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Forest Kitchen Carnival 8.14-15 1

* The "Forest Kitchen Carnival" scheduled to be held on August 8th (Sat) and 14th (Sun) will be cancelled.

A large collection of classical kitchen cars in the metsä village where a relaxing time flows!You can enjoy take-out menus and organic foods made with carefully selected ingredients.

Date 8 month 14 day (Sat)-15 day (Sun)
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[8.14-15] Sunnyside Kitchen

[8.14-15] Jomon Farm

It is a strawberry farm "Joumon Farm" in Moroyama-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture.The "shaving strawberry" prepared at the forest and lake Marche is 100% strawberry sliced ​​ice that is made by freezing the strawberry of our garden and shaving it as it is.For shaved ice, we also offer traditional syrup shaved ice. * Commercially available syrup is used. "Joumon Farm" sells all-you-can-eat strawberries at a tourist farm that just opened in 2018.Please come and visit us.

[8.14-15] Spice & Curry Tattukada

[8.15] NOWEAT

[8.15] Ukichi-cafe station

Pulled pork, a regional dish of the Southern United States. It is also a standard dish of BBQ, and it is a gem that is easy to eat by boiling pork shoulder loin for a long time to make it fluffy and entwined with BBQ sauce!It's a menu that you can't easily eat at other stores, and it's becoming more and more popular and well-known.I hope you will enjoy it!
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