzzle solving game "Search for Risu"~

2019/11/30 2020/03/01

Take a leisurely stroll through Moominvalley Park and find the answer!


2019/11/30 2020/03/01

Spend the first winter at Moominvalley Park with Moomin Trolls and friends!

Saitama citizens' day limited project! "Moominvalley Park" original towel will be presented ♪


A gathering of Saitama residents!For Saitama citizens' day only, the first 2,000 people will receive an original design towel!

Enjoy this fall at the “Moominvalley Park Harvest”!

2019/10/01 2019/11/24

"Moominvalley Park Harvest (Autumn Harvest Festival)" event will be held to enjoy the fruitful fall!

"Moominvalley Park" autumn outing campaign

2019/09/14 2019/09/23

Let's play at Moominvalley Park in the autumn when it is easy to spend!

Join the "Mystery Solving Rally" and enjoy Moominvalley Park even more!

2019/08/10 2019/09/30

Aim to clear while visiting Moominvalley Park!

8 Month 9 Day is the day of Moomin! We all gather at "Moominvalley Park"!


Moominvalley Park is full of events to enjoy this day.

~ Starry metsä ~ "Moominvalley Park Starry Sky Viewing Party"

2019/06/28 2019/08/18

Enjoy the summer night sky leisurely in a special space after the park is closed!

Answer the quiz and get the "Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel"!

2019/06/21 2019/07/01

Enjoy the Hattifattener mood at Moominvalley Park!

On Father's Day, I will give a medal to my dad doing my best!

2019/05/25 2019/06/16

metsä has many events for Father's Day.

mother's day of metsä "KIITOS ÄITI ~ Thank you mom always ~"

2019/04/27 2019/05/12

This year's Mother's Day is a Scandinavian lifestyle!

Business hours

Moominvalley Park

10:00AM - 17:00PM

10:00AM - 18:00PM

metsä parking lot

09:30AM - 20:00PM

09:30AM - 20:00PM

* Business hours: April 4th (Thursday / holiday) -May 29th (Sunday) "Moominvalley Park" 5: 9-10: 00 "metsä parking lot" will be charged on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. ..