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We will distribute Hattifattener Poncho on Wednesday, November 8th! 11

Hattifattener rain ponchos (not for sale) will be distributed as gifts to the first 11 people who visit Moominvalley Park on the 1,111th of every month.
Wearing a poncho and jumping into the mist of Moominvalley's "Mist of Magic Hat" or "Hattifattener's Thunder Splash!" May make your midsummer cool experience and photography even more enjoyable.

Date 8 month 11 Date (water)
Time 10:00 - 12:00
※It will end as soon as it is gone.
Place Moominvalley Park: Welcome cove
Remarks At Moominvalley Park, we are taking the following measures to prevent infection and spread of the new coronavirus, and we ask for the cooperation of all visitors.
□ Efforts to prevent the spread of infection
・ Maintenance of physical condition of employees before work
・ Employees wearing masks, regular hand washing, and thorough disinfection
・ For areas with frequent contact, disinfection and hygiene management more frequently than usual
□ Requests to visitors
・ Please try to prevent yourself from infection by washing your hands and wearing a mask.
・ Please refrain from visiting those who have symptoms such as a cold.
・ If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more, we will refuse admission.
・ Please check the physical condition of the day before visiting.
・ If you feel unwell during your visit to the park, or if you feel unwell, please do not hesitate to contact a staff member nearby.

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