At the event "Winter Wonderland" where you can enjoy Moominvalley Park in winter, a new type of experience attraction "Adventure Walk" has appeared!

event 2020/11/21 2021/03/07
time Adventure Walk: 17: 00-20: 00
Moominvalley Park: 10: 00-17: 00
* During the period, Moominvalley Park will be closed at 17:00 on weekdays and weekends and holidays.
price The Adventure Walk is an attraction after the opening hours of Moominvalley Park, so you will need to purchase a separate ticket to enter.

moomin valley park "GO TO Travel" and "GO TO Eat" campaigns start at metsä

metsä (metsä village / Moominvalley Park) is a store eligible for the "GO TO Travel" regional common coupon and Saitama Prefecture premium meal voucher GO TO Eat campaign.

event 2020/10/01  

moomin valley park "Harvest" Final Week

The last 9 days when Balloon Sky colors the autumn sky! A photo service will be held for the two days of October 10st and November 31st, with a visitor in a character costume.

event 2020/10/31 2020/11/08

metsa village metsä Village Christmas 2020-Scandinavian Forest and Christmas Market-

Enjoy a Scandinavian Christmas with illuminations that illuminate the trees of the metsä village with gentle light.

event 2020/10/31 2020/12/25
place Christmas market: metsä hall
Scandinavian Art Fair: Craft Vibrio Tech


For 11 days from November 8th (Sun) to 10th (Tue), with the feeling of KIITOS! (Thank you in Finnish!), We will hold a "premium lottery" where you can win an assortment of goods from all 3 metasä village stores. I will.

event 2020/11/01 2020/12/25
place Premium lottery: In front of the market hall

metsa village Forest Kitchen Carnival

A large collection of classic kitchen cars where you can enjoy take-out menus and organic foods made with carefully selected ingredients!

event 2020/10/31 2020/11/01
time 10: 00 ~ 16: 00
place metsä village special area

metsa village Kakekko Attack

I will teach you the "knack" that will make you faster, which is not taught at school!All participants will receive a "Moominvalley Park admission ticket (children)"!

event 2020/10/31 2020/11/01
time 開催時間:第一部11:00~12:00 第二部13:00~14:00 第三部15:00~16:00
Reception hours: 10:30 to 5 minutes before the opening time
place metsä village: Nordic square (lawn area)
price Capacity: 70 people each time (target age / elementary school students)
Participation fee: 1 yen per person (tax included, paid at reception)
・ Foot race class / lesson / posture, how to use the body / importance of foot race items
・ 25m dash measurement
·cool down

metsa village Hanno support cooperation business
metsä Fireworks display 2020-Forests, lakes and fireworks.

Fireworks viewing tickets for all dates of the metsä fireworks display have been discontinued.
After 17:30 on the day of the fireworks display, only customers with a fireworks viewing ticket can enter the metsä village.

event 2020/10/17 2020/11/07
time 19: 30 to 20: 10 appointments
place metsä village
price * For details, please see the official website of the metsä fireworks display.
(Click "See details")

moomin valley park Instagram Harvest Photo Contest

Please post a photo of a wonderful moment that only you found with the hashtag "# Harvest Photocon".

event 2020/09/12 2020/11/08

moomin valley park Moominvalley Park Harvest

About 3,600 balloons decorate Moominvalley Park with the motif of berries and apples, which symbolize the autumn fruits of Scandinavia.

event 2020/09/12 2020/11/08

moomin valley park [Start posting at Kokemus! ]
Moominvalley Park Instagram Umbrella Photo Contest

Thank you for submitting many entries to the Moominvalley Park Instagram Umbrella Photo Contest. As a result of the examination, the highest award was decided.

event 2020/09/12  
place Exhibition place: Kokemus 2nd floor diorama area

moomin valley park Puzzle solving game "Regain Ninny's smile!"

