"Give Each Other Day." 1

The "metsä Village" is a special space surrounded by forests and nature, where you can spend a relaxing time. At this place, we would like to hold "Give Each Other Day."

In addition to being able to participate in the workshop held at Craft Bibliotech on the day, the guide dog user and picture book writer Saya's "Mr. Doube Bebei" reading, produced by Ryuta Yamada, a giant picture book writer According to, everyone makes a huge picture book together, uses sign language, sings with everyone, there are many events that everyone can participate. Please join us.

■ "Give Each Other Day."

Date: 2018 year 11 month 25 day (Sunday) 10: 00 ~

Place: metsä village craft vibrio tech (workshop building)

Advance reservation application form:

※ Even if there is no advance reservation, you can participate on the day.

※ If you need assistance (if you use a wheelchair, people with disabilities, those who need sign language interpretation, etc.), please make a reservation in advance.

※ Available for customers who have made a reservation in advance from the form.

Main event contents:

13: Opening of 00

13: XNUM X ~ Sea Mari's picture book "Mr. How Dog Be" read

13: 25-Create a huge picture book with the huge picture book writer Ryuta Yamada!

15: 30 ~ Ryuta Yamada x Saari Mari Talk Live

Ryuta Yamada

Giant picture book writer / Atelier Yamada representative.

We make huge picture book with children all over the country using materials such as paints and cardboard with the theme with excitement

Sear Mari

Thea Mari (Honna Asano Mari)

Start life with a guide dog from 2007. After that, I made a "day when I see the most today"I went to lectures and travel to schools all over Japan with a guide dog at Tou, scubadaI am also trying to dive and freediving. Draw pictures and publish them in picture books and essays. Living with the current guide dog Bechel began in 2015. 2018 year 7 month The book “Another Dog Beebe” was published with an understanding of guide dogs. Only one person with a disability participated in the first freediving world tournament held in Japan for the first time in 2018. Renewed personal best with a breath of 87㍍.

Cooperation: Mirairo Inc.

Based on the concept of "barrier value" that turns obstacles into value, we develop a universal design consulting business. Administration of the universal manner test to learn how to deal with elderly people and disabled people, supervision of universal design of buildings and facilities, administration of Miraioro research for specialized research services for disabled people, planning of barrier-free map applications and Bmaps Development etc.

Event Dates XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sun) ※ Rainfall
Time 10: 00 ~
Place Craft Bibliotech (Workshop Building)

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