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The metsä village is a special space surrounded by forests and nature, where you can relax and enjoy your time.At this place, we will hold "Give Each Other Day." With the desire to spend time while holding hands with each other so that various people can spend their time with peace of mind.

On the day of the event, you can participate in the workshop, read aloud "Moudou Inu Bebe" by guide dog user and picture book author Mari, and make it together by giant picture book writer Ryuta Yamada. There are plenty of events that anyone can participate in, such as making huge picture books, using sign language, and singing together.Please join us.

■ "Give Each Other Day."
13: Opening of 00
13: XNUM X ~ Sea Mari's picture book "Mr. How Dog Be" read
13: 25-Create a huge picture book with the huge picture book writer Ryuta Yamada!
15: 30 ~ Ryuta Yamada x Mari Seaa Talk Live

□ Ryuta Yamada
Giant picture book writer / Atelier Yamada representative.
With the theme of excitement, we use materials such as paints and cardboard to make huge picture books with children from all over the country.

□ Mari Mari
Started living with a guide dog in 2007.After that, with the motto "Today is the most visible day", he goes to schools all over Japan with guide dogs for lectures and trips, and also challenges scuba diving and freediving.Draw and publish the situation in picture books and essay collections. Living with the current guide dog Bachel began in 2015. July 2018 Also published a picture book "Moudou Inu Bebe" to understand guide dogs. Only one person with a disability participated in the first freediving world competition held in Japan in March 7.I updated my personal best with 2018 ㍍ in a breath.

Date November 11 (Sun) * Rainy weather
Time 10: 00 ~
Place Craft Bibliotech
Remarks Cooperation: Mirairo Inc.
Based on the concept of "barrier value" that turns obstacles into value, we develop a universal design consulting business. Administration of the universal manner test to learn how to deal with elderly people and disabled people, supervision of universal design of buildings and facilities, administration of Miraioro research for specialized research services for disabled people, planning of barrier-free map applications and Bmaps Development etc.
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