Let's enjoy Moominvalley Park while solving the riddles♪
Get back Ninny's smile and get the Clear Privilege Pin Badge!

event 2020/06/20  
time 販売時間:平日10:00~15:00(最終報告受付時間16:00)土日祝10:00~16:00(最終報告受付時間17:00)
Estimated play time ~ 1 hour
place Sale place: Beginning shop
price 500 yen (tax included)

moomin valley park Riddle solving event "Magic map of Moominvalley"

"Mystery-solving event for adults" by "Takarash!", who has been involved in numerous treasure hunting events all over Japan, is now available at Moominvalley Park!

event 2020/03/14 End as soon as it runs out
time Playable time: 10: 00-17: 00
place Moominvalley Park / Welcome cove “Beginning Store”
price Participation kit price: 2,500 yen (including drink fee) * Sales time will be from 10:00 to 14:00.

metsa village Forest and Lake Marche 11.21sat → 11.23mon

A colorful tent, seasonal vegetables and fruits, flowers, cute Scandinavian miscellaneous goods, and take-out food that is perfect for walking around!

event 2020/11/21 2020/11/23
time Marche of forest and lake: 10:00-16:00
metsäde moluk: 13:00-15:00
Enjoy Nordic walking! : 11:00-12:30
place Forest and Lake Marche: metsä Village Special Area
metsäde Moruk: Nordic Square
Enjoy Nordic walking! : In front of metsä Village Information (Reception)
price metsäde moluk: free
Enjoy Nordic Walking: Participation fee 1,000 yen (tax included) Pole rental 500 yen (tax included)

metsa village Enjoy Nordic Walking!

Why not enjoy Nordic walking originating from Finland in Scandinavia in the lush nature of metsä.

event 2020/11/21  
time 11: 00 ~ 12: 30
place Meeting place: in front of metsä village information
*The meeting place has changed.
price 1,000 yen (tax included) (Pole lending is +500 yen)
"Let's enjoy Nordic walking!" Participation fee is not subject to free parking.

moomin valley park Let's go to metsä by direct bus & bus tour!

Let's go to metsä on a bus tour with nearby facilities! We also accept group reservations.

event All Year  

Past events

Workshop weekend

2020/10/17 2020.10.25

Enjoy the autumn of art through various workshops against the backdrop of the rich nature of Moominvalley Park and the balloon sky that colors the autumn sky.

October 10th (Sun) Hattifattener Poncho will be distributed!


Enjoy the Moominvalley Park on rainy days with the matching rain poncho!

"Harvest" Special Week

2020/09/19 2020.09.27

Sale of original goods and happy gifts!

Hanno Green Carnival 2020-Manab, Asob, Tunagar. ~

2020/09/19 2020.09.20

Let's enjoy music slowly and naturally in the green, such as workshops that can be experienced by parents and children, artist performance, Marche etc.♪

"Moomin's Day" Special Week

2020/08/08 2020.08.16

8 special days to celebrate "Moomin's Day" on August 9th!

Hattifattener's Lightning Splash!

2020/07/18 2020.09.06

Let's enjoy the rain (mist) with Hattifattener and others.

metsä Umbrella Sky Design Project 2020

2020.05.22 2020.09.06

Please enjoy the space with about 2,000 colorful umbrellas, one of the largest in Japan.

[August 8 result announcement! ] Moominvalley Park Instagram Umbrella Photo Contest

2020/08/09 2020.08.09

Thank you for your many applications. The examination results will be announced on Sunday, August 2020, 8 on Moomin.

【Result announcement! ] Moominvalley Park Instagram Photo Contest 2020

2020/06/20 2020.08.31

From Saturday, June 6, the exhibition of works submitted by Kokemus 20F has started. Please come and visit us when you come to the park.

【Result announcement! ] Moominvalley Park Instagram Photo Contest 2020

2020/04/22 2020/08/31

We will hold an Instagram photo contest. Please post your favorite photos taken at Moominvalley Park.

kippis pop-up shop tour 2020 spring Fresh!

2020.05.22 2020.06.21

A large collection of fresh items from Kippis!

Northern Europe Story and Goods Fair

2020/02/20 2020.03.08

Moominvalley Park "1ST ANNIVERSARY"


A new show starts at Emma's theater! New live character? !

