Let's support Hanno City with PayPay! Campaign to get up to 25% back when you pay your PayPay balance 1

【お 詫 び と 訂正】
There was some error in the information about this campaign that was announced in advance.

■ Moominvalley Park
Campaign period:
[Error] June 2021st (Tuesday) -June 6th (Wednesday), 1
[Correct] June 2021nd (Wednesday) -June 6th (Wednesday), 2

■ metsä village
Target stores:
[Error] VEGE TOWER, Moi saitama, LAAVU, LAGOM, STARBUCKS, PANZA Miyazawako, Sågverk
[Correct] VEGE TOWER, LAAVU, LAGOM, PANZA Lake Miyazawa, Sågverk
* At metsä village, the campaign will be available from June 6st (Tuesday) at the target stores.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.


At metsä (Moominvalley Park / metsä village), we will hold a "Let's support Hanno city with PayPay! Campaign to return up to 25% by paying PayPay balance *".
You can also use it for admission to Moominvalley Park, shopping, gourmet food, and activities at PayPay merchants.Enjoy the early summer of metsä with a great deal.

Event Dates Moominvalley Park: June 6nd (Wednesday) to 2th (Wednesday)
metsä Village: June 6st (Tuesday) -June 1th (Wednesday)
Place Moominvalley Park: Campaign POP posting facilities / stores
metsä village: VEGE TOWER, LAAVU, LAGOM, PANZA Lake Miyazawa, Sågverk
Entry fee ■ About "PayPay balance payment *"
・ PayPay balance at the target store, Yahoo card linked to PayPay payment, PayPay deferred payment (lump sum only)
・ PayPay bonus will be given 30 days after the settlement date.
・ PayPay bonus cannot be withdrawn or transferred

■ Maximum grant: 2,000 yen equivalent / time, 10,000 yen equivalent / period
Remarks Good luck Hanno City!Campaign to return up to 25%
Organizer: Hanno Chamber of Commerce and Industry ℡.042-974-3111

Business hours

Moominvalley Park



metsä parking lot