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SPRING FESTIVAL Invited by the Chinese New Year. 1

In "SPRING FESTIVAL", we will develop various contents that you can enjoy the Moominvalley Park in the spring, such as various hands-on events with the motif of the original story "Spring Search" that feels the joy of Snufkin's creation and loneliness, and the decoration of the Moominvalley area. I will do it.Emma's theater is also launching a new live entertainment show.

Come visit Moominvalley Park, which is celebrating its second anniversary this spring.

Date XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Place Moominvalley Park

Attention point

Special photo service

During the "SPRING FESTIVAL" period, you can enjoy a commemorative photo with your Moominvalley friends for a limited time.Photo studioWe will provide a photo service where you can take a commemorative photo with the Moomin house in the background under the open sky where you can feel the spring.The photos taken will be presented as XNUMXD code data.It can be used for various purposes such as group commemorative photos and individual portraits.In addition, you can put the photos you have taken in the newly released original photo holder (Moomintroll / paid) and take them home immediately.Please take this opportunity to experience the difference between shooting with your own mobile phone or camera and with a professional photographer.
Those who participate in the photo service will receive a sticker with the same Moomintroll design as the original photo holder at the photo studio. (Please show the staff the photographed XNUMXD code paper when you visit.)
* The photo service can only be used once per person.
* Guests will not be photographed with their mobile phones or cameras.
* Moominvalley friends will not appear, only guests will be filmed.
* In principle, the shooting angle will be vertical.
* Due to the shooting angle, we do not shoot only pets. (It is possible to hold it with the guest.)

Dates: March 3th (Sat) 13th (Sun) 14th (Sat) 20st (Sun) April 21th (Sat) 4th (Sun)
Opening time: 10: 00 to 16: 00
Reception place: Moominvalley area cart in front of NAMI
Participation fee: Free for those who clear the participation conditions
Participation conditions: Moominvalley Park official SNS (follow one or more of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, note, YouTube)
* In case of rain, reception and photography will be carried out at the Emma store, which has a chic interior with the theme of the Moominvalley summer festival.

New show "Free and happy life"

"Emma's theater" where you can enjoy live entertainment by Moomin and his friends.
Information on comments, collaboration menus, related workshops, goods, etc. by directors and voice cast members who can further enjoy the new show "Free and Happy Life" that started this springplease use this form..

Venue: Emma's theater
Performance time: 11:00 / 15:00 / 16:30 (about 30 minutes)

Spring decoration

On the way to the Moominvalley area, we will welcome you with colorful "tree decorations" using the patterns that appear in the Moomin monogatari, Ltd..From the perspective of "fusion of nature and art" in a park rich in nature, we will carry out initiatives throughout metsä that will give visitors a chance to raise their awareness of environmental conservation.
The Moominhouse flowerbeds grown by Moominmamma and the flowers in the Moominvalley area have also changed to spring specifications.Please visit the park and feel the arrival and joy of spring with all five senses.

* Tree decorations are selected and installed according to the guidance of experts.The decoration fabric used is breathable, has low hygroscopicity, and is difficult for pests to hide. It is also expected to protect against direct sunlight, and because it is elastic, it does not apply excessive pressure and allows tree growth. It does not interfere.

Moomin's story to enjoy with sound-a new sense of experience-
[Special Trial Version] "Sound Walk-Spring Search-"

Snufkin is free to travel alone, warming up new songs-searching.The idea of ​​Shirabe is the murmuring of a stream, all the sounds of the natural world such as wind and birds, and the encounter with an unnamed worm ... What kind of "Shirabe" is it?
In the scenery of Moominvalley Park, which is rich in nature, you can subtly feel the feelings of Snufkin, a popular character who loves freedom and loneliness, spun by a new sense of acoustic experience created by Sony's latest technology and attractive voice cast team. It is a sensory experience attraction.Along with the "SPRING FESTIVAL" that starts in spring, we have prepared a special pre-experience period where you can enjoy "Sound Walk-Spring Search-" for free.
We are designing a tour that you can safely experience with your own smartphone and earphones / headphones so that you can explore and enjoy the park at your own pace.

Special Pre-Experience Period: March 3th (Sat) -June 13th (Wed)
* From Thursday, July 7st, it will be an in-app purchase type paid attraction.
* Contents will be released after 3:12 on March 18th (Friday) (scheduled).
Experience time: Approximately 45 minutes
* Please allow enough time for the experience so that you can finish it by the closing time.
● In order to enjoy the Sound AR ™ experience, please download the Locatone ™ app and the tour data of [Special Pre-Trial Version] "Sound Walk-Spring Search-" in advance.
● Before using the Sound AR ™ experience, please prepare earphones / headphones that can be connected to your smartphone.
● The attraction experience time will be about 45 minutes, so please check the charge amount of your smartphone.
* For details, [Special Trial Version] "Sound Walk-Spring Search-"Event pagePlease verify.

Puzzle solving game "Spring Search"
quiz rally -The Spring Tune-

An unnamed worm appeared before Snufkin looking for the tone of "Spring Search".Will Snufkin be able to complete the spring survey?Let's follow the mystery and complete the search while leisurely going around the park at your own pace!An original pin badge will be given to those who clear it.

Holding period: From Saturday, March 3
Estimated play time: around 1 hour
Sale place: Beginning shop
Participation fee: 500 yen (tax included)
Remarks: Difficulty level ★ ☆☆☆☆ (Anyone can enjoy it!)


A selection of workshops using Snufkin's designs and spring-feeling art.

#Moominvalley Park Making original badges
Event-limited artwork design is now available.
Selling price: 500 yen (tax included)

# Moominvalley Wood Burning Box
Start this spring.A technique called wood burning is used to draw the original Moominvalley Park design on a wood box.
Selling price: 2,500 yen (tax included)

For a list of other workshopsplease use this form..
Sales location: Paya (Kokemus2F)


Pick up recommended goods designed with Snufkin motifs and event art.

Sales location: Main Shop Moominvalley (Kokemus1F)
Sales price: 220 yen to 2,860 yen (tax included)

FOODS "Spring Search" / Spring Green Hat Tart

A tart inspired by Snufkin's hat.The tart dough is hidden in a gentle green shade of matcha and lychee-flavored sauce, spreading the sweet and sour sauce of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries wrapped in fromage blanc.The flowers attached to the hat are edible flowers, which you can enjoy.It is a dessert that you can feel the arrival of spring.
* Edible flowers are provided fresh each day, so the color may change from day to day.

Sales location: Shop & Cafe (Kokemus2F)
Selling price: 700 yen (tax included)
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