~ The annual passport will be released for a limited time! ~

metsä Valentine 2020

2020.01.18 2020.02.14

thanks I love you
Finnish Valentine is known as “Friends' Day”. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to good friends by giving letters and flowers such as tulips. To help convey such a feeling of "Thank you, I love you", we have prepared Scandinavian sweets and miscellaneous goods recommended as gifts at "Moominvalley Park" and metsä village. Also, limited time menus and workshops will start! Have a happy Valentine with your loved ones at "metsä"♪

Students' attention! Discount Moominvalley Park "Student Only 1 Day Pass" will be on sale for a limited time!

2020.01.18 2020.02.24

\ Unearthed items /
~ MAX70% OFF ~

2019.12.29 2020.01.13

-Moominvalley's winter "night walk" Sound and illumination unfold, "Moominvalley Park" first winter-

2019.11.30 2020.03.01

Spend the first winter at Moominvalley Park with Moomin Trolls and friends!

~Puzzle solving game "Looking for Rissu"~

2019.11.30 2020.03.01

Why don't you enjoy the Puzzle solving game by solving the winter riddles of "Moomin valley Park" in the daytime before the night arrives? Although it has a big appearance, I dropped something in various places in "Moomin valley Park". It seems that Risui who is in a hurry is looking for something. Let's chase after Risu and try to solve the riddle while collecting the lost items. Discover the answers as you take a leisurely stroll through Moominvalley Park with your family and friends, or with your friends!

"Sound Walk-Winter of Moominvalley"

1/16 3/1

This is a sound attraction where you can experience the story of “Moominvalley Winter”. If you listen carefully to the sounds you hear while walking through the park, the world will be as if you were in the story. The new Sound AR ™ by Sony, where the sound of the virtual world is mixed with the real world. Wear a Sony open-ear stereo headset (STH40D) and walk through the park to discover new attractions and ways to enjoy Moominvalley Park. Please listen to it and experience the “Moominvalley Winter” world.

Surugadai University student presents
Let's play in a sports molek originated in Finland

2019.11.24 2020.01.26

A student from Surugadai University in the same Hanno city, where metsä is located, will give a lecture on the Moruk, which originated in Finland, and plan a competition!

The metsä village is one year old.

2019.11.01 2019.11.30

2019.11.9/satmetsä Village will celebrate its first anniversary. With the feeling of Kiitos! (Thank you in Finnish), we have prepared a commemorative event and a special menu at the metsä village to enliven the first anniversary!

Saitama Prefecture Day 11 Month 14 Day (Thursday) Limited Day!
The first 2,000 people will receive a “Moominvalley Park” original towel ♪


A gathering of Saitama residents! 11 Mon 14 Day (Thursday) Saitama Prefectural Day limited to one day, presents original designed towels to the first 2000 people!

[Metsä × TOY MARCHÉ] Limited to 1 days! SAKUSAKU Workshop

2019.10.19 2019.10.20

[Metsä × TOY MARCHÉ] Limited to 10/20 (Sun)! We will hold an animal paper craft "SAKUSAKU" workshop that can be displayed in the room. Venue: metsä hall

Scandinavian Christmas is coming ♪
Christmas at "metsä village"-Nordic forest and Christmas market-

2019.11.01 2019.12.25

We will hold an illumination and Christmas market using the Nordic traditional decoration "Himmel". Santa Claus will also be coming from Rovaniemi, Finland for 3 days only this year.

[Period extended due to favorable reception! ]
Pet photo campaign

2019.10.18 2019.11.10

Take a photo of your pet at the metsä village! We will present a doggie snack to those who present their pet photos taken at metsä village.

The toy Marche is open! “Metsä × TOY MARCHÉ”

2019.10.04 2019.10.27

A variety of safe and secure toys were selected as if fresh vegetables were lined up in an overseas organic Marche.

Enjoy this fall at the “Moominvalley Park Harvest”!

