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At the metsä hall, we will hold an event "KEKRI Autumn Harvest Festival-Gifts from Scandinavia-" where you can purchase specialty foods such as snacks imported directly from Scandinavia, juice and beer, and chocolate from the well-established Finnish brand Fazer. increase.
KEKRI is an old Finnish autumn harvest festival where families gather like Christmas and many treats are served as a food festival.At this event, we have a selection of foods and drinks such as chips made from pesticide-free potatoes and oats, gluten-free beer, and unsweetened carbonated drinks that you can enjoy in the fall of harvest and the fall of appetite while being conscious of your health. ..Enjoy shopping with your friends and family against the backdrop of the rich nature of the metsä village, which has begun to turn into autumn colors.

Date XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Time 10:00 - 18:00
Place metsä hall
Remarks * Items listed may be sold out due to the limited number.Please note.

Attention point

Laitilan hop water

A guilty soft drink from Finland's four largest beer makers, Laitilan.A refreshing, unsweetened carbonated drink with a hop scent.Now that your home time is getting longer, please try hop water.

Selling price: 216 yen (tax included)

Oikia potato chips

Sustainable chips made from Finnish potatoes.
Oikia is a potato chip made with 90% or more Finnish potatoes.Made with the aim of being the most delicious and eco-friendly potato chips in the world, we are committed to everything from raw materials, potato thickness, hardness, crispness, size, flavor and packaging.All pesticide-free potatoes are known for their origin and the farmer's name is printed on the back of the package.Try the rich and addictive potato chips grown in Finland, the land of the midnight sun.

MIKSI? NO SIPSI. “If you eat it, you'll know, it ’s the best chips.”

Potato chips are available in 100g and a generous amount of 250g.Each package has a unique picture of Potato-kun, Potato-chan, and Potato-san, and the name of the character is written under the Oikia logo.Please eat while envisioning the story of the potatoes that are drawn.
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