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Forest Kitchen Carnival 10 / 9-10 1

A large collection of classical kitchen cars in the metsä village where a relaxing time flows!You can enjoy take-out menus and organic foods made with carefully selected ingredients.

Date July 10th (Sat) and 9th (Sun)
Time 10:00 - 16:00
Place metsä village special venue

Attention point

[10 / 9-10] Santome Konjyamura Kunugi no Mori CAFE

[10 / 9-10] Joumon Farm

It is a strawberry farm "Joumon Farm" in Moroyama-cho, Iruma-gun, Saitama Prefecture.The "shaving strawberry" prepared at the forest and lake Marche is 100% strawberry sliced ​​ice that is made by freezing the strawberry of our garden and shaving it as it is.For shaved ice, we also offer traditional syrup shaved ice. * Use commercially available syrup
"Joumon Farm" offers all-you-can-eat and sell strawberries at a tourist farm that just opened in 2018.Please come and visit us.

[10 / 9-10] Claire

[10 / 9-10] Camp x Camp

Camp x Camp is a kitchen car designed like a camping car with a camping theme, and sells kakuni & cheese plates and creative muffins that can be eaten with one hand as camping rice.Our proud Kakuni uses Yamamine pork from Gunma prefecture.Kakuni and roasted cheese plates and kakuni muffins are popular.Please enjoy the delicious camping rice when you eat it outside!

[10/9] Cafe No No

[10/9] Sunnyside Kitchen

[10/9] NOWEAT

[10/10] Spice & Curry Tattukada

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