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Soaking wet is just right-experience playing in the water!

At "Hemulen's playground" in Lonely mountain, a fountain with water popping out from the ground appears.It is a perfect spot for children who want to play in the water.

Date [Extended! ] -Until September 2021, 9 (Sun)
* 2022 is scheduled to be held from Saturday, July 7th.For more informationplease use this form..
Place Hemulen's playground
Remarks * Please be sure to bring your child's clothes.
* Please refrain from using it naked.
* Please refrain from entering with pets.
* Please refrain from using items that are wet and have problems.
* Depending on the season and weather conditions, we may ask you to refrain from using Lonely mountain or close the area.
* Please refrain from using children who have not taken diapers.Or, please enjoy wearing a "swim diaper".
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