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The "DRUM CIRCLE Drum Circle" on Saturday, April 4th will be cancelled.

"Everyone hits the drums in a circle!" That is the drum circle!
There are no special playing rules for drum circles.Participants are at their heart's content!Keep your hands moving!Feel free to enjoy improvisation.All the instruments used in the drum circle are so easy to make sounds that adults and children can enjoy together, with or without musical experience.
In addition, the drum circle has a guide called a "facilitator".We will teach you how to use musical instruments, play rhythm models, and use gestures to help everyone enjoy music freely.Drum circles are enjoyed all over Japan and around the world, including music events such as the Fuji Rock Festival, educational sites such as elementary and junior high schools and kindergartens, facilities for the elderly, facilities for people with disabilities, temples, seaside houses, and local communities. I will.
Please enjoy the sense of liberation and unity that makes a bold sound under the blue sky.

Date 4/17 (Sat)
Time ① 12: 00-12: 30 ② 14: 00-14: 30 
* There is a possibility of extension of time.
Place Nordic square
Entry fee No entry fee
Capacity: Each time XNUM X name
* Up to 30 people can be seated.
Remarks Organizer: GROOVE CONNECT
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