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You can buy vintage bargains that you will find in the Nordic street markets and handmade dolls that give you the warmth of wood.
At the same time, we will hold a Fisut exhibition by illustrator and children's writer Jenni Isotoff, who will introduce colorful posters on the Finnish cityscape.

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* The holding period has been extended.
Time 10:00 - 18:00
Place metsä hall
Remarks Listed items may be sold out due to limited number. Please note.

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The 1930s and 80s were the nascent period of Scandinavian design.Many designers have created wonderful works, many of which are still produced and loved as reprints. At the "Nordic market", we have collected valuable originals made at that time.It was purchased directly in Sweden and Denmark.Please enjoy the long-used texture and genuine Scandinavian design.
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Nordic gifts

The wooden doll maker "Nordic Gift" is a great souvenir for airports and markets in Scandinavia.The wooden dolls with a warm and cute look are hand-finished one by one in Estonia, the Baltic States.We use motifs inspired by the cultures of Scandinavia and other countries, such as Vikings and girls in national costumes.


We will also introduce the popular brand "Fisut" on the 2nd floor of the market hall "TRE" at the metsä hall for a limited time.Finnish Fisut by illustrator and children's writer Jenni Isotoff.Introducing colorful posters of Dachshund's Dreamy and his friends traveling around the city of Helsinki.
Image: Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art "Kiazuma" and Dachshund Dreamy
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