2019.10.01 2019.11.24

"Moominvalley Park Harvest (Autumn Harvest Festival)" event will be held to enjoy the fruitful fall!



The event will be held once a year, hosted by “RETRIEVER”, a magazine that provides information on enjoying life with retrievers and a rich lifestyle.

Living together -World Alzheimer's Day-


In conjunction with World Alzheimer's Day (9 month 21 day), we will hold an event where you can feel more familiar with “dementia” and “care welfare”.

"Moominvalley Park" autumn outing campaign

2019.09.14 2019.09.23

Let's play at Moominvalley Park in the autumn when it is easy to spend!

9th Nordic Walking Festival in metsä Village


The Nordic Walking Festival will be held again this year in the metsä village.

★ Until 9 month 30 ★ Participate in the “Mystery Rally”
Enjoy Moominvalley Park more!

2019.08.10 2019.09.30

Let's aim for clear while going around "Moominvalley Park"!

Forests, lakes and umbrellas.

2019.08.01 2019.09.01

"Japan's Largest Umbrella Sky Design Project" In the forest (metsä), an umbrella sky with about 1000 umbrellas and a road of vivid colors appear. Due to the favorable reception, the exhibition period has been extended.

~ Stars falling metsa ~
"Nordic Sky Planetarium Space"

2019.07.20 2019.09.01

A planetarium that reflects the Scandinavian night sky with 1,000 million stars shines in "metsä Village" for a limited time during the summer.

~ Stars falling metsa ~
"Starry night party of Moominvalley Park"

2019.06.28 2019.08.18

In the special space after closing the park, enjoy leisurely summer night sky! "Starry night party of Moominvalley Park"

Everyone is in the mood of Hattifattener!
Answer the quiz and get the not for sale "Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel"!

2019.06.21 2019.07.01

XNUM X Day XNUM X Limited! Get Hattatittener Petit Hand Towel!
Enjoy the mood of Hattifattener at Moominvalley Park!

★ Event information disclosure ★ XNUM X Moon X X is the day of "Moomin Day"! We all gather at "Moominvalley Park"!


"Moominvalley Park" has many events to enjoy this 1 day.

8 Month 9 Day Limited! Moomin Day OFFICIAL BUS TOUR
~ Moominvalley Park direct bus ~

2019.06.20 2019.08.09

Let's spend a special Moomin Day with the Moominvalley Park on the official bus tour of Moomin Day!

Midsummer of metsä 2019.6.22 (sat)-7.7 (sun)

2019.06.22 2019.07.07

We will hold an original midsummer event only for metsä, which combines the summer solstice of Northern Europe with the Tanabata of Japan.

On Father's Day, I will give a medal to my dad doing my best!
5.25 (sat) -6.6 (sun)

2019.05.25 2019.06.16

"Metsä Village" and "Moomin valley Park" will host Father's Day events.

Hanno Green Carnival 2019-Manabu, Assob, Tunagar-
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat), X NUM X Day (Day)

2019.06.01 2019.06.02

The Nordic themed parent and child festival, "metsä Village" will be the venue for this year's collaboration.

Forest, lake, and umbrella
6.8 (sat) to 7.15 (mon)

2019.06.08 2019.07.15

Japan's Largest Umbrella Sky Design Project
About 1000 umbrella skies and brightly colored roads appear in the forest.

Metsa's Mother's Day "KIITOS Ä ITI-Thank you for always mother-"

2019.04.27 2019.05.12

Mother's Day this year is a Scandinavian lifestyle. "KIITOS Ä ITI-Thank you for always mother-"

one! Doful Week

2019.04.27 2019.05.06

Dogs, cats, everyone fun at Golden Week

The cherry blossoms of "metsä Village" have begun to bloom ~light up for a limited time~

2019.04.01 2019.04.07

We will light up the blooming cherry blossoms around Lake Miyazawa for a limited time when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

Creema Craft Caravan in Hanno

2019.04.13 2019.04.14

Holding period: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat), X NUM X Day (Sun)
Venue: metsä village

