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Location photo wedding by metsä village and ideal wedding 1

A wedding photo that will be a lifetime memory in a wonderful location.Photos can give you more freedom than you can imagine, and turn your childhood dreams into the best memories.Let's take pictures that go beyond real weddings.

Wearing a natural dress with a Scandinavian feel, makeup that makes the bride shine the best, and a favorite bouquet... a real rustic wedding is realized.

There is also a new plan where you can experience Nordic culture such as fika and hygge. Inquiries have also started for the start in the fall of 2023.Our planners will support your special wedding, which will be a lifetime memory for just the two of you.

Let's make your wishes come true at the happy power spot "metsä village" that you will want to visit again and again.

Date Reservation required
Place metsä village
Remarks "Ideal wedding"
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・Inquiries & Reservations: / TEL 0284-64-7530

Attention point

[Autumn 2023 start] Fika plan

Standard wedding photo plan.During the special time before the park opens, you can fully enjoy the space surrounded by the forest and lake while feeling the warmth of seasonal flowers and trees and the pleasant breeze.
You can enjoy a relaxing and warm wedding photo experience like "Fika", which is one of the Scandinavian Swedish customs of enjoying coffee while eating sweets.

[Autumn 2023 start] Hygge plan

"Hygge" means "a comfortable space" or "spending a comfortable time" in Danish.
A candle wedding photo plan that slowly starts around noon and is performed during the magic hour when the candle lights are the most beautiful. The flickering flame of a candle, called "1/f", is a moderate combination of regularity and suddenness, predictability and deviation, and calms people's minds.
In a space that incorporates candles and Scandinavian design tableware that are indispensable when spending hygge time, you can spend a comfortable time with your loved one to heal your body and mind with the flickering flames.

[Autumn 2023 start] Lagom plan

"Lagom" means "just right" or "moderately good" in Swedish.In the plan that can be customized for "just right" for the bride and groom, we will introduce accommodation facilities around metsä village that meet your wishes with the desire to spend a happy time more slowly and carefully. .
On the anniversary day that will be a lifetime memory, experience a custom-made photo wedding that will fulfill your wishes.It is also attractive that even those who live far away can stay without worrying about time.

[Rustic photo by the lake]

With the wonderful location of Lake Miyazawa in the background, take a rustic photo with vintage items!Leave a photo that you will want to look back over and over again.

[In your favorite season]

"Let's do it in any season" Bring the beauty of nature to your side, whether it's fresh green, autumn leaves, summer or winter.Let's find two new people with seasonal photos.

[Photos beyond the wedding ceremony]

For example, arches made of trees, dried flowers and fabrics.Virgin road of petals.Photographs that look like a wedding ceremony ... Now, let's raise the veil and take a photo that goes beyond a real wedding ceremony.

[Memory that can only be experienced here]

Photos that can only be taken at metsä village, and weddings and photo weddings that can only be experienced here.Why don't you make wonderful memories that feel the Scandinavian style?

[Special decoration]

Packed with special decorations using the Wagen Bus and the commitment of the two, even shooting like a story will come true!
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