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August 8th is Moomin Day 9

On August 8th (Monday), "Moomin's Day", a commemorative event "Special Party 9 at dusk" will be held at Emma's theater, limited-edition art latte will be sold, and original badges and mirrors for the workshop will be made. We have prepared a plan to enjoy "Moomin's Day".

■ What is "Moomin's Day"?
Since the birthday of the author Tove Jansson, August 2005th, was designated as "Moomin's Day" in 60, "Moomin's 8th Anniversary", various events have been held on August 9th every year.Campaigns and events will be held all over the country to celebrate "Moomin's Day" this year as well.
※For more informationplease use this form.

Date 2021 years 8 month 9 date (month)
Time Moomin Day: 10: 00-18: 00
Special party at dusk 2021: 17: 30-18: 00 (planned)
Remarks "Special Party at Dusk 2021"
■ Application period: July 2021th (Monday) to 7th (Sunday), 12 18:23
■ The lottery formplease use this form. * Applications are no longer accepted.
■ Notes:
* Admission tickets to Moominvalley Park are not included.Please prepare it yourself.
* All seats are reserved seats.You cannot select your seat number.Please note that some seats may be difficult to see due to some equipment and tents.
* Lottery reception and result announcement are not on a first-come, first-served basis.
* The number of people cannot be changed after application.
* If you apply for more than one person, the seats may be divided.
* Please enter the viewing area with all the members of the group.
* Up to 3 child under 1 years old can view on the lap per guardian. Those over 1 years old need a seat.
* The program may be canceled or changed due to weather conditions.Please note that we cannot provide compensation such as refunds for admission tickets.
* Please come to the theater at least 5 minutes before the performance starts.You cannot enter after that.
* Please refrain from arranging around before 16:45 for smooth entry.
* If you leave the venue on the way, you cannot re-enter.
* Pets are not allowed in the reserved seat area.
* Please refrain from transferring or exchanging tickets and seats regardless of whether they are paid or free of charge.
* The contents of the notes are subject to change without notice.

Attention point

"Moomin's Day" Commemorative Event "Special Party at Dusk 2021"

To commemorate "Moominvalley", we will hold an original program "Special Party 2021 at dusk" by our party-loving Moominvalley friends at Emma's theater.We will guide you by lottery to the bleachers of the original program for the day only.

Date and time: Monday, August 8th, 9: 17-30: 18 (planned)
Time required: about 25 minutes
Location: Emma's theater
* The special party can be viewed by standing from around the seats other than the bleachers.
* The viewing area includes the bleachers (central seats) for Moomin official fan club members.
* Applications are no longer accepted.

"Moomin's Day" Art Latte

To celebrate "Moominvalley", an event-only design exclusively for Moominvalley Park will be introduced.

Sales location: KOKEMUS 2F Cafe (KAUPPA & KAHVILA)
Selling price: 700 yen (tax included)
※The photograph is an image.
* Sales hours are based on the store's business hours.

"Moomin's Day" Original Badge / Mirror Making

You can enjoy making original badges and mirrors using the art of this year's "Moomin's Day".

Sales location: KOKEMUS 2F Paja
Selling price: Badge 500 yen (tax included) Mirror 1,000 yen (tax included)
* Sales hours are based on the store's business hours.

Moominvalley TV 2021

The live stream "Moominvalley TV", which was well received last year, will be held again this year as "Moominvalley TV 2021".There are plenty of plans to share Moomin Day with customers who cannot come to Moominvalley Park on Moomin Day and Moomin fans all over the country. The charm of Moominvalley Park will also be introduced.

Delivery date: August 8th (Monday) 9: 11-30: 14 Scheduled
Delivery URL: The program URL isplease use this form.
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