metsa village metsa Umbrella Sky Design Project 2020

Please enjoy the space with about 2,000 colorful umbrellas, one of the largest in Japan.

event 2020/05/22 2020/08/30

metsa village Marche of forest and lake vol.5 7.18sat → 7.19sun

event   2020/07/20
time Forest and Lake Marche 10: 00-16: 00
Enjoy Nordic walking! From 11:00 to 12:30 (we cancel rainy day)
metsade molok 13: 00 ~ 15: 00 (rainy days canceled)
place Forest and lake Marche: special area for metsa village
Enjoy Nordic walking! : Metsa hall (reception)
metsade molk: Nordic Square
price Enjoy Nordic walking! : Participation fee 1,000 yen (tax included) Pole rental 500 yen (tax included)
metsade molk: free

metsa village kippis pop-up shop tour 2020 spring Fresh!

A large collection of fresh items from Kippis!

event 2020/05/22  
time 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
place metsa hall

moomin valley park Riddle solving event "Magic map of Moominvalley"

Moominvalley Park has an event to solve mysteries for adults by Takarash !, which has been involved in numerous treasure hunting events around the country.

event 2020/03/14 End as soon as it runs out
time Playable time: 10: 00-17: 00
place Moominvalley Park / Welcome cove “Beginning Store”
price Participation kit price: 2,500 yen (including drink fee) * Sales time will be from 10:00 to 14:00.

metsa village Let's go to metsa village, Moominvalley Park by direct bus & bus tour!

Let's go to metsa on a bus tour to visit nearby facilities together! Reservations for groups are also accepted.

event Full year  

Past events

Moominvalley Park Instagram Photo Contest 2020

2020/04/22 2020.05.24

We will hold an Instagram photo contest. Please post your favorite photos taken at Moominvalley Park.

Northern Europe Story and Goods Fair

2020/02/20 2020.03.08

Moominvalley Park "1ST ANNIVERSARY"


A new show starts at Emma's theater! New live character? !

~ The annual passport will be released for a limited time! ~

metsä Valentine 2020

2020.01.18 2020.02.14

thanks I love you
Finland's Valentine is known as "Friend's Day". We send flowers such as letters and tulips to our best friends and convey their daily thanks. To help you express your feelings of "Thank you, I love you," we have prepared Scandinavian sweets and miscellaneous goods that are recommended as gifts at "Moominvalley Park" and metsa Village. In addition, limited time menus and workshops will also start! Please spend happy Valentine with important person in "metsa" ♪

Students' attention! Discount Moominvalley Park "Student Only 1 Day Pass" will be on sale for a limited time!

2020.01.18 2020.02.24

\ Unearthed items /
~ MAX70% OFF ~

2019.12.29 2020.01.13

-Moominvalley's winter "night walk" Sound and illumination unfold, "Moominvalley Park" first winter-

2019.11.30 2020.03.01

Spend the first winter at Moominvalley Park with Moomin Trolls and friends!

~ Osanpo Rally "Looking for Risu" ~

2019.11.30 2020.03.01

Why don't you enjoy the walk around the winter at the “Moominvalley Park” in the daytime before the night comes? I had a big tail, but I dropped something in various places in “Moominvalley Park”. It looks like she ’s looking for something to panic about. Follow the squirrel and try to solve the mysteries while collecting the lost items. Find your answer while taking a leisurely stroll through Moominvalley Park with your parents and family, or with your friends!

"Sound Walk-Winter of Moominvalley"

1/16 3/1

This is a sound attraction where you can experience the story of “Moominvalley Winter”. If you listen carefully to the sounds you hear while walking through the park, the world will be as if you were in the story. The new Sound AR ™ by Sony, where the sound of the virtual world is mixed with the real world. Wear a Sony open-ear stereo headset (STH40D) and walk through the park to discover new attractions and ways to enjoy Moominvalley Park. Please listen to it and experience the “Moominvalley Winter” world.

Surugadai University student presents
Let's play in a sports molek originated in Finland

2019.11.24 2020.01.26

Students from Surugadai University in the same city of Hanno with metsa will lecture and organize a competition.

metsa village is the 1 anniversary of the opening.

2019.11.01 2019.11.30

The 2019.11.9 / satmetsa village is celebrating its 1 anniversary. With the feeling of Kiitos! (Thank you in Finnish), metsa Village has prepared a commemorative event and a special menu to celebrate the 1 anniversary!

Saitama Prefecture Day 11 Month 14 Day (Thursday) Limited Day!
The first 2,000 people will receive a “Moominvalley Park” original towel ♪


A gathering of Saitama residents! 11 Mon 14 Day (Thursday) Saitama Prefectural Day limited to one day, presents original designed towels to the first 2000 people!