Outdoor Exhibition by IKEA Tachikawa

2019.03.26 2019.03.31

We will hold events to experience IKEA outdoor furniture at Nordic Square and metsä Hall!

metsä coffee festival


Holding period: XNUM X month X NUM X day (Saturday)
Venue: metsä village

Nordic city on the lake

2019.03.23 2019.03.24

Period: 3 / 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun)
Venue: metsä hall

2 Up Cycle Craft Market

2019.03.02 2019.03.03

Period: 3 / 2 (Sat) ~ 3 / 3 (Day)
※ Rain stopped
Venue: Market Hall

Lisa Larson POP UP SHOP & WORK SHOP "metsä mikey market"

2019.02.20 2019.03.17

Period: 2 / 20 (Wednesday) to 3 / 17 (Days)
Venue: metsä hall

Candle night only for XNUM X days

2019.02.06 2019.02.14

Artist CANDLE JUNE will hold Valentine Candle Night exclusively for XNUM days.

This year's Valentine "metsä Valentine"

2019.02.01 2019.02.14

This year's Valentine will spend at "metsä Valentine"!
Special menu and limited chocolate appear
Candle night produced by Mr. CANDLE JUNE will also be held

# Everydi kippis!

2019.01.05 2019.02.03

A large set of "kippis" products! Pop-up store opens for a limited time.
Let's get "kippis" goods by all means at this opportunity ♪

One day candle Christmas


Artist Candle JUNE will fantasize about the metsä village.

Orienteering in metsä village


Would you like to run around the forest around metsä with a map and a compass? My mood is a treasure hunt. We will actually find the points written on the map. It is a navigation sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, from families to elderly people.

Team Lab Forest and Lake Light Festival

2018.12.01 2019.03.03

At the “Team Lab Forest and Lake Light Festival”, Miyazawa Lake and Lakeside Forest are transformed into an interactive light art space that changes with the presence of people.
Also, you can not view in the same event with a pet (such as a dog) attached. It is possible to enter only with the pet in the carry back.

"Give Each Other Day."


It is an event that everyone can participate, such as making a huge picture book to be created together by everyone, such as reading by Thea Mari and produced by Ryuta Yamada, and singing with everyone using sign language.

A sustainable future creation market begins!

2018.11.22 2018.11.24

Japan's First Up Cycle Craft Market Held ♪

Upcycle flea market

2018.11.22 2018.11.23

Come to find things such as remakes and recycling things, one point, digging things.

\Metsä Village opening commemorative event/

2018.11.09 2018.11.11

On Friday, November 11th, there will be plenty of events for three days after the opening of metsä Village!

Lakeside and Forest-Northern European Christmas Market-

2018.11.09 2018.12.25

Enjoy preparing for Christmas at the "metsä Village".

Handmade Market Craft (HMC)

2018.11.09 2018.11.11

We will hold the "Handmade Market" as a new attempt sponsored by Mr. Yamada of the Canoe Studio, which launched the Hanno Production Fair.

Let's study together, the Nordic ABCs "workshop"

2018.10.12 2018.11.08

Please join us with your friends and family!

Pets are welcome in the metsä village.

2018.10.11 2018.11.30

If you are the owner, please be careful of other guests and enjoy a time in the metsä village with your pet.

Moominvalley Park / metsä Grand opening staff adoption start!

2018.10.05 2018.11.30

We will start recruiting staff for the "metsä" grand opening.

Nordic Walking Festival in metsä Village


Nordic Walking Festival in metsä Village 2018th November 11.

Moominvalley Park's uniform debut!

2018.09.01 2018.10.31

The uniforms in the "Moominvalley Park" are designed by Ivana Helsinki, a global brand representing Finland

Business hours

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Moominvalley Park


Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

metsä village


Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


Parking Lot


Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


*To prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, we are operating with reduced business hours.
After 10:17 on October 24th (Sat), 11th (Sat), and November 7th (Sat), when the metsä fireworks display is held, only those who have a fireworks viewing ticket can go to the metsä village. You can enter.