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Nordic Forest and Christmas Market 2021 1

At the "Scandinavian Forest and Christmas Market" where wonderful Christmas items from Scandinavia and Europe gather in the metsä hall, the official shop of the handmade wooden doll Nordica Nisse with the motif of the Danish fairy Nisse who carries happiness will appear, following last year. To do.
At the "Amai Happiness Christmas Sweets Fair" that will be held at the same time, we will introduce Fazer Christmas Advent Chocolate, European brands Stollen, Panettone and so on.
Not to mention choosing gifts for loved ones and yourself during the holiday seasonMaticYou can also enjoy taking a commemorative photo at Christmas Photo Place.

The 2021 new series "Wish Upon a Star" by Nisse, the fairy who carries happiness.

At the metsä hall, a special Scandinavian design brand "kippis Presents" Pehmo Karhu-Kyoko Umezu and 10 kinds of bears- "" will be held from October 30th (Sat) to November 11th (Sun). increase.All works will be sold by prior lottery application system. You can see a teddy bear wearing a cute kippis fabric.

Date Scandinavian Forest and Christmas Market / Sweet Happiness / Christmas Sweets Fair:
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
kippis Presents “Pehmo Karhu-Kyoko Umezu and 4 Bears-”:
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Sat)-X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
Time 10:00 - 18:00
Place metsä hall
Remarks * Items listed may be sold out due to the limited number.Please note.

Attention point

[Scandinavian forest and Christmas market]

■ Nordika nisse
A handmade wooden doll with a Danish fairy Nisse motif.Happiness is believed to come to the house where Nisse lives.Because it is handmade, each one has its own unique facial expression, and we hope you will meet your favorite Nisse at metsä.
Price: 660 yen-9,900 yen (tax included)

[Scandinavian forest and Christmas market]

■ En Gry & Sif
Items with a simple and cute impression such as fair trade felt ornaments.

[Scandinavian forest and Christmas market]

■ Jette Frolich
A designer representing Denmark with a store in Tivoli Gardens, Denmark.

[Scandinavian forest and Christmas market]

■ Klinta
A gift set of massage candles from Sweden.

[Scandinavian forest and Christmas market]

Organic cotton blanket blanket from Scandinavia.

[Scandinavian forest and Christmas market]

Date: We will inform you on this page as soon as the details are decided.
At the workshop, you can make a tabletop Christmas tree from the Danish brand FABULOUS GOOSE, where you can enjoy your family time.Usually, the purchased item comes in one color, but in the workshop, you can combine your favorite colors.

[Amai Happiness / Christmas Sweets Fair]

■ Fazer
Advent calendar is now available for the first time in Japan from a long-established Finnish confectionery maker.It is no exaggeration to say that it is a standard souvenir from Scandinavia, and the sweetness of chocolate, which is easy for Japanese people to eat, is a popular brand.Please purchase as soon as possible as it will be in stock in a limited quantity.
Price: XNUM X yen (tax included)

[Amai Happiness / Christmas Sweets Fair]

■ Galup
Panettone, a Christmas cake that originated in Lombardy, northern Italy, where Milan is located, is a flavorful dessert that is fermented by adding butter, flour, dry raisins, oranges, etc. to the special natural yeast Panettone species that is unique to the northern Italian region.Now made all over Italy, it is one of Italy's leading sweets that is indispensable for Christmas dining.

[Kippis presents "Pehmo Karhu-Kyoko Umezu and 4 kinds of bears-" exhibition held]

The second stuffed animal by Kyoko Umezu and Kippis collaboration, which was sold out in just 1 minutes at the kippis online shop in January this year, will be released.Limited to 3 pieces of 2 types of polar bears, sun bears, pandas, and brown bears.In commemoration of this, we will hold an exhibition of works. * Since the quantity is limited, it will be sold by prior lottery application.Special SitePlease apply more.
Price: Large 82,500 yen (tax included) Small 71,500 yen (tax included)
Size: Large approx. 38 cm, Small approx. 30 cm

[Kippis Christmas Tree Tapestry]

Introducing a new tapestry from kippis that will enrich the Christmas season.Silk-printed new art with sophisticated Scandinavian design that makes a picture just by decorating it on the wall.The original tree by Eri Shimazuka, a textile designer living in Finland, is warm and makes you feel like Christmas.Recommended for home use and as a gift.
Price: 3,960 yen (tax included)
Size: W70 x H105 cm
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