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Moominvalley Park Official Twitter Account Follow & Retweet Campaign 1

Moominvalley Park Official Twitter Account Follow & Retweet Campaign! Moominvalley Park original "stainless steel bottle" or "delicatessen pot" will be presented to a total of 10 people by lottery!

■ Easy 2 steps to apply
① Follow Moominvalley Park official Twitter @metsamvp_info
② Retweet the campaign tweet

Date August 8th (Tuesday) -August 24st (Tuesday) 8:31
Entry fee ■ Introduction of gift products
Moominvalley Park original "stainless steel bottle" or "delicatessen pot" (10 people in total)
Remarks ■ Campaign application rules
Before posting to the Moominvalley Park Official Twitter Account Follow & Retour Campaign (hereinafter referred to as this campaign) sponsored by Moominvalley Park, please read and agree to these terms before posting.By posting to this campaign, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.

□ Winning announcement
In early June 2021, we will contact you by direct message to the Twitter account you posted.We are planning to ship it in the middle of June after receiving the information on the present shipping address.
* Please note that if you unfollow, you will not be able to contact the winners.

□ Notes on posting
Please refrain from posting that corresponds to the following.
・ Any act that interferes with the operation of this facility and damages trust.
・ Those that may conflict with the rights of a specific character.
・ Those that slander individuals, companies, groups, etc., or invade privacy.
・ Those that conflict with the copyrights and portrait rights of others.
・ We are not responsible for the content of comments made by applicants on SNS, including postings about the campaign, and troubles related to it.

□ Notes on application
・ Application is valid up to once per account.
・ Private accounts cannot be applied.
・ Applications are limited to those residing in Japan.
・ Cancellation is not possible after winning.
・ Winning rights cannot be transferred, sold, or resold at auctions.
・ If you do not receive a reply from the shipping address within one week after sending the direct message of the winning notification, it will be considered as a waiver of the winning right.

□ Handling of personal information
Personal information obtained from the winners will be used to contact us regarding this campaign.The personal information you receive will be managed by this facility and will not be disclosed or provided to any third party other than the outsourced company without the consent of the individual. (Excluding cases where disclosure is required by law)
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