[Metsä × TOY MARCHÉ] Limited to 1 days! SAKUSAKU Workshop

2019.10.19 2019.10.20

[Metsä × TOY MARCHÉ] Limited to 10 / 20 (Sun)! An animal paper craft “SAKUSAKU” workshop that can be displayed in the room will be held. Venue: metsa hall

Scandinavian Christmas is coming ♪
Christmas at "metsa village"-Nordic forest and Christmas market-

2019.11.01 2019.12.25

We will hold an illumination and Christmas market using the Nordic traditional decoration "Himmel". Santa Claus will also be coming from Rovaniemi, Finland for 3 days only this year.

[Period extended due to favorable reception! ]
Pet photo campaign

2019.10.18 2019.11.10

Take a photo of your pet at metsa village! If you present a photo of a pet taken at metsa village, you will receive a “dog snack”.

The toy Marche is open! “Metsä × TOY MARCHÉ”

2019.10.04 2019.10.27

A variety of safe and secure toys were selected as if fresh vegetables were lined up in an overseas organic Marche.

Enjoy this fall at the “Moominvalley Park Harvest”!

2019.10.01 2019.11.24

"Moominvalley Park Harvest (Autumn Harvest Festival)" event will be held to enjoy the fruitful fall!



The event will be held once a year, hosted by “RETRIEVER”, a magazine that provides information on enjoying life with retrievers and a rich lifestyle.

Living together -World Alzheimer's Day-


In conjunction with World Alzheimer's Day (9 month 21 day), we will hold an event where you can feel more familiar with “dementia” and “care welfare”.

"Moominvalley Park" autumn outing campaign

2019.09.14 2019.09.23

Let's play at Moominvalley Park in the autumn when it is easy to spend!

9 Nordic Walking Festival in metsa village


The Nordic Walking Festival will be held again this year at metsa village.

★ Until 9 month 30 ★ Participate in the “Mystery Rally”
Enjoy Moominvalley Park more!

2019.08.10 2019.09.30

Let's aim for clear while going around "Moominvalley Park"!

Forests, lakes and umbrellas.

2019.08.01 2019.09.01

"Japan's largest umbrella sky design project" An umbrella sky using about 1000 umbrellas and a brightly colored road appear in the forest (metsa). Due to favorable reception, the exhibition period has been extended.

~ Stars falling metsa ~
"Nordic Sky Planetarium Space"

2019.07.20 2019.09.01

A planetarium that reflects a Nordic night sky with 1,000 million stars, will appear in “metsa village” for a limited time in summer.

~ Stars falling metsa ~
"Starry night party of Moominvalley Park"

2019.06.28 2019.08.18

In the special space after closing the park, enjoy leisurely summer night sky! "Starry night party of Moominvalley Park"

Everyone is in the mood of Hattifattener!
Answer the quiz and get the not for sale "Hattifattener Petit Hand Towel"!

2019.06.21 2019.07.01

XNUM X Day XNUM X Limited! Get Hattatittener Petit Hand Towel!
Enjoy the mood of Hattifattener at Moominvalley Park!

★ Event information disclosure ★ XNUM X Moon X X is the day of "Moomin Day"! We all gather at "Moominvalley Park"!


"Moominvalley Park" has many events to enjoy this 1 day.

8 Month 9 Day Limited! Moomin Day OFFICIAL BUS TOUR
~ Moominvalley Park direct bus ~

2019.06.20 2019.08.09

Let's spend a special Moomin Day with the Moominvalley Park on the official bus tour of Moomin Day!

metsa midsummer 2019.6.22 (sat) -7.7 (sun)

2019.06.22 2019.07.07

We will hold an original mid-summer event of metsa only combining the summer solstice of Scandinavia and Japan's Tanabata.

On Father's Day, I will give a medal to my dad doing my best!
5.25 (sat) -6.6 (sun)

2019.05.25 2019.06.16

We will have Father's Day events at "metsa village" and "Moominvalley Park".

Hanno Green Carnival 2019-Manabu, Assob, Tunagar-
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat), X NUM X Day (Day)

2019.06.01 2019.06.02

A parent-child festival with a Nordic theme, “metsa village” will be the collaboration venue this year.

Forest, lake, and umbrella
6.8 (sat) to 7.15 (mon)

2019.06.08 2019.07.15

Japan's Largest Umbrella Sky Design Project
In the forest (metsa), about 1000 umbrella sky and a brightly colored road appear.

Metsa's Mother's Day "KIITOS Ä ITI-Thank you for always mother-"

2019.04.27 2019.05.12

Mother's Day this year is a Scandinavian lifestyle. "KIITOS Ä ITI-Thank you for always mother-"

one! Doful Week

2019.04.27 2019.05.06

Dogs, cats, everyone fun at Golden Week

The cherry blossoms of "metsa village" have begun to bloom.

