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Locatone ™ is the Good Design Award for 2021
Focus Award [New Business Design] / Good Design
Won the best 100.

Satisfaction over 94%!
Enjoy with soundMoomin monogatari, Ltd.
~ A new type of experience attraction ~

* From March 2021th to May 3st, 14.
From the results of the experience-based questionnaire during the previous experience period conducted by our company



Ryo Oguri

Direction / Screenplay

Ryo Oguri


  • Takahiro Sakurai

    The role of Snufkin

    Takahiro Sakurai


  • Haruka Tomatsu

    Moomintroll role

    Haruka Tomatsu


  • Hanae Natsuki

    Narration /
    The role of Ti Wu

    Hanae Natsuki


Experienceable time

Experience time: Approximately 45 minutes
Up to 1 hour before Moominvalley Park closesYou can experience it.

Entry fee

It is an in-app purchase type paid attraction.
One tour ticket 1 yen (610 coins)

Valid for 24 hours after the tour starts.After the expiration date,In order to experience again in the park
Coin againYou need to purchase it.

Even after the experience in the park is over, you can play the audio and look back on the experience.


Snufkin is free to travel alone, warming up new songs-searching.
The idea of ​​Shirabe is the murmuring of a stream, all the sounds of the natural world such as wind and birds, and the encounter with an unnamed worm ...What kind of "search" will it be?

What is a sound walk?

In the scenery of Moominvalley Park, which is rich in nature, you can subtly feel the feelings of Snufkin, a popular character who loves freedom and loneliness, spun by a new sense of acoustic experience created by Sony's latest technology and attractive voice cast team. It is a sensory experience attraction.
We are designing a tour that you can safely experience with your smartphone and earphones / headphones so that you can go around the park at your own pace and enjoy yourself.

To enjoy the sound walk

In order to enjoy the app, it is necessary to acquire the location information of the device and app, and enable Bluetooth.

  1. Step 1

    First download Locatone ™

    First, download Sony's Locatone ™ app from the Apple Store, Google Play on your smartphone.

    Click here to download the app

    Operation is not guaranteed for iPad and wi-fi model tablet devices.

  2. Step 2

    Select a channel

    From the Locatone ™ app, select "Moominvalley Park Channel".

    Select a channel
  3. Step 3

    Tour selection

    Select "Sound Walk-Spring Search-" from "Moominvalley Park Channel".

    Tour selection
  4. Step 4

    Download tour data

    Download the tour data from the download button.

    Download tour data
  5. Step 5

    Get a tour ticket

    From the button to get the ticket Tour tickets and acquisition.

    * If you do not have coins, please purchase coins from the coin purchase screen.

    Reconfirm before departure
  6. Step 6

    Reconfirm before departure

    On the day of the attraction, fully charge and with a smartphoneDon't forget to connect earphones / headphones!

    Reconfirm before departure
  7. Step 7

    Start when you're ready

    When you arrive at the site, press the tour start button to start the tour.You can hear the voice when you visit the spot ♪

    Start when you're ready

* After downloading the app and tour data, turn off Wi-Fi and start the tour locally.
(If you leave Wi-Fi connected from the outside, weak radio waves may be picked up and communication may become unstable.)

How to buy in-app coins

  1. Tour tickets can be obtained by purchasing the required "coins" within the app and exchanging "coins" for "tour tickets".

  2. Step XNUMX

    Move to the coin purchase screen

    Click the "Purchase" button to move to the coin purchase screen.

    Select a channel
  3. Step 2

    Buy coins

    When you press the amount of coins you want to purchase, the payment process for each App Store / Google Play will be executed and the purchase will be completed.

    Select a channel
  4. Step 3

    Exchange coins for tour tickets

    You can get a tour ticket by spending coins.

    Tour selection


● The selling price of items on the App Store is based on the exchange rate set by Apple Inc, and may fluctuate without prior notice.
● In order to enjoy the Sound AR ™ experience, please download the Locatone ™ app and the tour data of "Sound Walk-Spring Search-" in advance.
● Before using the Sound AR ™ experience, please prepare earphones / headphones that can be connected to your smartphone.
● The attraction experience time will be about 45 minutes, so please check the charge amount of your smartphone.
● "Sound AR ™ and Locatone ™ are trademarks of Sony Group Corporation or its affiliates.

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