2019.04.01 2019.04.07

We will light up the blooming cherry blossoms around Lake Miyazawa for a limited time when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

Creema Craft Caravan in Hanno

2019.04.13 2019.04.14

Holding period: XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat), X NUM X Day (Sun)
Venue: metsa village

Outdoor Exhibition by IKEA Tachikawa

2019.03.26 2019.03.31

We will hold an event to experience IKEA's outdoor furniture at Nordic Square and metsa Hall!

metsa coffee festival


Holding period: XNUM X month X NUM X day (Saturday)
Venue: metsa village

Nordic city on the lake

2019.03.23 2019.03.24

Period: 3 / 23 (Sat), 24 (Sun)
Venue: metsa hall

2 Up Cycle Craft Market

2019.03.02 2019.03.03

Period: 3 / 2 (Sat) ~ 3 / 3 (Day)
※ Rain stopped
Venue: Market Hall

Lisa Larson POP UP SHOP & WORK SHOP "metsä mikey market"

2019.02.20 2019.03.17

Period: 2 / 20 (Wednesday) to 3 / 17 (Days)
Venue: metsa hall

Candle night only for XNUM X days

2019.02.06 2019.02.14

Artist CANDLE JUNE will hold Valentine Candle Night exclusively for XNUM days.

This year's Valentine "metsä Valentine"

2019.02.01 2019.02.14

This year's Valentine will spend at "metsä Valentine"!
Special menu and limited chocolate appear
Candle night produced by Mr. CANDLE JUNE will also be held

# Everydi kippis!

2019.01.05 2019.02.03

A large set of "kippis" products! Pop-up store opens for a limited time.
Let's get "kippis" goods by all means at this opportunity ♪

One day candle Christmas


The artist Candle JUNE will create a fantastic illusion of metsa village.

Orienteering in metsa village


Want to go around the forest around metsa with a map and a compass in one hand? Feeling is searching for treasure. We will actually find the points written on the map. A navigation sport that everyone from families to seniors can enjoy.

Team Lab Forest and Lake Light Festival

2018.12.01 2019.03.03

At the “Team Lab Forest and Lake Light Festival”, Miyazawa Lake and Lakeside Forest are transformed into an interactive light art space that changes with the presence of people.
Also, you can not view in the same event with a pet (such as a dog) attached. It is possible to enter only with the pet in the carry back.

"Give Each Other Day."


It is an event that everyone can participate, such as making a huge picture book to be created together by everyone, such as reading by Thea Mari and produced by Ryuta Yamada, and singing with everyone using sign language.

A sustainable future creation market begins!

2018.11.22 2018.11.24

Japan's First Up Cycle Craft Market Held ♪

Upcycle flea market

2018.11.22 2018.11.23

Come to find things such as remakes and recycling things, one point, digging things.

\ Metsa village opening memory event /

2018.11.09 2018.11.11

11 Mon XNUM X days (Fri), events for XNUM X days after metsa village open!

Lakeside and Forest-Northern European Christmas Market-

2018.11.09 2018.12.25

Enjoy preparing for Christmas at 'metsa village'.

Handmade Market Craft (HMC)

2018.11.09 2018.11.11

We will hold the "Handmade Market" as a new attempt sponsored by Mr. Yamada of the Canoe Studio, which launched the Hanno Production Fair.

Let's study together, the Nordic ABCs "workshop"

2018.10.12 2018.11.08

Please join us with your friends and family!

Pets are allowed in metsa village.

2018.10.11 2018.11.30

If you are the owner, please be careful with other customers and enjoy a time in metsa village with your pet.

Moominvalley Park / metsä Grand opening staff adoption start!

2018.10.05 2018.11.30

We will start recruiting staff for the "metsa" Grand Opening.

Nordic Walking Festival in metsa village


The Nordic Walking Festival in Metsa Village 2018 will be held on the 11 Month 18.

Moominvalley Park's uniform debut!

2018.09.01 2018.10.31

The uniforms in the "Moominvalley Park" are designed by Ivana Helsinki, a global brand representing Finland

time Business hours
price Prices
time Business hours

10: 00-18: 00 ※ 5

time Business hours

10: 00-20: 00 ※ 3

price Prices
Parking Lot
time Business hours

9: 30-20: 30 ※ 4

price Prices
Weekdays / 0 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays / Up to 1,500 yen (500 yen / hour) ※ 2
* 1 There are some paid facilities in the park.
* 2 Only on weekends and national holidays, parking fees are free for those who have eaten or shop at 5,000 yen (tax included) or more at metsa village.
※3 「metsaビレッジ」は、~6/3(水)までは、平日・土日祝ともに10:00-18:00、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:10:00-18:00、土日祝:10:00-19:00に短縮して営業いたします。
※4 「metsa」駐車場は、 ~6/3(水)までは、平日・土日祝ともに9:30-18:30、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:9:30-18:30、土日祝:9:30-19:30に短縮して営業いたします。
※5「Moominvalley Park」は、6/4(木)以降、当面の間、平日:10:00-17:00、土日祝:10:00-18:00に短縮して営業いたします。